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Dr. M.J.H.F. (Melvin) Wevers

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    • Wevers, M. J. H. F. (Accepted/In press). Mining Historical Ads. In E. Bunout, M. Ehrmann, & F. Clavert (Eds.), Digitised Newspapers – A New Eldorado for Historians?: Tools, Methodology, Epistemology, and the Changing Practices of Writing History in the Context of Historical Newspapers Mass Digitization (Vol. 3). (Studies in Digital History and Hermeneutics; Vol. 3). De Gruyter Oldenbourg.


    • Smits, T., & Wevers, M. (2021). The agency of computer vision models as optical instruments. Visual Communication, 0(0), 1470357221992097. https://doi.org/10.1177/1470357221992097
    • Wevers, M. (2021). Scene Detection in De Boer Historical Photo Collection. In A. P. Rocha, L. Steels, & J. van den Herik (Eds.), ICAART 2021 : Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence : February 4-6, 2021. - Volume 1: ARTIDIGH 2021, Vienna, Austria (pp. 601-610). SciTePress. https://doi.org/10.5220/0010288206010610
    • Wevers, M., Kostkan, J., & Nielbo, K. L. (2021). Event flow - How events shaped the flow of the news, 1950-1995. In Proceedings of the Conference on Computational Humanities Research 2021 (pp. 62-76). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings; Vol. 2989). CEUR-WS. http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2989/long_paper16.pdf


    • Wevers, M., & Koolen, M. (2020). Digital begriffsgeschichte: Tracing semantic change using word embeddings. Historical Methods. https://doi.org/10.1080/01615440.2020.1760157
    • Wevers, M., & Smits, T. (2020). Detecting Faces, Visual Medium Types, and Gender in Historical Advertisements, 1950–1995. In A. Bartoli, & A. Fusiello (Eds.), Computer Vision – ECCV 2020 Workshops: Glasgow, UK, August 23–28, 2020 : proceedings (Vol. II, pp. 77-91). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Vol. 12536). Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-66096-3_7
    • Wevers, M., & Smits, T. (2020). The visual digital turn: Using neural networks to study historical images. Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, 35(1), 194-207. https://doi.org/10.1093/llc/fqy085
    • Wevers, M., Gao, J., & Nielbo, K. (2020). Tracking the Consumption Junction: Temporal Dependencies between Articles and Advertisements in Dutch Newspapers. Digital Humanities Quarterly, 14(2). http://digitalhumanities.org/dhq/vol/14/2/000445/000445.html


    • Wevers, M. (2019). Using Word Embeddings to Examine Gender Bias in Dutch Newspapers, 1950-1990. In The 1st International Workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical Language Change: ACL 2019 : proceedings of the workshop : August 2, 2019, Florence, Italy (pp. 92-97). Stroudsburg, PA: Association for Computational Linguistics. https://doi.org/10.18653/v1/W19-4712


    • van Erp, M., Wevers, M., & Huurdeman, H. (2018). Constructing a Recipe Web from Historical Newspapers. In D. Vrandečić, K. Bontcheva, M. C. Suárez-Figueroa, V. Presutti, I. Celino, M. Sabou, L-A. Kaffee, & E. Simperl (Eds.), The Semantic Web – ISWC 2018: 17th International Semantic Web Conference, Monterey, CA, USA, October 8–12, 2018 : proceedings (Vol. I, pp. 217-232). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Vol. 11136). Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-00671-6_13 [details]


    • Martinez-Ortiz, C., Kenter, T., Wevers, M., Huijnen, P., Verheul, J., & van Eijnatten, J. (2016). Design and implementation of ShiCo: Visualising shifting concepts over time. In M. Düring, A. Jatowt, J. Preiser-Kappeller, & A. van Den Bosch (Eds.), HistoInformatics 2016 : The 3rd HistoInformatics Workshop: Proceedings of the 3rd HistoInformatics Workshop on Computational History (HistoInformatics 2016), co-located with Digital Humanities 2016 conference (DH 2016) : Krakow, Poland, July 11, 2016 (pp. 11-19). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings; Vol. 1632). CEUR-WS. http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1632/paper_2.pdf [details]


    • Kenter, T., Wevers, M., Huijnen, P., & de Rijke, M. (2015). Ad Hoc Monitoring of Vocabulary Shifts over Time. In CIKM'15: proceedings of the 24th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management : October 19-23, 2015, Melbourne, Australia (pp. 1191-1200 ). New York: The Association for Computing Machinery. https://doi.org/10.1145/2806416.2806474 [details]


    • Ehrmann, M., Karsdorp, F., Wevers, M., Andrews, T., Burghardt, M., Kestemont, M., Manjavacas, E., Piotrowski, M., & van Zundert, J. (2021). Proceedings of the computational humanities research conference 2021: Preface. In Proceedings of the Conference on Computational Humanities Research 2021 (pp. V-VI). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings; Vol. 2989). CEUR-WS. http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2989/xpreface.pdf


    • Karsdorp, F., McGillivray, B., Nerghes, A., & Wevers, M. (2020). Preface. In F. Karsdorp, M. McGillivray, A. Nerghes, & M. Wevers (Eds.), CHR 2020 : Computational Humanities Research 2020: Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Humanities Research (CHR 2020) : Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 18-20, 2020 (pp. v-viii). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings; Vol. 2723). CEUR-WS. http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2723/xpreface.pdf


    • Wevers, M., Hasanuzzaman, M., Dias, G., Düring, M., & Jatowt, A. (2019). Introduction to the 5th HistoInformatics workshop. In M. Wevers, M. Hasanuzzaman, G. Dias, M. Düring, & A. Jatowt (Eds.), HistoInformatics 2019 : International Workshop on Computational History 2019: The 5th International Workshop on Computational History (HistoInformatics 2019), co-located with the 23rd International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL 2019) : Oslo, Norway, September 12th, 2019 (pp. 1-2). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings; Vol. 2461). CEUR-WS. http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2461/introduction.pdf


    • Wevers, M., van Erp, M., Huurdeman, H. C., & Zijdeman, R. (2018). Jamie LOD-iver: Enriching Historical Recipes with Linked Open Data. Poster session presented at Digital Humanities Benelux Conference 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


    • Martinez-Ortiz, C., Kenter, T. M., Wevers, M., Huijnen, P., Verheul, J., & van Eijnatten, J. (2016). ShiCo: A Visualization Tool for Shifting Concepts Through Time. Abstract from DH Benelux 2016, .


    • Wevers, M., Kenter, T. M., & Huijnen, P. (2015). Concepts Through Time: Tracing Concepts in Dutch Newspaper Discourse (1890-1990) using Word Embeddings. Abstract from Digital Humanities 2015 (DH2015), .


    • Huurdeman, H. & Wevers, M. (2018). Winner HackaLOD, team Jamie LOD-iver.


    • Wevers, M. (2021). Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), UvA.
    • Wevers, M. (2021-2022). Selected member for the fourth intercontinental academia on AI, Intercontinental Academia.


    • Wevers, M. (17-12-2020). Haarlems Dagblad [Print]. Genieten van twee miljoen historische foto's.


    • Wevers, M. (editor) (2021-). Journal of Open Humanities Data (Journal).


    • Wevers, M. (speaker) (6-11-2021). Modeling History: Digital History needs to look beyond Digitization, Third Conference of Chinese Digital Humanities.
    • Wevers, M. (speaker) (15-10-2021). Can AI help us to extract meaning from visual material from the past?, Digital Methods in History and Economics.
    • Wevers, M. (speaker) & Smits, T. (speaker) (7-10-2021). Shaping the Neoliberal Consumer, or how computational methods can help in analyzing Dutch historical advertisements for financial products., European History Reloaded, Utrecht.
    • Wevers, M. (speaker) (15-7-2021). Event Flow: a workflow to examine the interplay between events and the flow of information in historical newspapers, SciPy2021.
    • Wevers, M. (speaker) (2-7-2021). What to do with 2 million press photos? The challenges and opportunities of applying computer vision to a digitized press photo collection, Open Up the Morgue, Amsterdam.
    • Wevers, M. (speaker) & van Lottum, J. (speaker) (20-4-2021). VOCation: Tracing Maritime Careers in the Dutch East India Company, c. 1680-1800, Baltic Connections.
    • Mellink, A. G. M. (speaker) & Wevers, M. (speaker) (19-11-2013). Putting the Human back in Digital Humanities, Cultuurhistorisch Seminar, Utrecht.


    • Wevers, M. (participant) (17-11-2021 - 19-11-2021). Computational Humanities Research 2021 (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Wevers, M. (visiting researcher) (18-10-2021 - 27-10-2021). Paris Institute for Advanced Study (visiting an external institution).
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