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Dr Wim Noorduin (1980) has been appointed professor by special appointment of Self-Organising Matter at the Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The chair was established on behalf of the Foundation for the Advancement of Atomic and Molecular Physics ('Stichting tot bevordering van de Atoom- en Molecuulfysica').
Wim Noorduin (photo: Lukas Helmbrecht)

Noorduin’s research focuses on the dynamic interplay between chemical reactions and crystallisation phenomena to control the emergence of complexity in the solid state.

As an UvA professor, Noorduin will focus on research at the interface of chemistry and physics, in which fundamentally new principles for chemically driven assembly and organisation of functional molecules on a microscopic scale can be found. Research areas such as Soft Matter, Macromolecular Chemistry and Organic Chemistry come together here. The ultimate goal is to arrive at new assembly mechanisms for functional molecules and materials.

At the UvA, Noorduin will teach within the Bachelor’s and Master’s Chemistry programmes on topics in his field.

About Noorduin
In 2010, Noorduin received his PhD from Radboud University. From 2010 to 2013, he was at Harvard University as a postdoctoral researcher. From 2014 to 2015, he functioned as both a research associate at Harvard University and an assistant professor at Radboud University. From 2015 onwards, he has been leader of the Self-Organising Matter group at the NWO-Institute AMOLF in Amsterdam.

His papers have been published in a wide variety of prominent scientific journals, and he is the recipient of a various prestigious grants, including Veni, Vidi and KLEIN grants from the Dutch Research Council (NWO).