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What exactly is a sustainable climate? How can AUAS and the UvA contribute to it? And what can you and I do to help achieve it over the coming years? The GREEN WEEKS are all about learning from and inspiring one another to find out what steps we can take to create a future-proof, sustainable city and world. We will also be showing what AUAS and UvA are currently doing to further that goal.

Events during the GREEN WEEKS

We hope you'll join us at one or more of the events scheduled for the GREEN WEEKS from 21 April through 31 May. During this period, AUAS and the UvA will be working together with FLOOR (the AUAS cultural platform) to organise various events centred around climate change and sustainability. These events will feature a variety of topics as well as interesting speakers from AUAS, the UvA and beyond, and of course there will be plenty of opportunity for you to join the discussion, like during the closing event with the AUAS and UvA Executive Boards (see the box below).

All events will be public, meaning they will be accessible to students from both AUAS and the UvA, as well as any other interested parties.

You can register per event below. You will be taken to the FLOOR website. We are sure there will be plenty of events to interest you:

We look forward to seeing you during the GREEN WEEKS!

Week without waste – 30 May through 5 June

Take part and minimise your waste.