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We use research and innovation to understand, and find solutions to, the complex issues facing society.
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24 March 2020
The rapid spread of the coronavirus is generating anxiety, stress and pressure. How does this affect people? Some studies claim that stress and pressure make people greedy. Other studies, in contrast, predict ...
16 March 2020
Recent economic news has certainly been gloomy. Studies confirm that negative economic news causes us to think more negative thoughts and can lead to a loss of confidence in the political system. Surprisingly, these ...
4 March 2020
Demand for electric cars has exploded as a result of the energy transition, propelling demand for the main raw material in car batteries: lithium. However, efforts to make one part of the world 'greener' are ...

Researcher interviews

Why are we more concerned about this coronavirus than about other viruses?

Four UvA researchers, including a clinical microbiologist, an anthropologist, a social scientist and a health lawyer, offer their perspective on the coronavirus outbreak.

Do algorithms make us even more radical?

Communication Scientist Judith Möller: 'My theory is that filter bubbles do indeed exist, but that we’re looking for them in the wrong place.'

Improving psychological support for children in war zones

Mark Jordans, professor of Global Child and Adolescent Mental Health: 'There are so many hotbeds and so many children in dire straits.'

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