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Shared Service Units

The role of the shared service units is to carry out all the support processes within the University.

  • Administration Centre (AC)

    The Administration Center (AC) facilitates students, staff and theUvA and AUAS in institution-wide educational logistics, personnel and financial administration. From the salary payment and employment of employees to the enrolment of students and payment of suppliers. The aim is to optimally facilitate students and staff so that they can focus on what matters to them every day: receive good education, offer good education or make a relevant contribution to science.

  • ICT Services (ICTS)

    ICT Services (ICTS) is the UvA’s central ICT unit. ICT Services is responsible for the management and maintenance of the technical ICT infrastructure that supports all IT processes at the UvA. This includes, for example, the (WiFi) network, servers, data storage, custom applications and education support services such as Canvas and SIS. The Service Desk ICTS is the central point for requesting services, reporting malfunctions and complaints and asking questions. ICT Services employs approximately 280 people.

  • Facility Services (FS)

    Facility Services is responsible for the provision of facility services in support of education and research within the University of Amsterdam. Its services include: teaching facilities (logistics, lecture halls, management and furnishings, audiovisual equipment), facilities in and around the buildings (catering, cleaning, security, management of lecture rooms, minor upkeep, bicycle and site supervision, mail and print services), housing (real estate and maintenance, security, relocations and projects) and procurement (orders, purchases and tenders).

    The Service Desk FS is the central point of contact for service provision requests, reporting breakdowns and technical malfunctions, lodging complaints and making queries.

  • University Library UvA/AUAS (UB)

    The Library supports the education, research and valorisation of the university by collecting, selecting, storing, managing and presenting information from the global information supply. To this end, the Library offers the necessary tools online on the web and offline on campus, varying from diverse collections, study places and exhibitions to digital databases and training courses. The Library is also the manager of the university heritage, housed in the Allard Pierson.

  • Student Services (StS)

    Student Services (StS) offers advice, information and guidance to students, staff, PhD researchers and graduates of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS/HvA). Students can approach Student Services for information and various services, ranging from free individual guidance, help and advice, to training courses and information events. A fee must be paid for a number of activities.

    Student Services brings together the activities of the Student Counsellors, the Student Psychologists, the Office of International Student Affairs (BIS), the Student Careers Centre (SCC) and the Student Service Desk (SSD).

  • Communications Office (BC)

    The Communication Office consists of 5 departments: conferences & events, editorial & content, internal communication, press and science information and marketing & study information. BC supports the faculties, services and the Executive Board.

  • Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA)

    Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) offers expert guidance and advice on how to make academic knowledge available to the market and society. Concretely, this translates into a wide-ranging package of services aimed at academics and other staff members. In addition, government agencies and commercial parties can contact the IXA to further underpin their ideas with academic research. The IXA forms the direct link between university, business and government.

  • The Development & Alumni Relations Office

    The Development & Alumni Relations Office is responsible for alumni relations, fundraising and management, and account management. Its staff members are the first point of contact for alumni and donors. Together with the University of Amsterdam Alumni Association (AUV), the UvA’s overarching alumni network, the Development & Alumni Relations Office organises activities and develops services for alumni and programme-specific alumni chapters. In addition, the Office also raises, manages and allocates funds, and maintains a data file for all of the UvA’s contacts.

  • Real Estate Development (HO)

    The Real Estate Development division operates under the direct responsibility of the member of the Executive Board who holds the Finance and Housing portfolio. The division manages large-scale building projects such as the University Quarter, Roeterseiland Campus (REC) and Science Park Amsterdam.

  • UMC Health and Safety Service

    The UvA health and safety service is performed by the UMC Health and Safety Service. Striving for a healthy, safe and pleasant working climate for all employees and students is the starting point. The common vision on working conditions ensures that all employees, students and the work organization as a whole can fully devote themselves to the university's objectives.