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A large demonstration that took place on the Roeterseiland Campus was ended by police during the night of Monday to Tuesday due to public order and safety concerns.

The war between Israel and Hamas is having a major impact on individual students and staff within our community. We share the anger and bewilderment over the war, and we understand that there are protests over it. We stress that within the university, dialogue about it is the only answer. 

The demonstration began peacefully, with the setting up of some tents and quiet gatherings. A delegation from the UvA administration entered into discussions with the activists. After discussions, we published an overview of collaborative projects involving Israeli institutions during the evening, thus fulfilling one of the protesters' demands. The Central Student Council (CSR) also asked about this earlier, and we responded positively to this request for transparency.

We have also offered to organize a UvA-wide dialogue on the framework of cooperation with third parties, especially focusing on countries in war situations. That dialogue is similar to the previous dialogue sessions around cooperation with the fossil fuel energy sector. To this end, we plan to organise a meeting with a delegation from the UvA community to gather ideas on how to conduct this dialogue. 

Over the course of the evening, an unsafe and grim situation developed, with several incidents involving fireworks thrown, people being hit, the Israeli flag being burned and barricades erected. The demonstration gained momentum, with many participants joining from outside the UvA. After talks, first with the mayor and later with the police, some of the activists left. Unfortunately, this was not the case for all of the protesters. Because the public order and safety was at stake, the triangle of police, the Public Prosecutor and the Mayor had to decide to intervene to remove the remaining group of protesters.

We deeply regret that it had to turn out this way. Demonstrating is allowed at the UvA, but without face coverings, blockades, overnight stays or an atmosphere of intimidation.   

Despite the fact that the demonstration had to end this way, the Executive Board wants to enter into a broad discussion with the UvA community. That will take place in the coming weeks. 

The Executive Board
Geert ten Dam
Peter-Paul Verbeek
Jan Lintsen

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