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Despite the efforts and willingness from both sides to engage in dialogue, we are currently unable to reach an agreement together. There is no room within the demands formulated by the protesters, and the UvA cannot meet all of these demands.

However, the requested overview of research collaborations in which Israeli scientists also participate has been published, which was one of the demands of the protesters. This concerns eight collaborations within the framework of projects financed by Europe (Horizon2020). No overview of individual researchers has been provided, nor has it been requested by the protesters. Three student exchange programmes are also included in the mentioned overview. These exchange relationships with three universities in Israel are currently suspended due to negative travel advice.

Meanwhile, the lack of safety in and around the occupied buildings has become too great. Residents feel unsafe due to the situation, and there has been significant damage to the buildings. Additionally, education in the Oudemanhuispoort is not able take place. Therefore, in consultation with the police, we have decided to file a report.

The triangle has now decided to dismantle the barricades on the street. We strongly urge all present to leave immediately to prevent further escalation.

As mentioned earlier: The Board will remain in dialogue about how we can come together on this topic and continue the debate with each other.

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