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Results: 41 - 48 of 48
  • 6 Sep 2013
    Esslingen Mahzor online

    The famous Esslingen Mahzor, a Hebrew prayerbook from the late thirteenth century, is partly kept in New York and partly in Amsterdam, in the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana. Both parts are now reunited at one website.

  • 28 Aug 2013
    René Boomkens, professor of Cultural Studies

    Prof. R.W. Boomkens (1954) has been appointed professor of Cultural Studies, specialising in cultural history and perspectives, at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Humanities.

  • 22 Jul 2013
    Entries invited for Joop Witteveen Prize 2013

    The Special Collections Department of the University of Amsterdam invites authors to submit publications for the Joop Witteveen Prize, the award for an outstanding publication on the history of food in the Low Countries.

  • 11 Feb 2013
    University of Amsterdam starts symposium on the history of food

    In January 2014 the first annual Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food in the Low Countries will take place at the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The Amsterdam Symposium is the result ...

  • 18 Jan 2013
    University of Amsterdam awards two gastronomic prizes

    In Amsterdam today, the Johannes van Damprijs and the Joop Witteveenprijs were awarded to Claudia Roden and Daniëlle De Vooght. The prizes consist of a plate designed by Joost Swarte and a cash sum. The festive award ...

  • 14 Nov 2012
    Superheroes, comics and the rise of pop culture: interview with Dr Dan Hassler-Forest

    'UvA in the spotlight' features interviews with groundbreaking reseachers and professors of international allure from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) who are conducting inspiring research. The newest interview with ...

  • 11 Oct 2012
    Why is dance not yet as popular in the USA as it is in the Netherlands?

    Electronic dance music has enjoyed immense popularity in the Netherlands for many years now and Dutch DJs invariably top the list of the world’s best DJs. Why is that? And why is the dance genre not yet as popular in ...

  • 4 Oct 2012
    Theater Instituut Nederland collection to be transferred to the UvA

    The vast collection held by the Theater Instituut Nederland (TIN), which is to close at the end of 2012, will be transferred to the University of Amsterdam (UvA). This means that a collection of immense cultural and ...