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Are you a professional taking a short unit of study at a research university or university of applied sciences? With microcredentials, you can prove the quality of the courses or modules you have taken, to your current or future employer or to other educational institutions, for example.

What are microcredentials?

The UvA is taking part in a two-year, nationwide Microcredentials Pilot. Microcredentials are awarded by research universities and universities of applied sciences for short units of study worth between 3 and 30 credits. They are nationally recognised digital certificates, which you can use to show that you have successfully completed a course or module.

Microcredentials guarantee the quality of the course or module you have completed

The course or module must satisfy a number of quality requirements. The course or module must be designed in such a way that:

  • the learning outcomes will actually be achieved;
  • the teaching is at a high level;
  • the course or module as a whole meets European quality standards.


The SURF Edubadge service will be used to register, at a national level, who has achieved which microcredentials.

Microcredentials at the UvA

Microcredentials will be awarded for the following UvA courses:

  • Big History, 6 ECTS, elective the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
  • German Literature, 6 ECTS, elective the Interfaculty Teacher Training
  • Data Literacy, 6 EC, elective the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies

Over the course of the pilot, we will expand the range of courses covered.

Nationwide pilot

During the nationwide Microcredentials pilot, the UvA and 33 other higher education institutions will set up a system involving digital certificates to allow individual units of study to be identified and their value recognised.

What are microcredentials?

What is a microcredential and what can you do with it exactly? In higher education, microcredentials can be valuable in various ways for institutions, professionals, and employers, among others. In this video, we explain why.