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Master's programmes

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Results: 1 - 37 of 37
Results: 1 - 37 of 37
  • Master's
    American Studies (History)
    In the Master's in American Studies you study the political, cultural, economic and military history of the United States with an eye on America in the world today.
  • Dual Master's
    Archival and Information Studies (Media Studies)
    The Dual Master's Archival and Information Studies focuses on Archival Studies, treating theory and practice, and training you in the science of record-keeping.
  • Executive Master's
    Business Administration (Amsterdam MBA)
    Amsterdam MBA is small-scale , network-oriented with personal one-to-one career guidance. Multidisciplinary and international environment.
  • Executive Master's
    Business Administration (Hybrid MBA)
    Hybrid MBA is online, small-scale, network-oriented with personal one-to-one career guidance. Multidisciplinary and international environment.
  • Master's
    Master Chemistry UvA
    Chemistry (joint degree UvA/VU)
    The Master's programme Chemistry, a joint degree with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, provides you with a highly qualified background of theory and practice in chemistry and sufficient specialisation in a specific field.
  • Master's
    Analytical Sciences UvA
    Chemistry: Analytical Sciences (track)
    In the two-year track Analytical Sciences of the Master’s programme Chemistry from the UvA you will focus purely on aspects of analytical chemistry.
  • Master's
    Molecular Sciences UvA
    Chemistry: Molecular Sciences (track)
    Molecular Simulation and Photonics at the UvA focuses on computational and photonic research of structure, dynamics and function in atomic, (bio)molecular and multi-scale systems.
  • Master's
    Science for Energy and Sustainability
    Chemistry: Science for Energy and Sustainability (track)
    Science for Energy and Sustainability (SES) is an two-year interdisciplinary track within the Master's programmes Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy at the UvA.
  • Master's
    Classics and Ancient Civilizations
    The Master's programme in Classics and Ancient Civilizations has two specialisations with distinctive profiles: Classics, and Ancient Studies. It challenges excellent students to become experts with regard to the literature and linguistics of classical languages or in the cultures and religions of Ancient Greece, Rome or the Near East.
  • Master's
    Comparative Cultural Analysis (Arts and Culture)
    In the Master’s Comparative Cultural Analysis you explore the impact of contemporary issues like globalisation across intercultural forms of literature and arts.
  • Master's
    Comparative Literature (Literary Studies)
    In the Master’s in Comparative Literature you analyse Western and non-Western literary and cultural phenomena within an interdisciplinary, globalised context.
  • Master's
    English Literature and Culture (Literary Studies)
    In the Master’s English Literature and Culture you study the history and theory of literature in the English-speaking world and its relationship to other media.
  • Master's
    Law students on campus
    European Competition Law and Regulation (International and European Law)
    Look at the programme for European Competition Law and Regulation. It's a track of the Master's International and European Law of the University of Amsterdam.
  • Master's
    Studying law students
    European Private Law (LLM)
    A Master’s programme at the Amsterdam Law School on European civil and commercial law in context. Read more about curriculum.
  • Master's
    Law students during class
    European Union Law (International and European Law)
    Studying European Union Law at the University of Amsterdam will earn you an LLM degree from a high-ranking university. View the programme.
  • Executive Master's
    Executive MSc in International Finance (MIF)
    Boost your career with the Executive MSc in International Finance (MIF) and master the complexities of financial markets and business.
  • Executive Master's
    Executive MSc in International Finance: Finance and Technology track
    Executive education with cutting-edge developments in Corporate Finance, FinTech, IT and Asset Management. Full-time, part-time or modular.
  • Executive Master's
    Executive Programme in Management Studies
    Earn your MSc in Business Administration, Management Studies in 18 months Part-time study in Strategy, Leadership & Management, Digital Business
  • Master's
    General Linguistics
    In the one-year Master's in General Linguistics, you will explore how the systems of the languages of the world can vary and to what extent this variation is constrained.
  • Master's
    Holocaust and Genocide Studies (History)
    The Master's in Holocaust and Genocide Studies explores 20th-century genocides from the vantage point of different disciplines.
  • Master's
    Information Studies UvA
    Information Studies
    Information studies at the UvA is a broad and interdisciplinary field, primarily concerned with the analysis, collection, classification, manipulation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information.
  • Master's
    Data Science UvA
    Information Studies: Data Science (track)
    Data scientists are needed to give meaning to the sea of data that surrounds us. The UvA's Data Science track in the Information Studies Master's Programme makes it possible to become a skillful expert in this field.
  • Master's
    Information Systems UvA
    Information Studies: Information Systems (track)
  • Master's
    Law student in class
    International Trade and Investment Law (International and European Law)
    The LLM International Trade and Investment Law focuses on WTO rules and related issues. It will earn you a degree in International and European Law at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Master's
    Language and Society (Linguistics)
    The Linguistics Master’s Language and Society explores language from a pragmatic perspective, focusing on the analysis of language use, variation and policy.
  • Master's
    Language, Literature and Education
    The Master’s Language, Literature and Education provides you with knowledge and skills in the fields of institutional language learning and language pedagogy.
  • Master's
    Literature, Culture and Society (Literary Studies)
    The Master’s in Literature, Culture and Society draws on literature, cultural studies and history to explore European literature in its intercultural context.
  • Executive Master's
    MBA Big Data & Business Analytics
    Become a leader in big data. Multidisciplinary, personalised approach. Strong network orientation. Triple Crown accredited. Part-time programme.
  • Executive Master's
    MBA in Healthcare Management
    Laat zorgorganisaties beter presteren. De MBA in Healthcare Management is dé opleiding voor professionals in de zorgsector.
  • Master's
    Music Studies (Arts and Culture)
    The Master's in Music Studies offers a rich combination of cognitive, cultural and historical approaches to the study of musics from around the world.
  • Master's
    In the Master's in Philosophy, you explore Anglo-Saxon and European philosophy, and acquire the skills to formulate, analyse and discuss philosophical problems.
  • Master's
    Philosophy of the Humanities and the Social Sciences (Philosophy)
    In the Philosophy of the Humanities and the Social Sciences programme, students gain philosophical insights in conjunction with another academic discipline.
  • Master's
    Law students in class
    Public International Law (International and European Law)
    The LLM Public International Law of the University of Amsterdam is taught by leading international law scholars with a high academic reputation. Take a look at the program!
  • Master's
    Security and Network Engineering
    The Master’s programme Security and Network Engineering at the UvA allows students to specialise in Security and Network Engineering on a more theoretical level.
  • Master's
    Software Engineering UvA
    Software Engineering
    The Software Engineering programme concerns the broad field of software engineering, a field that is in constant movement due to innovations in technology, design patterns and techniques.
  • Master's
    Spirituality and Religion (Theology and Religious Studies)
    In this Master’s programme you will study the changing role of religion and spirituality in contemporary societies and their historical roots.
  • Master's
    Theatre Studies (Arts and Culture)
    The Master's in Theatre Studies offers you the opportunity to specialise in theatre and performance in one of the world’s most vibrant theatre cities.