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Results: 1841 - 1860 of 1878
Results: 1841 - 1860 of 1878
  • 9 Apr 2009
    Chromatin architecture and the orchestration of gene expression: cell systems to explore epigenetic gene control

    Maartje Carolien Brink’s study explores the effect of regulatory proteins on the folding and expression of DNA. All cells belonging to one individual contain the same genetic material, but what determines the fate of ...

  • 9 Apr 2009
    The Polycentric Metropolis Unpacked. Concepts, Trends and Policy in the Randstad Holland

    Bart Lambregts’ dissertation deals with the polycentric metropolis and its supposed potential that continues to appeal to the imagination of planners, geographers and policymakers alike. Over the past decade, a surge ...

  • 23 Mar 2009
    European Grid Initiative Head Office comes to Amsterdam Science Park

    The Policy Board of the European Grid organisation has decided to establish its head office at Amsterdam Science Park, the international knowledge centre for the natural sciences set up in collaboration ...