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Criminology and Terrorism

Below you can find a selection of some of our researchers with expertise in the fields of criminology and terrorism.

For specific questions or to get in touch with a researcher not listed on this page, please call the UvA Press Office on +31 (0)20 525 2695 or send an email to

Combatting and preventing (inter)national crimes

Jurist and sociologist Dr Jill Coster van Voorhout is an expert in the field of criminal law and criminal procedure, as well as in the fight against and prevention of (inter)national and cross-border crimes. She focuses, among other things, on new methods of establishing facts for crimes such as human trafficking, money laundering and corruption offenses in public-private partnerships.

Mr. dr. drs. J.E.B. (Jill) Coster van Voorhout PhD

Faculty of Law

Criminal Law

Trial of international crimes

Harmen van der Wilt is a professor of International Criminal Law. He conducts research into national trials of international crimes; systemic crime (Joint Criminal Enterprise; Superior Responsibility); definitions of terrorism; exclusionary grounds in international criminal law; extradition and human rights.

Prof. mr. dr. H.G. (Harmen) van der Wilt

Faculty of Law

Criminal Law


Bertjan Doosje
Credits: Jeroen Oerlemans

Bertjan Doosje is an associate professor in the Department of Social Psychology. His areas of expertise are stereotyping and discrimination, emotions in inter-group relations, radicalisation and polarisation.

Dr. E.J. (Bertjan) Doosje

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group Social Psychology

Combatting terrorism financing

Prof. Marieke de Goede

Marieke de Goede is a professor of Political Science. She conducts research into European security culture, and the role of risk analysis and the use of commercial data in security policy. Her research also focuses on the fight against terrorist financing.

Prof. dr. M. (Marieke) de Goede

Executive Staff


Drug use and drug trafficking

D.J. Korf

Dirk Korf is professor by special appointment of Criminology, in particular criminal policy research. He specialises in empirical research into hard-to-reach groups. His research focuses mainly on developments and patterns in drug use and drug trafficking, in relation to drug policy and from an international perspective.

Forensic investigation

Arian van Asten

Arian van Asten is a professor of Forensic Analytical Chemistry and On-Scene Chemical Analysis. His research focuses on forensic investigations of explosives and drugs, forensic toxicology and forensic microtrace analysis, including glass, fibres and gunshot residue. Van Asten worked at the Netherlands Forensic Institute for 12 years and has extensive knowledge about the role of the forensic expert and the added value of forensic investigations in criminal investigations.

Prof. dr. A.C. (Arian) van Asten

Faculty of Science

Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences

International criminal law

Göran Sluiter is a professor of international criminal law and a partner at Prakken d’Oliveira Human Rights Lawyers. His areas of expertise include the procedural aspects of international criminal tribunals, and the limits of liability for international crimes and serious human rights violations. As a lawyer, he represents suspects and victims of human rights violations before Dutch courts and international criminal tribunals.

Prof. dr. mr. G.K. (Göran) Sluiter

Faculty of Law

Criminal Law