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S. (Samaneh) Assadinowghabi MA

Faculty of Humanities

Visiting address
  • Turfdraagsterpad 9
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    Samaneh Assadi Nowghabi




    Academic and Educational Background

    1. Ph.D. candidate in Cultural & Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (ASCA department), Amsterdam, the Netherlands (currently)

    2. M.A in Middle Eastern Studies, Leiden University of the Netherlands. (2014-2016)

    3. M.A in Persian Language and Literature, University of Mashhad, Iran. (2008-2012)

    4. B.A in Persian Language and Literature, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. (2002-2006)

    5. Studying Applied Mathematics for two years, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. (2000-2002)

    6. High school diploma in Mathematics, Mashhad, Iran. (2000)

    Professional Background

    1. Data analyst at Elsevier Company (Academic data-bank), the Netherlands, Amsterdam, (2019-2020).
    2. Remote research assistant, report writer, and team member in The Hague Center for Strategic Studies, the Netherlands. (2015-2016)
    3. Translator at Refugees’ Library, Berlin. (2015-2017)
    4. University Assistant in Persian language and literature, and teaching the Persian language to foreigners, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. (2010-2014)
    5. Head of Afra English Institute, Mashad, Iran. (2010-2014)
    6. Member of the Pole Center for Ferdowsi Studies, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. (2008-2014)
    7. English teacher in Afra, and Iran-Dokht Institute, Iran. (2008-2014)
    8. The conductor of poetry and story workshops, Iran-Dokht high school, Mashhad. (2008-2014)
    9. Instructor for Persian literature, Iran-Dokht high school, Mashhad. (2007-2014)
    10. Translator for Shahr-Ara newspaper (2010)
    11. The conductor of poetry and story workshops, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. (2004-2008)


    Research, Presentations, Proceedings, and Published Works

    1. Ph.D. project “The representation of Iranian society in Iranian independent cinema produced in Iran after Islamic revolution 1979”, University of Amsterdam (ASCA), currently.
    2. (Presentation at International Conference) Structures and Voices: Storytelling in Post-Digital Times, The NECS, Gedansk (Poland), June 2019.
    3. (Presentation at International Conference) Media Tactics and Engagement, The NECS, Amsterdam, June 2018.
    4. Master thesis “A Content Analysis of Mīrzādi ‘Ishqī’s Play Ideals of the Old Peasant”, Leiden University, 2016.
    5. Project “StartMon 2016-Metafore for the HCSS”, The Hague Center for Strategic Studies, Netherlands, 2016.
    6. Master thesis “A Psycho-Analysis on Three Short Stories of Sadegh Hedayat based on Freud’s Theories”, Mashhad University, 2012.
    7. (Article) “A comparison of Farri in Ḥikmat Khusravānī and Nūr in Ḥikmat Ishrāq”, The Collection of the first national annual festival of Persian language and literature’s Articles, Payam-Noor university of Mashhad, (2011): 41-64.
    8. (Article) “Concretion and Abstraction in Poem by Qeysar Aminpoor”, The selected work of the literary researches of the national festival of Iranian youth, Iran, Tehran: National Youth Organization, (2011): 78-93.
    9. (Article) “Story Elements and Content Analysis of the Story Khīsh-Khāni Harāt by Beyhaqī”, Peyk-i Nūr journal of Payam-Noor university, Mashhad, (2011): 72-80.
    10. (Poetry collection) “A lady of May”, Mashhad: Shamloo, 2010.
    11. (Article) “The Role of Fictional Children Literature in the Formation of Children's Personality, Focusing on Book Treatment Paradigm”, The Collection of the Articles of the fourth national gathering of the ‘Union for Persian Language and Literature’, Tabriz, (2010): 135- 151.
    12. (Article) “Editing workshop”, Translator (Mutarjim) journal, vol 17,No. 45, Mashhad, (2010): 102- 105.
    13. (Article for the memorial of ‘Manouchehr Ehterami) “Manouchehr Ehterami Left Us”, New Year feature of Quds newspaper, Mashhad, (2010), 33-35.
    14. (Translation) “Mashhad 86th book of theatre”, Mashhad, 2009.
    15. (Series of short stories) “The passenger of the desert”, Iran, Mashhad, 2002.

    Awards and Competitions

    1. Selected as the “best-progressed presenter” in presentation-course for Ph.D. candidates of Amsterdam’s University, 2017.
    2. Shortlisted for “best poet” at the 3rd international contest of Jale Esfahani Center- (London: 2011).
    3. Selected researcher of literary researches of the national festival of Iranian youth-Iran, (Tehran: 2011).
    4. Shortlisted for “best poet” at "Pas az Baran" cultural and literary festival in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad- (Mashhad: 2010).
    5. Winner of the student poetry contest in the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad- (Mashhad: 2008).
    6. Shortlisted for “best poet” at the 1st festival of student journals of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad- (Mashhad: 2003).
    7. Shortlisted for “best story writer” at the 2nd festival of young writers of Iran- (Tehran: 2000)
    8. Shortlisted for “best story writer” at the 16th national festival of students' stories and poetry- (Tehran: 2000).
    9. Winner of the story and poetry contest for students in the state of Khorasan (Mashhad: 1997).
    10. Shortlisted for “best story writer” at the Story festival held by the Ministry of Urban and Housing (Tehran, 1992).


  • The Current Project



    The content analysis of thIranian Visual Media and its Interaction with the Society


  • Office Address

    Room 104A
    PC Hoofthuis
    Spuistraat 134, 1012 VB

  • Ancillary activities
    No known ancillary activities