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S.C.J.R. (Sebastiaan) Broere MA

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Geschiedenis
Photographer: Milagro Elstak

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  • Kloveniersburgwal 48
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  • Postbus 1610
    1000 BP Amsterdam
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  • Profile

    Sebastiaan Broere (1989) holds bachelor degrees in history and philosophy from Utrecht University and master degrees from Utrecht University (History and Philosophy of Science) and University of California, Los Angeles (History). Sebastiaan is primarily interested in the politics of knowledge, which he examines by looking at various historically situated fields of expertise. He has published on the history of agricultural science, race, psychiatry, asylum care, and veterinary medicine, often in contexts of colonization and decolonization. His PhD thesis, A Matter of Life or Death: Agriculture and the Politics of Knowledge in Postwar Indonesia (1945-1967),  delves into the history of agricultural development in Sukarno-era Indonesia. 

    Broere's master thesis (HPS) In and Out of Magelang Asylum: A Social History of Colonial Psychiatry in the Netherlands Indies, 1923-1942 has been awarded the 2017 Pieter van Foreestprijs and got the second award of the 2015 Volkskrant-IISG Thesis Award. This thesis was also shortlisted for the 2015 Huygens-Descartes Thesis Award.

    His article ‘Picturing Ethnopsychology: A Colonial Psychiatrist’s Struggles to Examine Javanese Minds, 1910-1925’ was granted the Best Journal Article Award 2019 by the Society for the History of Psychology.  


  • Ancillary activities

    Treasurer for Gewina, the Belgium-Dutch association for the history of science and universities. 


  • Publications


    • Broere, S. C. J. R. (2021). Framing Diseases of a ‘Noble Anachronism’: Elephants and Veterinary Medicine in the British Raj, c.1840–1900. In V. Lal (Ed.), Colonial State and Forms of Knowledge: The British in India (pp. 251-285). Primus Books.
    • Broere, S. C. J. R. (Accepted/In press). Trajectories of the insane in the Netherlands Indies: State institutions, agricultural colonies, and the imaginary foundations of colonial psychiatric care, 1920-1940. In S. Nasir, J. Nourse, & H. Pols (Eds.), History of Medicine in the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia: Current Trends and New Directions Singapore: NUS Press.


    • Broere, S. C. J. R. (2020). Auto-activity: Decolonization and the Politics of Knowledge in Early Postwar Indonesia, ca.1920-1955. Lembaran Sejarah, 16(2), 143-164.
    • Broere, S., Fakih, F., Kuitert, L., Kortekaas, E., Raben, R., & Suwignyo, A. (2020). An Introduction to the Special Editions on Indonesian Knowledge Decolonization. Lembaran Sejarah, 16(2), 91-102. [details]



    • Broere, S. C. J. R. (2016). Synthesis and Race: Barge, Buytendijk, and the "Rassenvraagstuk" of the 1930s. Studium, 9(4), 185-201.


    • Broere, S. C. J. R. (2013). Interpretaties van het verleden: De experimenten van Galileo Galilei. Skript: historisch tijdschrift, 35(3), 161-173.




    Talk / presentation

    • Broere, S. (speaker) (25-8-2021). Exploring Alternative Modes of Development in Postwar Southeast Asia, International Convention of Asian Scholars (12) 2021, Kyoto.
    • Broere, S. (speaker) & Raben, R. (speaker) (10-11-2020). Indonesian Visions on Knowledge across Decolonization, Utrecht University, History Department.
    • Broere, S. (speaker) (20-10-2020). "Progressive Knowledge": Communist Practices of Decolonizing Knowledge in Guided Democracy Indonesia, 1959-1965, Descartes Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities, Utrecht University.
    • Broere, S. (speaker) (6-2-2020). The Right Kind of Peasant: Agricultural Extension and the Politics of Knowledge in Indonesia during the 1950s, The Construction of Indonesian Knowledge Cultures since Independence, Yogyakarta.
    • Broere, S. (speaker) (25-11-2019). Raising the Standard? Nutritional Science and Ideologies of Independence in Postcolonial Indonesia (1930-1960), Vossius Seminar, Amsterdam.
    • Broere, S. (speaker) (15-11-2019). "Freedom means Rice": Food, Agriculture, and Independence in Sukarno-era Indonesia, Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food: (Post)colonial foodways, Amsterdam .
    • Broere, S. (speaker) (12-7-2019). Four Times "A Matter of Life or Death": Contested Agricultural Development during Indonesia's First Decade of Independence, 1945-1955, Euroseas conference, Berlin, Berlin.
    • Broere, S. (speaker) (21-6-2019). Knowledge in Times of Decolonization: Agriculture and the Making of Sukarno-Era Indonesia, 1945-1967, 8th Gewina Meeting of Historians of Science in the Low Countries.
    • Broere, S. (speaker) (14-6-2019). Peasants, Extension, Independence: Lessons from the Early History of Agricultural Development in Indonesia, Institut Pertanian Bogor.
    • Broere, S. (speaker) (28-6-2018). Individuals? Asylum Care in the Netherlands Indies, 1910-1940, First Joint Meeting of the Asian Society of the History of Medicine and History of Medicine in Southeast Asia, Jakarta.
    • Broere, S. (speaker) (12-5-2018). Reading Psychiatric Case Files in East and Southeast Asia: New Methodological Approaches, American Association for the History of Medicine, Los Angeles.
    • Broere, S. (speaker) (27-2-2017). A Noble Anachronism: The Production of Veterinarian Expertise on Elephants in Colonial India, 1840-1900, History of Science Graduate Student Meeting 2017, Los Angeles.
    • Broere, S. (speaker) (28-6-2016). Engelhard’s Ethno-Psychology: Measuring Minds in Central-Java, 1916-1925, ESHHS-CHEIRON Joint Meeting, Barcelona.
    • Broere, S. (speaker) (28-8-2015). A Mental Health System in the Colonies? The Case of the Dutch East Indies, Euroseas Conference, Vienna.
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  • Ancillary activities
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