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dr. E. (Emma) Cohen de Lara

Amsterdam University College
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Photographer: UvA

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  • Science Park 113
  • Room number:3.24
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    Dr. Emma Cohen de Lara (PhD University of Notre Dame) is senior lecturer in political theory and tutor at Amsterdam University College and research fellow at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research ( Before joining AUC, she worked at the VU University Amsterdam and the University of Vermont. Emma Cohen de Lara completed her master degrees at the London School of Economics and Leiden University.


    At AUC, Emma Cohen de Lara teaches Classical and Modern Political Thought and Ancient Philosophical Texts. In the past, she has taught Politics of Modernity and Political Shakespeare. Emma supervises bachelor theses on a range of topics in political theory, including citizenship, democracy, ethics, and education.

    Research interest

    Emma's research focuses on questions in ancient political thought. She is the recent recipient of a stipendium from the Thijmgenootschap ( for which she is preparing an edited volume on Plato and the Sofists: A Mirror for our Times. Emma is also actively engaged in research and activities related to liberal arts and sciences education. She has organized several conferences that brought together academics who teach at university colleges in the Netherlands and abroad. The first conference was on the topic Rethinking Liberal Education: Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities (June 2013), the second conference on Liberal Arts and Sciences Education and Core Texts in the European Context (September 2015), see: This conference culminated in the publication of the edited volume Back to the Core: Rethinking Core Texts in Liberal Arts and Sciences Education (Vernon Press, 2017). A sequel will be organized at the University of Navarra, see: Emma is ambassador for the Thomas More Foundation (


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  • Publications


    • Pratt, M. J. O., van Drunen, M. A., & Cohen de Lara, E. (2019). An Ongoing State of Dialogue: Learning-centred education at Amsterdam University College. Th&ma, Tijdschrift voor hoger onderwijs & management, 2019(4), 26-30.
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