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Dr. Y. (Yaniv) Hagbi

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Semitische talen en culturen

Visiting address
  • Spuistraat 134
  • Room number: 329
Postal address
  • Postbus 1641
    1000 BP Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Publications


    • Hagbi, Y. (2009). Language, Absence, Play: Judaism and Superstructuralism in the Poetics of S.Y. Agnon. Syracuse University Press.


    • Hagbi, Y. (2007). Lashon, heʻader, miśḥaḳ. Jerusalem: Carmel Publishers.


    • Hagbi, Y. (2021). De Ziel als een kristallen druppel: Avraham Ben-Yitshak en zijn gedicht ‘Psalm’. In L. Mock, Y. Hagbi, & D. Broeks (Eds.), Avraham Ben-Yitzhak: Gedichten (pp. 97-118). (Hebreeuwse bibliotheek; Vol. 5). Amphora Books. [details]



    • Broeks, D., Hagbi, Y., & Mock, L. (Eds.) (2019). Miri Ben-Simhon. Gedichten = Shirim. (Hebreeuwse bibliotheek; Vol. 4). Amsterdam: Amphora Books. [details]
    • Hagbi, Y. (2019). 'Ik ben een mysterie, ben geest, ooit ben ik niets': Over Miri Ben-Simhon. In D. Broeks, Y. Hagbi, & L. Mock (Eds.), Miri Ben-Simhon. Gedichten = Shirim (pp. 95-112). (Hebreeuwse bibliotheek; Vol. 4). Amsterdam: Amphora Books. [details]
    • Hagbi, Y. (2019). Tel Aviv, als een vrouw met haar kleren aan in een badkuip geduwd: Een lezing van ‘Het Weer’ door Meir Wieseltier. ZemZem, 15(1), 60-63.
    • Hagbi, Y., & Mock, L. (2019). Voorwoord. In A. van der Heide (Ed.), Oeri Nissan Gnessin. Een zijspoor = Hatsidah: [ingeleid en vertaald] (pp. I-II). (Hebreeuwse bibliotheek; Vol. 3). Amsterdam: Amphora Books. [details]


    • Hagbi, Y., Broeks, D. (Ed.), & Mock, L. (Ed.) (2018). Rachel de Dichteres. Gedichten: selectie & nawoord. (Hebreeuwse Bibliotheek; Vol. 2). Amsterdam: Amphora Books. [details]


    • Hagbi, Y. (2017). Chaim Nachman Bialik. Gedichten = Shirim: selectie & nawoord. (Hebreeuwse Bibliotheek; Vol. 1). Amsterdam: Amphora Books. [details]
    • Hagbi, Y. (2017). Luimen op het hek: Het Leven en Werk van Chaim Nachman Bialik. In Y. Hagbi (Ed.), Chaim Nachman Bialik: Gedichten (pp. 72-101). Amsterdam: Amphora Books.


    • Hagbi, Y. (2016). פרוביוטיקה: בפתח התרגום. In ז'ורז' פרק: חיים במילים (pp. 15-17). Tel Aviv: Babel & Yediot Aharonot.
    • Hagbi, Y., (TRANS.), & Bellos, D. (2016). Z'orz' Pereḳ: ḥayim be-milim: biyografyah. Tel Aviv: Babel & Yediot Aharonot.


    • Hagbi, Y. (2009). The Yemenite Guide for Writing Legends. Babel & Yediot Aharonot.


    • Hagbi, Y. (2021). Playfulness and Error. 38-39. Abstract from PLAYFULNESS: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cultural Literacy


    • Hagbi, Y. (2019). "Whatever is yet to be derived is already given": Oral Torah and the “Master Argument” of Diodorus Cronus. Abstract from Basic Concepts and Categories of Jewish Thought: Sources and Contexts, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.
    • Hagbi, Y. (2019). Troubleshooting and Evaluation of our programmes. Abstract from Nachmanides Forum for European Jewish Studies, Prague, Czech Republic.
    • Hagbi, Y. (2019). בין הרמב"ם וניטשה: על סיבת הסיבות ביצירת עגנון: Between Maimonides and Nietzsche: On the Cause of all Causes in Agnon’s Work. Abstract from From Spain to Yemen: Maimonides’ thought and its dissemination in the Jewish World, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


    • Hagbi, Y. (2017). Agnon’s Unpronounced Pronounced Name. Paper presented at Autobiografia ebraica: identità e narrazione Convegno internazionale , Milan, Italy.
    • Hagbi, Y. (2017). I was the Working Tool of the Holy One: Theoretical Notes on the Origins of Conscious Pre-Constrained Writing in Hebrew Literature. Paper presented at the 17th World Congress of Jewish Studies Jerusalem (06-08-2017/10-08-2017), Jerusalem, Israel.
    • Hagbi, Y. (2017). The Horror of Errorless Play: Potter, Perec, Golding. Paper presented at Play, Recreation, and Experimentation, Canterbury, United Kingdom.


    • Zwiep, I., Wallet, B. & Hagbi, Y. (2022). Amsterdam Centre for Jewish Urban Studies.

    Journal editor

    • Hagbi, Y. (editor) (2017). Amphora Books (Publisher).
    • Hagbi, Y. (editor) (2016-2022). Amphora Books (Publisher).


    • Hagbi, Y. (participant) (3-2-2021). The Politics of Jewish Literature and the Making of Post-War Europe, Amsterdam. Methodological Notes on the Reception of Modern Hebrew Literature in Post War Europe (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Hagbi, Y. (other) (21-5-2020). A short list of things I will not talk about in relation to Georges Perec's Penser/Classer(Hebrew) (other).
    • Hagbi, Y. (participant) (4-11-2018). “Wie was het echte slacht-Offer? – Het offer van Jitschak in moderne Hebreeuwse Poëzie”, Amsterdam (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Hagbi, Y. (participant) (4-7-2018). “And I Was Daily His Delight: On the Ludic Totality of Language”, Paris. “And I Was Daily His Delight: On the Ludic Totality of Language” (Reeh Conference for Language, Literature and Hebrew Culture in the World, Paris 8 (…) (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Hagbi, Y. (participant) (26-6-2018). “Carve into the Forms of Letters”: Linguistic Materialism in Agnon’s Poetics”. “Carve into the Forms of Letters”: Linguistic Materialism in Agnon’s Poetics” (NAPH, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSORS OF HEBREW ANNUAL CONFERENCE (…) (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Zwiep, I. (participant), Hagbi, Y. (participant) & Peled, I. (participant) (25-6-2018 - 27-6-2018). 2018 International Conference on Hebrew Language, Literature and Culture, Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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  • Ancillary activities
    • No ancillary activities