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Dr. J.C. (Joke) Hermes

Faculty of Humanities
Departement Mediastudies

Visiting address
  • Turfdraagsterpad 9
Postal address
  • Postbus 94550
    1090 GN Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Publications





    • Breek, P., Hermes, J., Eshuis, J., & Mommaas, H. (2018). The Role of Social Media in Collective Processes of Place Making: A Study of Two Neighborhood Blogs in Amsterdam. City & Community, 17(3), 906-924. [details]
    • Hermes, J. (2018). RuPaul's Drag Race: Culture, Politics and Fashion as Affective Practice. In A. Mascio, R. Menarini, S. Segre Reinach, & I. Tolic (Eds.), The size affect: A journey into Design, fashion and Media (pp. 257-271). (Out of series). Mimesis International. [details]



    • Hermes, J. C., & Hill, A. (Eds.) (2016). Passion. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 19(3).
    • Hermes, J., & Kooijman, J. (2016). The Everyday Use of Celebrities. In P. D. Marschall, & S. Redmond (Eds.), A Companion to Celebrity (pp. 483-496). Wiley Blackwell. [details]
    • Hilhorst, S., & Hermes, J. (2016). ‘We have given up so much’: Passion and denial in the Dutch Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) controversy. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 19(3), 218-233. [details]


    • Dahlgren, P., & Hermes, J. (2015). The democratic horizons of the museum: Citizenship and culture. In A. Witcomb, & K. Message (Eds.), The international handbooks of museum studies. - Vol. 1: Museum theory (pp. 117-137). Chichester: John Wiley & Sons. [details]
    • Hermes, J. (2015). Labour and passion: Introduction to themed section. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 18(2), 111-116. [details]
    • Hermes, J., Bakhuisen, N., & Bouwmeester, L. (2015). Bottom up verandering, top down aangestuurd: onderwijskwaliteit en managementcultuur in het hbo. Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs, 33(4), 59-74. [details]


    • Hermes, J. (2014). Rediscovering twentieth-century feminist audience research. In C. Carter, L. Steiner, & L. McLaughlin (Eds.), The Routledge companion to media and gender (pp. 61-70). London and New York: Routledge. [details]




    • Borghuis, P., de Graaf, C., & Hermes, J. (2010). Digital storytelling in sex education: avoiding the pitfalls of building a 'haram' website., 6(2), 234-247. [details]
    • Hermes, J. (2010). On stereotypes, media and redressing gendered social inequality. Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice, 2(2), 181-187. [details]
    • Mueller, F., & Hermes, J. (2010). The performance of cultural citizenship: audiences and the politics of multicultural television drama. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 27(2), 193-208. [details]


    • Hermes, J. (2009). Audience studies 2.0: on the theory, politics and method of qualitative audience research. Interactions, 1(1), 111-127. [details]
    • Hermes, J. (2009). If you can't join them, beat them. Television & New Media, 10(1), 83-85. [details]
    • Hermes, J. (2009). Review article: Legally Blonde: developing a research domain at the intersection of law and popular culture [Review of: S. Greenfield, G. Osborn (2006) Readings in law and popular culture; O. Kamir (2006) Framed: women in law and film; R.K. Sherwin (2006) Popular culture and law]. European Journal of Communication, 24(2), 219-230. [details]



    • Hermes, J. C. (2006). Hidden debates: rethinking relationship between popular culture and the public sphere. Javnost, 13(4), 27-44.
    • Hermes, J. C. (2006). The tragic success of feminism. In J. Hollows, & R. Moseley (Eds.), Feminism and popular culture. (pp. 79-95). London: Berg.


    • Hermes, J. (2017). Paying the price: Penoza: Combining motherhood and a career (in crime). In M. Buonanno (Ed.), Television antiheroines: Women behaving badly in crime and prison drama (pp. 85-103). Bristol: Intellect. [details]
    • Nieborg, D., & Hermes, J. (2017). Games, gamification en sociale media: Lerend spelen en spelend leren. In P. Smeyers, S. Ramaekers, R. van Goor, & B. Vanobbergen (Eds.), Inleiding in de pedagogiek: Deel 1: Thema's en basisbegrippen (pp. 221-234). Amsterdam: Boom. [details]


    • Hermes, J. (2012). The scary promise of technology: developing new forms of audience research. In G. Bolin (Ed.), Cultural technologies: the shaping of culture in media and society (pp. 189-201). (Routledge research in cultural and media studies; No. 41). New York: Routledge. [details]
    • Hermes, J., & Koch, K. (2012). Participant design: towards sustainable marketing in an age of conflicting media logics. In Media Future Week: 7 t/m 10 mei 2012: whitepapers Media Future Week. [details]
    • Hermes, J., Naber, P., & Dieleman, A. (2012). Leefwerelden van jongeren: thuis, school, media en populaire cultuur. -2e, herz. dr. Bussum: Coutinho. [details]


    • Hermes, J., & Reesink, M. (2011). Televisiestudies. -2e dr. Den Haag: Boom/Lemma. [details]


    • Hermes, J. (2008). Mediawijs, wars van politiek: Alledaags burgerschap in de kennissamenleving. In G. Alberts, M. Blankesteijn, B. Broekhans, & Y. van Tilborgh (Eds.), Burger in uitvoering (pp. 109-132). (Jaarboek KennisSamenleving; No. 4). Amsterdam: Aksant. [details]
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    • Hermes, J. C. (2007). Media representations of social structure: Gender. In E. Devereux (Ed.), Media Studies, Key Issues and Debates (pp. 191-210). London: Sage.
    • Hermes, J. C. (2007). The (multiple) Realities of Cultural Citizenship Versus the Logic of Culturalization. In J. Fornäs, & M. Frederiksson (Eds.), Inter: A European Cultural Studies (Vol. 25). Linköping: Linköping University Press.
    • Hermes, J. C., & Adolfsson, R. L. (2007). The Exnomination of Pain - Undoing Otherness: Viewer Reports on Stereotyping and Multicultural Media Content. In J. Fornäs, & M. Frederiksson (Eds.), Inter: A European Cultural Studies : Conference in Sweden 11-13 June 2007, Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings (Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings; Vol. 25). Linköping: Linköping University Electronic Press.



    • Hermes, J., & Zonneveld, M. (2015). Vertooganalyse: Onderwijs, Cultuur, Wetenschap en Media. Amsterdam: Ministerie OCW. [details]


    • Hermes, J. (2011). Women and journalists first: a challenge to media professionals to realise democracy in practice, quality in journalism and an end to gender stereotyping. Strasbourg: Council of Europe. [details]

    Talk / presentation

    • Hermes, J. (speaker) (14-6-2018). Framed. Femininity in the post-television landscape, International Conference “Gender Differentiation in Media Industries”, The Peace Institute and Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana , Ljubliana.
    • Hermes, J. (speaker) (8-6-2018). To deal with what threatens us. Using the Mentalist to reflect on the complex of emotions sparked by danger, threat and loss., Narritivising fear workshop
      , Copenhagen.
    • Hermes, J. (speaker) (7-2-2018). Media and Everyday life: Watching Post-Television, U of Lund, department of Communication and Media.
    • Hermes, J. (speaker) (18-1-2018). Popular Culture and the Politics of Fear, Politics of Fear ISA-Topic Seminar, Bologna.


    • Janssen, S. J. (2017). Publieksparticipatie beteugeld: Boundary work en publieksparticipatie in de professionele praktijken van Nederlandse televisiemakers. [details]
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