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Dr F.R. (Frederic) Hopp

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
CW : Political Communication & Journalism

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
Postal address
  • Postbus 15791
    1001 NG Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Publications




    • Hopp, F. R., Fisher, J., & Weber, R. (2020). A Graph-Learning Approach for Detecting Moral Conflict in Movie Scripts. Media and Communication, 8, 164-179.
    • Hopp, F. R., Fisher, J., & Weber, R. (2020). Dynamic Transactions Between News Frames and Sociopolitical Events: An Integrative, Hidden Markov Model Approach. Journal of Communication, 70, 335-355.
    • Hopp, F. R., Fisher, J., Cornell, D., Huskey, R., & Weber, R. (2020). The extended Moral Foundations Dictionary (eMFD): Development and applications of a crowd-sourced approach to extracting moral intuitions from text. Behavior Research Methods, 53, 232–246.


    • Fisher, J. T., Hopp, F. R., & Weber, R. (2019). Modality-Specific Effects of Perceptual Load in Multimedia Processing. Media and Communication, 7, 149-165.
    • Hopp, F. R., Schaffer, J., Fisher, J., & Weber, R. (2019). iCoRe: The GDELT Interface for the Advancement of Communication Research. Computational Communication Research, 1, 13-44.


    • Roth, F. S., Weinmann, C., Schneider, F. M., Hopp, F. R., Bindl, M. J., & Vorderer, P. (2018). Curving Entertainment: The Curvilinear Relationship Between Hedonic and Eudaimonic Entertainment Experiences While Watching a Political Talk Show and Its Implications for Information Processing. Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 7, 499-517.
    • Weber, R., Fisher, J. T., Hopp, F. R., & Lonergan, C. (2018). Taking messages into the magnet: Method-theory synergy in communication neuroscience. Communication Monographs, 85, 81-102.
    • Weber, R., Mangus, J. M., Huskey, R., Hopp, F. R., Amir, O., Swanson, R., Gordon, A., Khooshabeh, P., Hahn, L., & Tamborini, R. (2018). Extracting Latent Moral Information from Text Narratives: Relevance, Challenges, and Solutions. Communication Methods and Measures, 12, 119-139.


    • Schneider, F. M., Zwillich, B., Bindl, M. J., Hopp, F. R., Reich, S., & Vorderer, P. (2017). Social media ostracism: The effects of being excluded online. Computers in Human Behavior, 73, 385-393.
    • Weinmann, C., Roth, F. S., Schneider, F. M., Kraemer, T., Hopp, F. R., Bindl, M. J., & Vorderer, P. (2017). "I Don't Care About Politics, I Just Like That Guy!" Affective Disposition and Political Attributes in Information Processing of Political Talk Shows. International Journal of Communication, 11, 3118-3140.


    • Roth, F. S., Weinmann, C., Schneider, F. M., Hopp, F. R., & Vorderer, P. (2014). Seriously Entertained: Antecedents and Consequences of Hedonic and Eudaimonic Entertainment Experiences With Political Talk Shows on TV. Mass Communication & Society, 17, 379-399.


    • Fisher, J., Lonergan, C., Hopp, F. R., & Weber, R. (2021). Media entertainment, flow experiences, and the synchronization of audiences. In P. Vorderer, & C. Klimmt (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Entertainment Theory Oxford University Press.


    • Hopp, F. R., & Weber, R. (2020). The State of the Art and the Future of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Communication Research. In K. Floyd, & R. Weber (Eds.), The Handbook of Communication Science and Biology Routledge.

    Talk / presentation

    • Hopp, F. (speaker) (12-2021). Dissociable Moral Brain Networks Modulate the Processing of Political Messages.
    • Hopp, F. (speaker) (3-2021). Moralized Communication in the Digital Age.
    • Hopp, F. (speaker) (4-2020). Computational Modelling of Moral Belief Systems, UC Davis, Davis, CA, United States.
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  • Ancillary activities
    No ancillary activities