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Prof. dr. M. (Michiel) van Lambalgen

Logic and Cognitive Science
Faculty of Humanities
Photographer: Eduard Lampe

Visiting address
  • Kloveniersburgwal 48
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  • Postbus 1605
    1000 BP Amsterdam
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    • van Lambalgen, M., & Stenning, K. (2019). Reasoning and discourse coherence in Autism Spectrum Disorder. In R. Byrne, & K. Morsanyi (Eds.), Thinking, Reasoning and Decision Making in Autism (pp. 135-155). (Current issues in thinking and reasoning). Abingdon (UK): Psychology Press.



    • Stenning, K., & van Lambalgen, M. (2016). Logic programming, probability, and two-system accounts of reasoning: a rejoinder to Oaksford and Chater (2014). Thinking and Reasoning, 22(3), 355-368. [details]
    • Stokhof, M. J. B., & van Lambalgen, M. (2016). What cost naturalism? In K. Balogh, & W. Petersen (Eds.), Bridging Formal and Conceptual Semantics. Selected papers of BRIDGE-14 (pp. 87-119). Düsseldorf University Press.



    • Baggio, G., van Lambalgen, M., & Hagoort, P. (2012). Language, linguistics and cognition. In R. Kempson, T. Fernando, & N. Asher (Eds.), Philosophy of Linguistics (pp. 325-355). (Handbook of the philosophy of science; Vol. 14). Elsevier. [details]
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    • Stenning, K., & van Lambalgen, M. (2012). Language Evolution: Enlarging the Picture. In D. McFarland, K. Stenning, & M. McGonigle-Chalmers (Eds.), The complex mind: An interdisciplinary approach (pp. 264-282). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [details]



    • Baggio, G., Choma, T., van Lambalgen, M., & Hagoort, P. (2010). Coercion and Compositionality. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 22(9), 2131-2140. [details]
    • Stenning, K., & van Lambalgen, M. (2010). The logical response to a noisy world. In M. Oaksford, & N. Chater (Eds.), Cognition and Conditionals: Probability and Logic in Human Thinking (pp. 85-102). Oxford: Oxford University Press. [details]
    • Stokhof, M., & van Lambalgen, M. (2010). Abstracties en idealisaties: de constructie van de moderne taalkunde. Tijdschrift voor Filosofie, 72(4), 749-776. [details]
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    • Baggio, G., van Lambalgen, M., & Hagoort, P. (2008). Computing and recomputing discourse models: An ERP study. Journal of Memory and Language, 59(1), 36-53. [details]
    • Stenning, K., & van Lambalgen, M. (2008). Human reasoning and cognitive science. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. [details]
    • Stenning, K., & van Lambalgen, M. (2008). Interpretation, representation, and deductive reasoning. In J. E. Adler, & L. J. Rips (Eds.), Reasoning: Studies of human inference and its foundations (pp. 223-248). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [details]
    • van Lambalgen, M., van Kruistum, C., & Parigger, E. M. (2008). Discourse processing in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 17(4), 467-487. [details]


    • Nauze, F. D., & van Lambalgen, M. (2007). Serious Computing with Tense. In H. Bunt, & R. Muskens (Eds.), Computing Meaning 3 (pp. 257-300). (Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy; No. 83). Springer. [details]
    • van Lambalgen, M., & Baggio, G. (2007). The Processing Consequences of the Imperfective Paradox. Journal of Semantics, 24, 307-330. [details]
    • van Lambalgen, M., & Stenning, K. (2007). Explaining the domain-generality of human cognition. In M. Roberts (Ed.), Integrating the mind (pp. 179-210). Psychology Press. [details]
    • van Lambalgen, M., & Stenning, K. (2007). Logic in the study of psychiatric disorders: Executive function and rule-following. Topoi, 26, 97-114. [details]
    • van Lambalgen, M., Meester, R., Gill, R., & Collins, M. (2007). On the (ab)use of statistics in the legal case against the nurse Lucia de B. Law, probability and risk, 5, 233-250. [details]


    • Hamm, F., Kamp, J. A. W., & van Lambalgen, M. (2006). There is no opposition between formal and cognitive semantics. Theoretical Linguistics, 32(1), 1-40.



    • van Lambalgen, M. (2013). Time in the Critique of Pure Reason. In F. Roelofsen, & M. Franke (Eds.), Festschrift for Jeroen Groenendijk, Martin Stokhof and Frank Veltman Amsterdam: ILLC.


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