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Dr. J.A. (John) Lorié

Faculty of Economics and Business
Sectie Macro & International Economics
Photographer: FEB

Visiting address
  • Roetersstraat 11
Postal address
  • Postbus 15867
    1001 NJ Amsterdam
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    Research interest

    Tax economics, exchange rates, monetary economics, European economic integration

    Short Biography

    John Lorié holds masters’ degrees in economics and tax economics and received his phd in international economics in 2005, which he wrote in parallel to a career in investment banking at ABN AMRO. He has lectured in International Economics and European Economic Integration and is now an affiliate researcher. Having worked for the Economics Department of ABN AMRO and MN Services , he is currently Chief Economist at Atradius. 

  • Teaching

    Teaching activities

    International economics

    European economic integration 

  • Publications


    • Hofland, D. A., & Lorié, J. A. (2009). Macro-economische overwegingen pleiten tegen de verplichte groepsrentebox en defiscalisering groepsrente. Weekblad voor Fiscaal Recht, 138(6813), 647-653. [details]
    • Hofland, D. A., & Lorié, J. A. (2009). Naschrift: Een macro-economische analyse van renteaftrek in de vennootschapsbelasting. Weekblad voor Fiscaal Recht, 138(6830), 1293-1294. [details]


    • Lorie, J. A. (2007). Belastingverschillen in de EU: een welvaartsanalyse. Kwartaalschrift Economie, 4(3), 339-361.


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    • Lorié, J. A. (2005). International tax Differences and Real Exchange Differences in an Integrated Financial Market. Amsterdam: Dissertation: University of Amsterdam.



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    • Lorié, J. (2014). Cheap oil. Good news - for most. Amsterdam: Atradius. [details]
    • Lorié, J. A. (2014). Update on Russia: Economics of the Ukraine crisis. Amsterdam: Atradius Economic Research.
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    • Zeilstra, A., & Lorié, J. (2014). Update on the Ukrainian crisis. Amsterdam: Atradius. [details]




    • Loríe, J. (2011). Global economic uncertainties call for vigilance in trade credit management. Trade Finance, 14(10), 87. [details]


    • Lorié, J. A. (2010). PPI gaat tweede pensioenpijler stutten. ABN AMRO Economisch Bureau.
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    • Lorié, J., & Thio, B. (2009). Dure dollar door kredietcrisis. Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 94(4557), 198-201. [details]


    Media appearance

    • Lorié, J. (27-08-2019). BNR Nieuwsradio [Radio] BNR. Aantal faillissementen stijgt wereldwijd sneller dan verwacht.
    • Lorié, J. (01-07-2018). Cover story: Refining capacity - Middle East on fast track [Print] Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East. Cover story: refining capacity - Middle East on fast track.
    • Lorié, J. (23-11-2017). Nederlandse faillissementen ver beneden niveau van voor crisis [Television] RTLZ. Nederlandse faillissementen ver beneden niveau van voor crisis.
    • Lorié, J. (09-11-2017). Ze zijn er wel degelijk: economen die afschaffing van de divdendbelasting een goed idee vinden [Print] Het Financiële Dagblad. Ze zijn er wel degelijk: economen die afschaffing van de dividendbelasting een goed idee vinden.
    • Lorié, J. (08-11-2017). Afschaffing Nederlandse Dividendbelasting [Radio] BNR Nieuwsradio. Afschaffing Nederlandse Dividendbelasting.
    • Lorié, J. (01-08-2017). Trade Winds Shifting [Print] Global Finance Magazine. Trade Winds Shifting.
    • Lorié, J. (26-04-2017). Atradius' Lorié Optimistic on US Growth [Television] Bllomberg Markets: Middle East. Atradius 'Lorié is Optimistic on US Growth.
    • Lorié, J. (26-04-2017). Oil Resumes Slide on US Stockplies [Television] Bloomberg Middle East. Oil Resumes Slide on US Stockpiles.
    • Lorié, J. (07-02-2017). Meer schade claims door lagere olieprijs [Television] RTLZ. Meer schade claims door lagere olieprijs.
    • Lorié, J. (24-06-2016). Brexit leidt tot lichte toename faillissementen in Nederland [Television] RTLZ. Brexit leidt toch lichte toename faillissementen in Nederland.
    • Lorié, J. (24-06-2016). Brexit leidt tot lichte toename faillissementen in Nederland [Television] RTLZ. Brexit.
    • Lorié, J. (11-11-2015). Economic Outlook [Television] Bloomberg TV. Economic Outlook.
    • Lorié, J. (19-03-2015). South East Asia [Television] Bloomberg TV. China.
    • Lorié, J. (19-03-2015). South East Asian Economic Developments [Television] BBC Asia TV. South East Asian economic developments.

    Talk / presentation

    • Lorié, J. (speaker) (23-9-2019). Trade war weighs in, Annual Meeting FEBIS, Split .
    • Lorié, J. (speaker) (12-9-2017). Steering into calmer waters, Swiss Credit Managers Meeting, Brunnen.
    • Lorié, J. (speaker) (17-3-2017). Global economic game changers for the future, Nyenrode University.
    • Lorié, J. (speaker) (10-5-2016). The impact of low commodity prices on country risk, Berner Union Meeting, Warsaw.
    • Lorié, J. (speaker) (2-2016). Game changers for the global economy, Nyenrode University.


    • Lorié, J. A. (2005). International tax differences and real exchange rate changes in an integrated financial market. A welfare analysis of the European Union. [details]


    • Lorié, J. A. (2009). Do tax differences in the EU really matter? University of Amsterdam.


    • Lorie, J. A. (2007). Stochastic real exchange rate changes, physical capital flows and welfare. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam.
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  • Ancillary activities
    • Atradius kredietverzekering
      Chief economist
    • Atradius Credit Insurance