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Mr B. (Bastian) Michel LLM

Faculty of Law
Constitutional and Administrative Law

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  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Room number: 9.06
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  • Postbus 15557
    1001 NB Amsterdam
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  • PhD Research


    The Remuneration of Members of Parliament

    Decisions of members of parliament to increase their own pay invariably cause public outrage. The resulting image of a detached, self-interested political class poses a real thread to the functioning of our democracies. Meeting this challenge requires a keen understanding of the underlying constitutional dilemmas. Does the parliamentarian’s role require increased financial independence or is equality to his voters the paramount characteristic of the representative? Is the question of representatives’ remuneration of intrinsically political nature, or can objective criteria neutralize it? Will the legislature’s ultimate accountability to the electorate provide the desired check and how can its effectiveness be ensured in practice? Which role might an outside regulator play and how could it be independent and legitimate at the same time? This PhD research will investigate how Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom answer those questions. It will show commonalities in approach, but also differences that demonstrate a notable divergence in constitutional thinking and practice within Europe.

  • Publications



    • Michel, B. (2014). Die Abgeordnetendiäten in Westminster - Die Flucht des Unterhauses aus seiner systemverschuldeten Mündigkeit. Die Öffentliche Verwaltung, 67(16), 691-701. [details]


    • Eijsbouts, W. T., & Michel, B. (2013). Between Frankfurt and Karlsruhe: The Move, the Law and the Institutions: editorial. European Constitutional Law Review, 9(3), 355-357. DOI: 10.1017/S1574019612001204 [details]
    • Michel, B. (2013). MPs’ Pay under the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009: Approaching the Moment of Truth. Edinburgh Student Law Review, 2(1), 83-86. [details]


    • Michel, B. (2012). Verkiezingsfouten en het onderzoek van de geloofsbrieven: is de Tweede Kamer rechter in eigen zaak? Nederlands Juristenblad, 87(31), 2180-2186. [1814]. [details]


    • Michel, B. (2013). [Bespreking van: D.J. Elzinga, et al. (2012) Het Nederlandse kiesrecht. - 3e dr.]. TvCR: tijdschrift voor constitutioneel recht, 4(3), 273-278. [details]


    • Michel, B. (2011). Kieskringen: Ontwikkeling-werkingswijze-alternatief. (Studies en adviezen betreffende het kiesrecht en verkiezingen; No. 3). Den Haag: Kiesraad.


    • Michel, B. Het onderzoek van de geloofsbrieven: Aanzet tot een beperkte toetsingsbevoegdheid voor de rechter in verkiezingszaken
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