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Drs. T. (Tetiana) Mykhalchuk

Faculty of Humanities
German and Scandinavian Languages & Cultures

Visiting address
  • Kloveniersburgwal 48
Postal address
  • Postbus 1641
    1000 BP Amsterdam
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  • Publications


    1. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana. Re-thinking Europe through Scientific and Transcultural Exchange: Reconciliation of Eastern and Western Europe through Unintentional Mediations. (Forthcoming).
    2. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana. (2019): Transculturality, Translation and European Thoughts on Reconciliation. Wolf Legal Publishers. 192 pp. 
    3. Laarse, R. van der, Cherenkov, M.N., Proshak, V.V., Mykhalchuk, T.  (eds.).  (2015): Religion, State, Society and Identity in Transition: Ukraine. Oisterwijk. Wolf Legal Publishers. 768 pp.
    4. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana. (2014): German Mediations in Reconciliation of Europe: Transnationalism of International Expressionist Scholarship after 1973. Neckenmarkt. United PC Utgeverij. 140 pp.

    Further publications and presentations:

    A) Publications or presentations with peer review process:

    1. Mykhalchuk Tetiana (2018): In German. “Georg Kaiser (1878-1945): Transkulturalität von ,Gas I.‘” The presentation is given at the Goethe-Instituut Amsterdam on 16 October 2018.
    2. Mykhalchuk T., Proshak V. V.* (2018): Review of the book “Fontane and Cultural Mediation: Translation and Reception in Nineteenth-Century German Literature”. Fontane Blätter. No. 108, pp. 130 – 131.
    3. Mykhalchuk T., Proshak D.* (2018): In Dutch. “Het Oekraïens en Oekraïense dialecten in 25 provincies.” In: Oekraïne Magazine. No. 1 (Voorjaar), pp. 28-29.
    4. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana (2017): Transcultural Exchange and Mediation of Unintentional Re-conciliation. Examples from German, Dutch and Ukrainian Literature. This presentation was given at the symposium Transcultural Mediations. European Heritage and Identity Discourses in the long 20th Century. The symposium took place at the University of Amsterdam on 2 June 2017; in co-operation of Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam (DIA), University of Amsterdam (UvA), Amsterdam School for Regional, Transnational and European Studies (ARTES), Amsterdam Ukrainian Research Institute (AURI).
    5. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana (2016): "Biblical Elements in the Poetry of Austrian, German and Ukrainian Literature (Comparative Approach)." In: Theological Reflections, No. 16, pp. 227 – 246.
    6. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana (2016): “Biblijni elementy v poeziji ekspresionismu u konteksti ukrajinskoji ta nimetsko-avstrijskoji literatury: porivnjalnyj analiz” (in Ukrainian). In: Theological Reflections, No. 16, pp. 206 – 226.
    7. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana (2015): "Transition and Reconciliation between Western and Eastern Europe through Unintentional Mediator." In: Religion, State, Society and Identity in Transition: Ukraine; edited by R. van der Laarse, M.N. Cherenkov, V.V. Proshak, and T. Mykhalchuk. Oisterwijk: Wolf Legal Publishers, 767 pp., pp. 89 – 122.
    8. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana (2014): “Identity of European Cities: Amsterdam, Kiev, and Berlin in Expressionist Poetry (a comparative literary approach).” The presentation at the conference Ukrainian Identities: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on 7 May 2014; the presentation was part of series of academic events: Symposium and guest lectures on Ukrainian Identities: Transdisciplinary Perspectives; the events took place at University of Amsterdam (UvA), Leiden University (LU), University of Groningen (UvG) and Stichting Platform Nederland - Oekraïne. Organized by prof. dr. E. Rutten and drs. T. Mykhalchuk. Coordination and sponsorship: Department of Slavic Languages and Cultures at Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam School for Heritage and Memory Studies (ASHMs) & Amsterdam Centre for Heritage & Identity (ACHI), History and Art History Department at Universiteit Utrecht, and Stichting Platform Samenwerking Nederland-Oekraïne.
    9. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana (2002): In Ukrainian: “Принципи та способи інтерпретації гоголівської символіки в інсценізаціях М.Н. Старицького”; [the article is published in Ukrainian and in English translation: “Principals and methods of interpretation of Hohol’s symbols in the plays of M.P. Starytskyj.” In: Literatura ta kultura Polissia. Nizhyn: Nizhyn University Press; pp. 106 – 111. (Михальчук Т.І. // Літ. Та культура Полісся. – Ніжин, 2002. – С. 106-111).
    10. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana (2015): “Acknowledgments.” In Laarse, R. van der, Cherenkov, M.N., Proshak V.V., Mykhalchuk, T. (eds.). Religion, State, Society and Identity in Transition: Ukraine. Tilburg, Oisterwijk: Wolf Legal Publishers, pp. I-III.
    11. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana (editor) (2015): Laarse, R. van der, Cherenkov, M.N., Proshak, V.V., Mykhalchuk, T.* Religion, State, Society and Identity in Transition: Ukraine. Oisterwijk: Wolf Legal Publishers, 768 pp.
    12. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana* (translation of the article) (2010): “Models of Religious Education in Public Secondary Schools within European Research Context: The examples of France, Russia, and The Netherlands” by Vitaliy V. Proshak, in the journal Theological Reflections, No. 11, pp. 115-134 (Translation of a bilingual article English/Ukrainian).
    13. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana * (translation of the article) (2006): “Paganism in Ukraine: Its Beliefs, Encounter with Christianity, and Survival” by Vitaliy V. Proshak, in the journal Theological Reflections, No. 7, pp. 141-148. (Translation of a bilingual article English/Russian).

    B) Online publications of the conference program with peer review process:

    1. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana (2017): International Symposium and Graduiertenkolleg Transcultural Mediations: European Heritage and Identity Discourses in the long 20th Century. Organisers:  University of Amsterdam (UvA), Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam (DIA), European Studies/ Amsterdam School for Regional and Transnational (ARTES), Amsterdam Ukrainian Research Institute (AURI).
    2. Mykhalchuk, Tetiana (2014): International Symposium Ukrainian Identities: Transdisciplinary Perspective. Organisers: Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM), Stichting Platform Samenwerking Nederland-Oekraїne (SPSNO).
  • Ancillary activities
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