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Ms D. (Divya) Nadkarni

Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities

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  • Spuistraat 134
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  • Research

    What makes a poem political? Towards a theory of contemporary political poetry
    (PhD project, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, 2016-2020)

    The proposed project conceptually maps out poetic attempts to redefine the relationship between subjective expression and political activism. How do poems today, in the context of new media technologies and the modes of publication and dissemination enabled by these technologies, become politically relevant? How do they impact our experience of the political? This project theorizes poetry in terms of how poems do politics, how they actualize a political specific to the expressive potentials of poetry, rather than thinking about how they represent certain already apparent political notions. Through close readings of a selection of contemporary works of poetry from across the globe published in the past decade, the project analyses how competing preoccupations over gender, race, class and national identity play out and are reconfigured in these works. In parallel, the project also evaluates current theoretical discourses on poetry in an attempt to understand how poetic works are placed within them – often with problematic results. Mapping out the intersections between major lines of thought qua poetry in analytical aesthetics (Lamarque, Kivy, Ribeiro) and in literary theory (Grossman, Culler, Izenberg, Leighton, Jackson), the project pays close attention to conceptual commonalities and divergences, reconceptualising the basis on which we can develop an explicit understanding of poetic expression, the value thereof, and for grasping the dynamics of contemporary practices of poetry. In this sense, the project focusses as much on practices of reading and interpretation – how these practices inform questions of meaning and representation, how they can be problematized, and how such practices come to be established in the first place – as on poems themselves. Starting from the question ‘What makes a poem political’, the proposed project provides a systematic overview, and critical re-conceptualization of poetic expression in the discursive crosscurrents of aesthetics, hermeneutics, and literary and new media theories.

  • Teaching

    2019 - 20

    Department of Literary and Cultural Analysis, BA, University of Amsterdam
    - Aesthetics and Politics (Elective) (Sep - Oct 2019)
    - Analysis and Interpretation 2 (Seminar) (Oct - Jan 2020)
    - Contexts and Frames (Seminar) (Apr - Jun 2020)
    - BA Thesis supervision (Thesis) (Feb - June 2020)

    Academic Core, BA, Amsterdam University College
    - Academic Writing Skills (Core course) (Sep -Dec 2019)

    Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), BA, Amsterdam
    - Race, Gender, Sexuality and Popular Culture (May - June 2019)


    2018 -19

    Academic Core, BA, Amsterdam University College
    - Academic Writing Skills (Core course) (Sep - Dec 2018)



    Lecturer BA, Literary and English Studies
    Ramnarain Ruia College, University of Mumbai (Mumbai, India)
    Courses :
    - Introduction to Postcolonial literatures
    - Romantic and Victorian literature
    - British Modernism
    - Introduction to literary theory
    - Gender and Literature
    - 20th century American Literature
    - Contemporary Indian English literature



  • Publications


    • Singh, D., Nadkarni, D., & Bunders, J. G. F. (2018). The Construct Of An Indian Surrogate: Qualifying For Vulnerability. Asia Pacific Law and Policy Review, 4, 122-172. [details]


    • Nadkarni, D. (2019). Poetic autonomy, poetic engagement: A reading of Nandini Dhar's Historians of Redundant Moments. Paper presented at Metamodernism, Nijmegen, Netherlands.
    • Nadkarni, D. (2019). Poetic autonomy? Uncreative writing and new media poetry in Adorno’s legacy. Paper presented at Adorno and the Media, Karlsruhe, Germany.
    • Nadkarni, D. (2019). Reinterpreting tradition: the politics of the contemporary Indian-English "prose poem": A reading of Nandini Dhar's Historians of Redundant Moments and Vivek Narayanan's Life and Times of Mr. S. Paper presented at Prose Poetry Symposium, Leeds, United Kingdom.


    • Nadkarni, D. (2018). Moving beyond the lyric "I": impersonal effects and the architecture of digression in the poetry of Larry Levis. Paper presented at ESSE, Brno, Czech Republic.
    • Nadkarni, D. (2018). Resisting Disfiguration: Patricia Smith’s “Black, Poured Directly into the Wound” and poetry as a limit to violence. Paper presented at ASCA International Workshop 2018: Dissecting Violence, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    • Nadkarni, D. (2018). Slow time/Slow form: Architectural time-space and the poetry of Larry Levis. Paper presented at AS SLOWLY AS POSSIBLE (ASAP): A Symposium of the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present
      , Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    Journal editor

    • Nadkarni, D. (editor) (2020-). nether Quarterly (Journal).
    • Nadkarni, D. (editor) (2012-2018). Paperwall Media and Publishing (Publisher).

    Talk / presentation

    • Nadkarni, D. (speaker) (5-10-2018). Gestures of Refusal: The politics of the Prose-Poem, Questions for Poets: An Evening with Anne Boyer, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


    • Nadkarni, D. (organiser), Thinius, A. (organiser) & de Vries, N. (organiser) (10-4-2019 - 12-4-2019). ASCA International Workshop 2019 "Realities and Fantasies: Relations, Transformations, Discontinuities", Amsterdam, Netherlands (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Rachmadiev, F. (organiser) & Nadkarni, D. (organiser) (4-10-2018 - 5-10-2018). Guest Lecture by Anne Boyer, No: A Poetics of Refusal & Questions for Poets An Evening With Anne Boyer (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Nadkarni, D. (participant) (13-4-2018). Panel Discussion: Art, Writing and Philosophy (DRIFT) (other).
    • Nadkarni, D. (other) (2015). Academic Editor (other).
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  • Ancillary activities
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