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Dr H. (Hossein) Nabilou

Faculty of Law
Photographer: Hossein Nabilou

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Room number: A6.08
Postal address
  • Postbus 15679
    1001 ND Amsterdam
  • Profile

    Hossein Nabilou is an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Law School, and UNIDROIT - Bank of Italy Chair at the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT).
    Prior to the UvA, Hossein was a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in Banking and Financial Law at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg. He had held postdoctoral and visiting researcher positions at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich, Columbia University in the City of New York, and EUROPAINSTITUT in Basel, where he had worked on banking structural reforms, money view of banking, and regulation of hedge funds, respectively. Hossein holds a Ph.D. from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, an LL.M. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, an LL.M. in Public Law, and an LL.B. both from Shahid Beheshti University School of Law.

    Hossein’s academic interests include Law & Finance, Regulation of Financial Markets and Institutions, European and International Financial Regulation, Law & Technology, and Company Law. His research focuses on monetary and banking law, shadow banking, financial market infrastructures, banking structural reforms, financial contracting, alternative investment funds, and legal issues of fintech, payments, blockchain, and crypto-assets. Hossein is the author of several award-winning articles published in internationally renowned peer-reviewed law journals. He teaches Financial Contracting, International Business Contract Law, and Law & Economics. 

  • Publications
    • Nabilou, H. (2021). Bitcoin Governance as a decentralized financial market infrastructure. (In press: Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy), Available at:
    • Nabilou, H. (2021), Can the Plight of the European Banking Structural Reforms be a Blessing in Disguise?. (In press: European Business Organization Law Review), Preprint available at:
    • Nabilou, H. & Prüm, A. (2021), Central Banks and Regulation of Cryptocurrencies, (In press: Review of Banking and Financial Law), Preprint available at:
    • Nabilou, H. & Asimakopoulos, I. (2020), In CCP We Trust … Or Do We? Assessing the Regulation of Central Clearing Counterparties in Europe, Capital Markets Law Journal (OUP), 15(1), 70-97, DOI:
    • Nabilou, H. & Prüm, A. (2019), Shadow Banking in Europe: Idiosyncrasies and their Implications for Financial Regulation, European Journal of Risk Regulation (CUP), 10(4), 781-810, DOI:
    •   Nabilou, H. (2019), How to Regulate Bitcoin? Decentralized Regulation for a Decentralized Cryptocurrency, International Journal of Law and Information Technology (OUP), 27(3), 266-291, DOI:
    • Nabilou, H. (2019), Testing the Waters of the Rubicon: The ECB and Central Bank Digital Currencies. Journal of Banking Regulation, 1-16, DOI:
    • Wu, S. & Nabilou, H. (2019), Repo Markets across the Atlantic: Similar But Unalike, European Business Law Review, 30(4), 513-546. Available at:
    • Nabilou, H. (2019), The Dark Side of Licensing Cryptocurrency Exchanges as Payment Institutions, Law and Financial Markets Review, 14(1), 39-47, DOI:
    • Nabilou, H. & Prüm, A. (2019), Ignorance, Debt, and Cryptocurrencies: The Old and the New in the Law and Economics of Concurrent Currencies. Journal of Financial Regulation (OUP), 5(1); 29-63. DOI:
    • Nabilou, H. & Pacces, A. M. (2018). The Law and Economics of Shadow Banking, in Iris H. Chiu & Iain MacNeil (eds.), Research Handbook on Shadow Banking: Legal and Regulatory Aspects, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltenham, UK; 7-46. DOI:
    • Nabilou, H. (2017). Reconceptualising Global Finance and its Regulation. Banking & Finance Law Review, 32(3); 579-602; (Essay).
    • Nabilou, H. (2017). Regulatory Arbitrage and Hedge Fund Regulation: The Need for a Transnational Response. Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law. 22(4), 557-603.
    • Nabilou, H. (2017). Bank Proprietary Trading and Investment in Private Funds: Is the Volcker Rule a Panacea or Yet Another Maginot Line? in Banking & Finance Law Review, 32(2), pp. 297-341.
    • Nabilou, H. (2017). The Conundrum of Hedge Fund Definition. European Company and Financial Law Review, 14(1), 149-186. DOI:
    • Nabilou, H. (2017), A Tale of Regulatory Divergence: Contrasting Transatlantic Policy Responses to the Alleged Role of Alternative Investment Funds in Financial Instability. Capital Markets Law Journal (OUP), 12(1), 94-122; DOI:
    • Nabilou, H. (2016). Derivatives in Islamic Finance: Examining the Market Risk Management Framework. Banking & Finance Law Review, 32(1), 203-207. (Book Review)
    • Prüm, A., Conac, P.H.; Nabilou, H.; Riassetto, I. (2015). European Banking and Financial Law Code. Luxembourg: Larcier.
    • Nabilou, H. & Pacces, A. M. (2015). The Hedge Fund Regulation Dilemma: Direct vs. Indirect Regulation. William & Mary Business Law Review, 6(I), 183-236. 
    • Nabilou, H. (2010). A Response to Prof. Shavell’s “Should Copyright of Academic Works be Abolished?. Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues, 7(1), 31-44.
  • Publications


    • Nabilou, H. (2022). Transaction Finality in Blockchains. Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law, 37(6).



    • Nabilou, H. (2020). Testing the waters of the Rubicon: the European Central Bank and central bank digital currencies. Journal of Banking Regulation, 21(4), 299-314.
    • Nabilou, H. (2020). The dark side of licensing cryptocurrency exchanges as payment institutions. Law and Financial Markets Review, 14(1), 39-47. Advance online publication.
    • Nabilou, H., & Asimakopoulos, I. G. (2020). In CCP we trust ... or do we? Assessing the regulation of central clearing counterparties in Europe. Capital Markets Law Journal, 15(1), 70-97.


    • Nabilou, H. (2019). How to regulate bitcoin? Decentralized regulation for a decentralized cryptocurrency. International Journal of Law and Information Technology, 27(3), 266-291. Advance online publication.
    • Nabilou, H., & Prüm, A. (2019). Ignorance, debt, and cryptocurrencies: The old and the new in the law and economics of concurrent currencies. Journal of Financial Regulation, 5(1), 29-63.
    • Nabilou, H., & Prüm, A. (2019). Shadow Banking in Europe: Idiosyncrasies and their Implications for Regulation. European Journal of Risk Regulation, 10(4), 781-810.


    • Nabilou, H., & Pacces, A. M. (2018). The Law and Economics of Shadow Banking. In IH.-Y. Chiu, & I. MacNeil (Eds.), Research Handbook on Shadow Banking: Legal and Regulatory Aspects (pp. 7-46). (Research Handbooks in Financial Law). Edward Elgar.


    • Nabilou, H. (2017). A tale of regulatory divergence: Contrasting transatlantic policy responses to the alleged role of alternative investment funds in financial instability. Capital Markets Law Journal, 12(1), 94-112.
    • Nabilou, H. (2017). The conundrum of hedge fund definition. European Company and Financial Law Review, 14(1), 149-186.




    • Martino, E. (organiser), Nabilou, H. (organiser) & Pacces, A. M. (organiser) (20-4-2023 - 21-4-2023). ACLE-EY Research Handbook on Comparative Financial Regulation - Authors’ Workshop, Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).



    • Martino, E. D., Pacces, A. M., & Nabilou, H. (2023). Comparative Financial Regulation: The Analytical Framework. (European Corporate Governance Institute - Law Working Paper; Vol. 2023, No. 726), (Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics Working Paper; Vol. 2023, No. 10).


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