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Dr. S.K. (Katrina) Perehudoff

Faculty of Law
Constitutional and Administrative Law

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  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
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  • Postbus 15557
    1001 NB Amsterdam
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  • Publications


    • Perehudoff, K., Vermandere, H., Williams, A., Bautista-Arredondo, S., De Paepe, E., Dias, S., ... Degomme, O. (2020). Universal cervical cancer control through a right to health lens: Refocusing national policy and programmes on underserved women. BMC International Health and Human Rights, 20(1), [21].


    • Perehudoff, K., & Forman, L. (2019). What Constitutes 'Reasonable' State Action on Core Obligations? Considering a Right to Health Framework to Provide Essential Medicines. Journal of Human Rights Practice, 11(1), 1-21.
    • Perehudoff, S. K., Alexandrov, N. V., & Hogerzeil, H. V. (2019). Access to essential medicines in 195 countries: A human rights approach to sustainable development. Global Public Health, 14(3), 431-444.
    • Perehudoff, S. K., Alexandrov, N. V., & Hogerzeil, H. V. (2019). Legislating for universal access to medicines: a rights-based cross-national comparison of UHC laws in 16 countries. Health Policy and Planning, 34(Supplement_3), iii48-iii57.
    • Perehudoff, S. K., Alexandrov, N. V., & Hogerzeil, H. V. (2019). The right to health as the basis for universal health coverage: A cross-national analysis of national medicines policies of 71 countries. PLoS ONE, 14(6), [e0215577].


    • Berro Pizzarossa, L., Perehudoff, K., & Castela Forte, J. (2018). How the Uruguayan judiciary shapes access to high-priced medicines: A critique through the right to health lens. Health and Human Rights, 20(1), 93-105.
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    • Perehudoff, K., Berro Pizzarossa, L., & Stekelenburg, J. (2018). Realising the right to sexual and reproductive health: Access to essential medicines for medical abortion as a core obligation. BMC International Health and Human Rights, 18(1), [8].


    • Pizzarossa, L. B., & Perehudoff, K. (2017). Global survey of national constitutions: Mapping constitutional commitments to sexual and reproductive health and rights. Health and Human Rights, 19(2), 279-293.


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    • Somers, A., Robays, H., De Paepe, P., Van Maele, G., Perehudoff, K., & Petrovic, M. (2013). Evaluation of clinical pharmacist recommendations in the geriatric ward of a Belgian university hospital. Clinical Interventions in Aging, 8, 703-709.


    • Perehudoff, S. K., Laing, R. O., & Hogerzeil, H. V. (2010). Access to essential medicines in national constitutions. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 88(11).


    • Guarinoni, M., Smith, D. G., & Perehudoff, S. K. (2008). EU's proposed pesticide legislation promises better environmental health. Outlooks on Pest Management, 19(6), 249-251.


    • 't Hoen, E., Meyer, S., Durisch, P., Bannenberg, W., Perehudoff, K., Reed, T., & Barber, M. J. (2019). Improving affordability of new Essential Cancer Medicines. The Lancet Oncology, 20(8), 1052-1054.
    • Jennings, E., Lavan, A., Dahly, D., Eustace, J., Flanagan, E., Gallagher, P., ... O'Mahony, D. (2019). A DESCRIPTIVE ANALYSIS OF CAUSATIVE DRGS/DRG CLASSES OF INCIDENT ADVERSE DRG REACTIONS IN ACUTELY HOSPITALIZED OLDER-ADULTS: SENATOR (PHASE I). Age and Ageing, 48(Supplement 3), iii17. [91].
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