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Dr. E.N. (Eldar) Rakhimberdiev

Assistant Professor in Animal-Environment Interactions
Faculty of Science
Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Visiting address
  • Science Park 904
Postal address
  • Postbus 94240
    1090 GE Amsterdam
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  • Profile

    Movement and population ecology, biostatistics and conservation science. Having studied adaptation of migratory bird populations to the environmental change, I am currently developing a framework that uses tracked animals, and particularly birds, as living sentinels for global near real-time detection of new environmental pressures. 

  • Publications


    • Bom, R. A., Piersma, T., Alves, J. A., & Rakhimberdiev, E. (2024). Global temperature homogenization can obliterate temporal isolation in migratory animals with potential loss of population structure. Global Change Biology, 30(1), Article e17069.


    • Basso, E., Horstmann, J., Rakhimberdiev, E., Abad-Gómez, J. M., Masero, J. A., Gutiérrez, J. S., Valenzuela, J., Ruiz, J., & Navedo, J. G. (2023). GPS tracking analyses reveal finely-tuned shorebird space use and movement patterns throughout the non-breeding season in high-latitude austral intertidal areas. Movement Ecology, 11(1), 55.
    • Peng, H-B., Ma, Z., Rakhimberdiev, E., van Gils, J. A., Battley, P. F., Rogers, D. I., Choi, C-Y., Wu, W., Feng, X., Ma, Q., Hua, N., Minton, C., Hassell, C. J., & Piersma, T. (2023). Arriving late and lean at a stopover site is selected against in a declining migratory bird population. Journal of Animal Ecology, 92(10), 2109-2118. Advance online publication.


    • Bom, R. A., Conklin, J. R., Verkuil, Y. I., Alves, J. A., de Fouw, J., Dekinga, A., Hassell, C. J., Klaassen, R. H. G., Kwarteng, A. Y., Rakhimberdiev, E., Rocha, A., ten Horn, J., Tibbitts, T. L., Tomkovich, P. S., Victor, R., & Piersma, T. (2022). Central-West Siberian-breeding Bar-tailed Godwits (Limosa lapponica) segregate in two morphologically distinct flyway populations. Ibis, 164(2), 468-485. Advance online publication. [details]
    • Jetz, W., Tertitski, G., Kays, R., Mueller, U., Wikelski, M., & Supporting authors (2022). Biological Earth observation with animal sensors. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 37(4), 293-298.
    • Rakhimberdiev, E., Karagicheva, J., Saveliev, A., Loonstra, A. H. J., Verhoeven, M. A., Hooijmeijer, J. C. E. W., Schaub, M., & Piersma, T. (2022). Misidentification errors in reencounters result in biased estimates of survival probability from CJS models: Evidence and a solution using the robust design. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 13(5), 1106-1118. [details]
    • van der Kolk, H.-J., Desmet, P., Oosterbeek, K., Allen, A. M., Baptist, M. J., Bom, R. A., Davidson, S. C., de Jong, J., de Kroon, H., Dijkstra, B., Dillerop, R., Dokter, A. M., Frauendorf, M., Milotić, T., Rakhimberdiev, E., Shamoun-Baranes, J., Spanoghe, G., van de Pol, M., Van Ryckegem, G., ... Ens, B. J. (2022). GPS tracking data of Eurasian oystercatchers (Haematopus ostralegus) from the Netherlands and Belgium. ZooKeys, 1123, 31-45. [details]


    • Goretskaia, M., Rakhimberdiev, E., Naidenko, S., Moskalenko, V., Veselovskaya, E., Gavrilov, V., Vostretsova, E., & Beme, I. (2021). Testosterone Increase in Free-Living Young Blackcaps Sylvia atricapilla and Wood Warblers Phylloscopus sibilatrix during Post-Juvenile Molt with Possible Implications for Juvenile Dispersal. Acta Ornithologica, 55(2), 155-164.
    • Piersma, T., Kok, E. M. A., Hassell, C. J., Peng, H. B., Verkuil, Y. I., Lei, G., Karagicheva, J., Rakhimberdiev, E., Howey, P. W., Tibbitts, T. L., & Chan, Y. C. (2021). When a typical jumper skips: itineraries and staging habitats used by Red Knots (Calidris canutus piersmai) migrating between northwest Australia and the New Siberian Islands. Ibis, 163(4), 1235-1251.


    • Lamers, K. P., Nicolaus, M., Rakhimberdiev, E., Nilsson, J. Å., & Both, C. (2020). Descriptive and experimental evidence for timing-mediated polygyny risk in a pied flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca population. Journal of Avian Biology, 51(2), Article e02190.
    • Lisovski, S., Bauer, S., Briedis, M., Davidson, S. C., Dhanjal-Adams, K. L., Hallworth, M. T., Karagicheva, J., Meier, C. M., Merkel, B., Ouwehand, J., Pedersen, L., Rakhimberdiev, E., Roberto-Charron, A., Seavy, N. E., Sumner, M. D., Taylor, C. M., Wotherspoon, S. J., & Bridge, E. S. (2020). Light-level geolocator analyses: A user's guide. Journal of Animal Ecology, 89(1), 221-236.


    • Karagicheva, J., Rakhimberdiev, E., Saveliev, A., & Piersma, T. (2018). Annual chronotypes functionally link life histories and life cycles in birds. Functional Ecology, 32(10), 2369-2379.
    • Rakhimberdiev, E., Duijns, S., Karagicheva, J., Camphuysen, C. J., Dekinga, A., Dekker, R., Gavrilov, A., ten Horn, J., Jukema, J., Saveliev, A., Soloviev, M., Tibbitts, T. L., van Gils, J. A., & Piersma, T. (2018). Erratum to: Fuelling conditions at staging sites can mitigate Arctic warming effects in a migratory bird (Nature Communications, (2018), 9, 1, (4263), 10.1038/s41467-018-06673-5). Nature Communications, 9(1), Article 5189.
    • Rakhimberdiev, E., Duijns, S., Karagicheva, J., Camphuysen, C. J., Dekinga, A., Dekker, R., Gavrilov, A., ten Horn, J., Jukema, J., Saveliev, A., Soloviev, M., Tibbitts, T. L., van Gils, J. A., Piersma, T., van Loon, A., Wijker, A., Keijl, G., Levering, H., Jan Visser, V., ... Beentjes, W. (2018). Fuelling conditions at staging sites can mitigate Arctic warming effects in a migratory bird. Nature Communications, 9(1), Article 4263.


    • Gutiérrez, J. S., Rakhimberdiev, E., Piersma, T., & Thieltges, D. W. (2017). Migration and parasitism: habitat use, not migration distance, influences helminth species richness in Charadriiform birds. Journal of Biogeography, 44(5), 1137-1147.
    • Jouta, J., Dietz, M. W., Reneerkens, J., Piersma, T., Rakhimberdiev, E., Hallgrímsson, G. T., & Pen, I. (2017). Ecological forensics: using single point stable isotope values to infer seasonal schedules of animals after two diet switches. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 8(4), 492-500.
    • Perlut, N. G., Klak, T. C., & Rakhimberdiev, E. (2017). Geolocator Data Reveal the Migration Route and Wintering Location of a Caribbean Martin (Progne dominicensis). Wilson Journal of Ornithology, 129(3), 605-610.
    • Rakhimberdiev, E., Saveliev, A., Piersma, T., & Karagicheva, J. (2017). FLightR: an r package for reconstructing animal paths from solar geolocation loggers. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 8(11), 1482-1487.
    • Winkler, D. W., Gandoy, F. A., Areta, J. I., Iliff, M. J., Rakhimberdiev, E., Kardynal, K. J., & Hobson, K. A. (2017). Long-Distance Range Expansion and Rapid Adjustment of Migration in a Newly Established Population of Barn Swallows Breeding in Argentina. Current Biology, 27(7), 1080-1084.
    • Åkesson, S., Ilieva, M., Karagicheva, J., Rakhimberdiev, E., Tomotani, B., & Helm, B. (2017). Timing avian long-distance migration: From internal clock mechanisms to global flights. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 372(1734), Article 20160252.


    • Karagicheva, J., Liebers, M., Rakhimberdiev, E., Hallinger, K. K., Saveliev, A., & Winkler, D. W. (2016). Differences in size between first and replacement clutches match the seasonal decline in single clutches in Tree Swallows Tachycineta bicolor. Ibis, 158(3), 607-613.
    • Karagicheva, J., Rakhimberdiev, E., Dekinga, A., Brugge, M., Koolhaas, A., Ten Horn, J., & Piersma, T. (2016). Seasonal time keeping in a long-distance migrating shorebird. Journal of biological rhythms, 31(5), 509-521.
    • Van Gils, J. A., Lisovski, S., Lok, T., Meissner, W., Ozarowska, A., De Fouw, J., Rakhimberdiev, E., Soloviev, M. Y., Piersma, T., & Klaassen, M. (2016). Body shrinkage due to Arctic warming reduces red knot fitness in tropical wintering range. Science, 352(6287), 819-821.


    • Rakhimberdiev, E., Winkler, D. W., Bridge, E., Seavy, N. E., Sheldon, D., Piersma, T., & Saveliev, A. (2015). A hidden Markov model for reconstructing animal paths from solar geolocation loggers using templates for light intensity. Movement Ecology, 3(1), Article 25.
    • Rakhimberdiev, E., van den Hout, P. J., Brugge, M., Spaans, B., & Piersma, T. (2015). Seasonal mortality and sequential density dependence in a migratory bird. Journal of Avian Biology, 46(4), 332-341.


    • Rakhimberdiev, E., Karagicheva, J., Jaatinen, K., Winkler, D. W., Phillips, J. B., & Piersma, T. (2014). Naïve migrants and the use of magnetic cues: Temporal fluctuations in the geomagnetic field differentially affect male and female Ruff Philomachus pugnax during their first migration. Ibis, 156(4), 864-869.
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    • Winkler, D. W., Luo, M. K., & Rakhimberdiev, E. (2013). Temperature effects on food supply and chick mortality in tree swallows (Tachycineta bicolor). Oecologia, 173(1), 129-138.


    • Verkuil, Y. I., Karlionova, N., Rakhimberdiev, E. N., Jukema, J., Wijmenga, J. J., Hooijmeijer, J. C. E. W., Pinchuk, P., Wymenga, E., Baker, A. J., & Piersma, T. (2012). Losing a staging area: Eastward redistribution of Afro-Eurasian ruffs is associated with deteriorating fuelling conditions along the western flyway. Biological Conservation, 149(1), 51-59.


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    • Rakhimberdiev, E. N., Soloviev, M. Y., Golovnyuk, V. V., & Sviridova, T. V. (2007). The influence of snow cover on selection of nesting grounds by charadrii waders in south-eastern taimyr peninsula. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal, 86(12), 1490-1497.



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