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Dr. R.M. (Rosa) Sanchez Salgado

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group: Political Economy and Transnational Governance
Photographer: Bram Belloni

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Room number: B8.18
Postal address
  • Postbus 15578
    1001 NB Amsterdam
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  • Profile

    Rosa Sanchez Salgado joined the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam in August 2010. She has previously taught European politics and Public Policy at several universities in France, including at SciencePo in Paris.

    Fields of specialization

         The European Union and civil society organizations.   Her PhD dissertation, as well as ensuing research, focus on the efforts by EU institutions, above all the Commission to shape civil society organizations, social movements and social protest.  She has recenlty published a book on this topic: Europeanizing Civil Society: How the EU Shapes Civil Society Organizations (Palgrave). 

         European transnational Governance She also works on transnational democratic governance, with a particular focus on European transnational projets in the domain of employment and vocational training. She aims at assesing the effects of cultural and institutional diversity on European policy making.

          Emotions, mindfulness and social change. More recently, my research focus has shiflted to the analysis of the role of emotions in dymanics of public contestation and social change. This includes the analyses of how mindfulness can contribute to the understanding of major challenges of the present time. 

    PETGOV-Political Economy and Transnational Governance

    Professional experience

         Consultant for the Human dignity and human rights caucus (HDHRC). The HDHRC is a temporary device aimed at enhancing human rights within the framework of the Word social Forum (WSF). Her tasks included advice on network management and coordination of HDHRC activities carried out during the WSF in Nairobi (Kenya 2007) and Belem (Brazil 2009). 

         Program and Research Officer for the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) from 2001 to 2005. Her task at the Americas departmet at FIDH included research, the organization of international seminars and fact finding missions and lobbying activities before the EU, the UN and the OAS.

         World Social Forum 2009 (Belem):

  • Books



    (2014) Europeanizing Civil Society: How the EU shapes Civil Society Organizations (Houndmills: Palgrave)

    More information & table of contents

    (2007) Comment l'Europe construit la societe civile, (Paris:Dalloz)

    More information & table of contents
  • Teachings 2016/2017

    Advocacy and Lobbying in Europe and Beyond

    This master seminar considers how interest groups affect public policy in multiple venues and in particular at the European level. It also includes an overview of the lobbying and advocacy strategies of the most significant interest groups such as business organizations, NGOs, social movements, etc.

    Master Politicologie. Semester 2 (block 1 & 2) 

    Course description

    European Public Policy in times of crisis


    EU topics have become more salient in the wake of the economic crisis. In spite of much attention, the actual role and relevance of the EU are still widely misunderstood. This seminar focus on the increasing significance of the EU over the years. The evolution of the EU institutional architecture and theories of European integration are discussed. Attention is then be drawn to the functioning of European institutions, decision-making procedures and specific European policies. A basic descriptive knowledge of European institutions, policies and procedures will be combined with an analytical approach, aiming at providing a clear picture of how the EU actually works.

    BA Politicologie 3rd Year. Semester 1 (Block 2 & 3)  

    Course description

    Bachelor Project Emotions in Policymaking

    This seminar brings together students writing a bachelor project on the broad topic "Emotions in Policymaking".  In spite of the so-called affective turn in social sciences, there is still little research on the role of emotions in Politics. This Research Project invites students to confront this gap by systematically analyzing the role of emotions in Politics. 

    BA Politicologie 3rd Year. Semester 2 (Block 5 &6 )

    Course description
  • Publications





    • Sanchez Salgado, R. (2019). Theoretical Implications of EU Funding of Advocacy Activities. In D. Dialer, & M. Richter (Eds.), Lobbying in the European Union: Strategies, Dynamics and Trends (pp. 81-92). Springer. [details]




    • Sanchez Salgado, R. (2015). Exploring competition and cooperation among EU-based international solidarity civil society organisations: the relevance of values, resources and external support. In H. Johansson, & S. Kalm (Eds.), EU civil society: patterns of cooperation, competition and conflict (pp. 98-117). (Palgrave studies in European political sociology). Palgrave Macmillan. [details]


    • Sanchez Salgado, R. (2014). Europeanizing civil society: how the EU shapes civil society organizations. (Palgrave studies in European political sociology). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [details]
    • Sanchez Salgado, R. (2014). Rebalancing EU Interest Representation? Assocative Democracy and EU funding of Civil Society Organizations. Journal of Common Market Studies, 52(2), 337-353. [details]


    • Sanchez Salgado, R. (2013). From ‘talking the talk’ to ‘walking the walk’: implementing the EU guidelines on employment through the European Social Fund. European Integration Online Papers-EIOP, 17, 2. [2]. [details]
    • Sanchez Salgado, R., & Parthenay, K. (2013). Fostering regional democracy through civic organisations: comparing EU mechanisms in Europe and Central America. Journal of European Integration, 35(2), 151-168. [details]


    • Sanchez Salgado, R. (2012). EU structuring effects on civic organizations: learning from experience, learning from comparison. Anali hrvatskog politološkog društva, 9, 293-315. [details]


    • Parthenay, K., & Sánchez Salgado, R. (2011). Actores no estatales y procesos de integración regional: la Unión Europea y el sistema de integración Centroamericano. Revista de Ciencias Sociales, 133-134, 153-165. [details]
    • Sanchez Salgado, R. (2011). La société civile européenne: les usages d'une fiction. Raisons Politiques, 44, 201-226. [details]
    • Sanchez-Salgado, R. (2011). Le cosmopolitisme européen au prisme des projets transnationaux: humaniste ou cynique? In M. Rouyer, C. de Wrangel, E. Bousquet, & S. Cubeddu (Eds.), Regards sur le cosmopolitisme européen: frontières et identités (pp. 281-296). (Europe des Cultures; No. 3). Bruxelles: Peter Lang. [details]



    • Sanchez Salgado, R. (2009). La légitimation de l'Union Européenne à travers la société civile: appropriation ou détournement? In A. Crespi, & M. Petithome (Eds.), L'Europe sous tensions: appropriation et contestation de l'intégration européenne (pp. 39-60). (Logiques politiques). Paris: L'Harmattan. [details]
    • Sanchez Salgado, R. M. (2009). The Effects of European Programmes on Social Voluntary Organisations. Pôle Sud, 31(2).


    • Sanchez Salgado, R. M. (2008). European Transnational Projects: a Europeanizing Experience. Politique Européenne, (26).


    • Sanchez Salgado, R. (2010). Europeanization by it is tools: the case of European transnational projects. In IPSA International Conference: "Is there a European model of governance? A comparative perspective" IPSA. [details]


    • Sanchez Salgado, R. (2014). De Europese Unie en representatie. Kan de EU de onevenwichtigheden van het systeem van belangengroepen aanpakken? [Bespreking van: (2014) Europeanizing civil society: how the EU shapes civil society organizations]. Res Publica, 56(4), 546-548. [details]


    • Sanchez Salgado, R. M. (2016). Who is to blame? The role of emotional patterns in dynamics of CSO’s contestation’. Paper presented at ECPR General Conference, Prague, .
    • Sanchez Salgado, R. M., & Demidov, A. (2016). Exploring European Civil Society Beyond Brussels: Mapping & Analytical Framework’. Paper presented at ACCESS Workshop Civil Society beyond Brussels, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


    • Sanchez Salgado, R. M. (2011). EU structuring effects on civic organizations: learning from comparison. Abstract from IPSA Conference Developing policy in different cultural contexts: learning from study, learning from experience, .
    • Sanchez Salgado, R. M. (2011). La société civile européenne: les usages d’une fiction. Abstract from Societe civile et européanisation/Internationalisation des politiques sociales, .
    • Sanchez Salgado, R. M. (2011). Making Diversity Work: Cultural Diversity in European Employment and Vocational Training Policies. Paper presented at Etmaal 2011, .
    • Sanchez Salgado, R. M. (2011). Making Diversity Work: inter-cultural cooperation and European Employment policies. Paper presented at Congres des Associations Francophones de Science Politique, .
    • Sanchez Salgado, R. M. (2011). The Effects of EU funds on EU-based Social Networks. Paper presented at EUROCIV Workshop “Beyond the welfare state: the Europeanization of Swedish civil society organizations”, .
    • Sanchez Salgado, R. M., & Parthenay, K. (2011). Promoting voluntary organizations in central America and the EU. The paradoxical effects of funding opportunities. Paper presented at IPSA-ECPR Joint Conference “Whatever happened to North-South, .

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