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Prof. dr. D. (Daniëlle) Slootjes

Ancient History
Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Geschiedenis

Visiting address
  • Kloveniersburgwal 48
  • Room number: D0.06
Postal address
  • Postbus 1610
    1000 BP Amsterdam
  • Publications


    • Slootjes, D. (2021). Christian martyrdom in historical perspective: on the origins of the story of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. In S. De Blaauw, E. Moormann, & D. Slootjes (Eds.), The recruiting power of Christianity in fourth century Rome. The Rise of Religion in the Material Culture of Fourth-Century Rome and its Echo in History : Papers of the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (Vol. 68). Edizioni Quasar.
    • Slootjes, D. (2021). Managing the empire while securing the throne: Theodosius I and the administrative structures of his empire. In M. P. Ruiz Garcia, & A. Quiroga Puertas (Eds.), Emperors and Emperorship in Late Antiquity. Images and Narratives (Vol. 40, pp. 218-233). Brill.
    • Slootjes, D. (2021). Response to Part 5: Reflections on Class in Late Antiquity. In G. A. Keddie , M. Flexsenhar III, & S. J. Friesen (Eds.), The Struggle over Class : Socioeconomic Analysis of Ancient Christian Texts (pp. 419-434). (Writings from the Greco-Roman world supplement series; Vol. 19). SBL Press. [details]
    • Slootjes, D. (2021). [Review of: P. Riedlberger (2020) Prolegomena zu den spätantiken Konstitutionen : Nebst einer Analyse der erbrechtlichen und verwandten Sanktionen gegen Heterodoxe]. Roman Legal Tradition, 17, 113-118. [details]
    • de Blaauw, S., Moormann, E. M., & Slootjes, D. (2021). The Recruiting Power of Christianity: The Rise of Religion in the Material Culture of Fourth-Century Rome and its Echo in History. (Papers of the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome ; Vol. 68). Edizioni Quasar. [details]


    • Slootjes, D. (2020). Augustus and the voice of the people in the Res Gestae. The Classical World, 113, 279-298.
    • Slootjes, D. (2020). Governing the empire: the effects of the Diocletianic and Constantinian provincial reforms under the sons of Constantine. In N. Brian-Baker, & S. Tougher (Eds.), The Sons of Constantine, AD 337-361. In the Shadows of Constantine and Julian (pp. 255-274). Palgrave Macmillan.
    • Slootjes, D., & Manders, E. (2020). Leadership, Ideology and Crowds in the Roman Empire of the Fourth Century AD. Steiner.


    • Slootjes, D., & Kaal, H. (2019). Repertoires of Representations: New Perspectives on Power and Political Representation from Ancient History to the Present Day. Brill.
    • Slootjes, D., & Verhoeven, M. (2019). Byzantium in Dialogue with the Mediterranean. History and Heritage. (The Medieval Mediterranean; Vol. 116). Brill.
    • Slootjes, N. (2019). The impact of geographical and administrative boundaries on late antique bishops. In C. Svetcovic, & P. Gemeinhardt (Eds.), Episcopal Networks in Late Antiquity: Connection and Communication across Boundaries (pp. 295-312). De Gruyter.


    • Slootjes, D. (2015). Crowd behavior in Late Antique Rome. In M. Saghy, M. Salzman, & R. Lizzi Testa (Eds.), Pagans and Christians in Late Antique Rome: Conflict, Competition and Coexistence in the Fourth Century (pp. 178-194). Cambridge University Press.
    • Slootjes, D. (2015). On the location and importance of ancestral references in the titulature of imperial co-rulers (1st – 3rd centuries A.D.). Ancient Society, 45, 267-284.
    • Slootjes, D., & Manders, E. (2015). Linking inscriptions to imperial coins: a re-appraisal of Nero’s visit to Greece. Latomus, 74, 989-1005 .


    • Slootjes, D., Hekster, O., & Manders, E. (2014). Making history with coins: Nero from a numismatic perspective. Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 45, 25-37.
    • Slootjes, N. (2014). Late antique administrative structures: on the meaning of dioceses and their borders in the fourth century AD. In L. Brice, & D. Slootjes (Eds.), Aspects of Ancient Institutions and Geography: Studies in Honor of Richard J.A. Talbert (pp. 177-195). Brill.


    • Slootjes, D. (2011). Bishops and their position of power in the late third century CE: the cases of Gregory Thaumaturgus and Paul of Samosata. Journal of Late Antiquity, 4, 100-115.
    • Slootjes, D. (2011). Local elites and power in the roman world: modern theories and models. Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 42, 235-249.


    Journal editor

    • Slootjes, D. (editor) (2021). Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis (Journal).
    • Slootjes, D. (editor) (2021). Brill Research Perspectives on Ancient History (Journal).


    • Slootjes, D. (participant) (21-9-2021 - 24-9-2021). The First Pandemic: Transformative Disaster or Footnote in History, Hannover (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
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  • Ancillary activities
    • A.A. Brediusstichting
      Voorzitter van de Brediusstichting