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Dr. S.M. (Stephanie) Steinmetz

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group: Institutions, Inequalities and Life courses
Photographer: onbekend

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Room number: B6.08
Postal address
  • Postbus 15508
    1001 NA Amsterdam
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  • Profiel

    Bio Note

    Since October 2010 I am an assistant professor of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. I am also working as a senior researcher at the Erasmus Studio Rotterdam. Before joining the sociology department at the UvA, I was a post-doc researcher in the project "Improving web survey methodology for social and cultural research" at the Erasmus University Rotterdam where I have studied methodological issues concerning web surveys.
    After graduation in 2000, I undertook research  in the framework of the EU-funded project 'Female employment and family formation in Europe' (FENICs) at the UniversityofErlangen-Nuremberg and at the Institute for Demographics in Barcelona (CED). From 2004 until 2008 I have worked at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES, Germany) on my PhD thesis "The Contextual Challenges of Occupational Sex Segregation - Deciphering Cross-National Differences in Europe". During that time I was also involved in a research project concerning ethnic educational inequality among young migrants in Germany and Israel (German Israeli Research Consortium).
    My main research interests are quantitative and qualitative research methods, social stratification, gender and educational inequalities, and comparative labour market research.
    I am a member of the EU-founded COST Action 'WEBDATANET: Web-based data collection - methodological challenges, solutions and implementations' and the Dutch eHumanities group, the Research Committees on 'Social Stratification and Mobility' (RC28) and on 'Logic and Methodology in Sociology' (RC33) of the International Sociological Association.

    Erasmus Studio Rotterdam Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung (MZES) German-Israeli “Migration and Societal Integration” research consortium WageIndicator organisation Institute for Demographics (CED) Female Employment in National Institutional Contexts (FENICs) eHumanities group

    Recent publications

    • L evallois, C., S. Steinmetz, P. Wouters (2012): Sloppy data floods or precise social science methodologies? - Dilemmas in the transition to data intensive research in sociology and economics. In: Beaulieu, A.; Scharnhorst, A.; Wouters, P.; Wyatt, S. (eds.), Virtual Knowledge, MIT Press.
    • Steinmetz, S. (2012): The contextual challenges of occupational sex segregation - Deciphering cross-national differences in Europe, Wiesbaden: VS Verlag.
    • Pedraza, P., K. Tijdens, R. Muñoz de Bustillo, S. Steinmetz (2010): Una encuesta voluntaria y continua en la red en España: Sesgo, ponderación y eficiencia. In: Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas (REIS), Vol. 131, pp. 109-130.
    • Reimer D.,S. Steinmetz (2009): Highly educated, but in the wrong field? Educational
      specialization and labour market risks of men and women in Spain and Germany. In: European Societies, Vol. 11(5), pp. 723-746.
    • Steinmetz, S., K. Tijdens (2009): Can weighting improve the representativeness of volunteer online panels? Insights from the German Wage indicator data. In: Concepts and Methods
      (Newsletter of the IPSA committee on concepts and methods), Vol. 5(1), pp. 7-11.
    • Steinmetz, S., K. Tijdens, P. de Pedraza (2009): Comparing differentweighting procedures for
      volunteer online panels - Lessons to be learned from German and Dutch WageIndicator data. Working paper No. 76 - Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies, Amsterdam.

    My CV including full publication record

  • Publications


    • Stojmenovska, D., Steinmetz, S., & Volker, B. (2021). The Gender Gap in Workplace Authority: Variation across Types of Authority Positions. Social Forces, 100(2), 599–621.
    • van Tilburg, T. G., Steinmetz, S. M., Stolte, E., van der Roest, H., & de Vries, D. H. (2021). Loneliness and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study Among Dutch Older Adults. The Journals of Gerontology. Series B, Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 76(7), e249–e255.




    • Fischer, M. M., Kalmijn, M., & Steinmetz, S. (2016). Does tolerance matter? A comparative study of well-being of persons in same-sex and mixed-sex unions across nine European countries. European Societies, 18(5), 514-534. [details]
    • Tijdens, K., & Steinmetz, S. (2016). Is the web a promising tool for data collection in developing countries? An analysis of the sample bias of 10 web and face-to-face surveys from Africa, Asia, and South America. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 19(4), 461-479. [details]
    • Vehovar, V., Toepoel, V., & Steinmetz, S. (2016). Non-probability Sampling. In C. Wolf, D. Joye, T. W. Smith, & Y. Fu (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Survey Methodology (pp. 329-345). London: SAGE. [details]
    • de Vries, D. H., Steinmetz, S., & Tijdens, K. G. (2016). Does migration ‘pay off’ for foreign-born migrant health workers? An exploratory analysis using the global WageIndicator dataset. Human Resources for Health, 14, [40]. [details]


    • Besamusca, J., Tijdens, K., Keune, M., & Steinmetz, S. (2015). Working women worldwide. Age effects in female labor force participation in 117 countries. World Development, 74, 123-141. [details]
    • Dumais, J., Kaczmirek, L., Steinmetz, S. M., & Vandenplas, C. (Eds.) (2015). Weighting: Practical Issues and ‘How To Approach. Survey Methods - Insights from the Field.
    • Visintin, S., Tijdens, K., Steinmetz, S., & de Pedraza, P. (2015). Task implementation heterogeneity and wage dispersion. IZA Journal of Labor Economics, 4(20). [details]


    • Abendschön, S., & Steinmetz, S. (2014). The gender gap in voting revisited: women's party preferences in a European context. Social Politics, 21(2), 315-344. [details]
    • Steinmetz, S., Bianchi, A., Tijdens, K., & Biffignandi, S. (2014). Improving web survey quality: potentials and constraints of propensity score adjustments. In M. Callegaro, R. Baker, J. Bethlehem, A. Göritz, J. A. Krosnick, & P. J. Lavrakas (Eds.), Online panel research: a data quality perspective (pp. 273-298). (Wiley series in survey methodology). Chichester: Wiley. [details]
    • Steinmetz, S., Slavec, A., Tijdens, K., Reips, U-D., de Pedraza, P., Popescu, A., ... Markov, Y. (2014). Webdatanet: Innovation and quality in web-based data collection. International Journal of Internet Science, 9(Suppl.), 64-71. [details]
    • Steinmetz, S., de Vries, D. H., & Tijdens, K. G. (2014). Should I stay or should I go? The impact of working time and wages on retention in the health workforce. Human Resources for Health, 12, 23. [23]. [details]


    • Levallois, C., Steinmetz, S., & Wouters, P. (2013). Sloppy data floods or precise social science methodologies? Dilemmas in the transition to data intensive research in sociology and economics. In P. Wouters, A. Beaulieu, A. Scharnhorst, & S. Wyatt (Eds.), Virtual knowledge: experimenting in the humanities and the social sciences (pp. 151-182). Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press. [details]
    • Steinmetz, S., Raess, D., Tijdens, K., & de Pedraza, P. (2013). Measuring wages worldwide: exploring the potentials and constraints of volunteer web surveys. In N. Sappleton (Ed.), Advancing research methods with new technologies (pp. 100-119). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. [details]
    • Tijdens, K., de Vries, D. H., & Steinmetz, S. (2013). Health Workforce Remuneration: comparing wage levels, ranking and dispersion of 16 occupational groups in 20 countries. Human Resources for Health, 11, 11. [11]. [details]



    • de Pedraza, P., Tijdens, K., Muñoz de Bustillo, R., & Steinmetz, S. (2010). A Spanish continuous voluntary web survey: sample bias, weighting and efficiency. Revista española de investigaciones sociológicas, 131, 109-130. [details]


    • Reimer, D., & Steinmetz, S. M. (2009). Highly educated, but in the wrong field? Educational specialization and labour market risks of men and women in Spain and Germany. European Societies, 11(5), 723-746.
    • Steinmetz, S., & Tijdens, K. (2009). Can weighting improve the representativeness of volunteer online panels? Insights from the German Wage indicator data. C&M Newsletter, 5(1), 7-11. [details]


    • Smyth, E., & Steinmetz, S. M. (2008). Field of study and gender segregation in European labour markets. International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 49(4-5), 257-281.
    • Steinmetz, S. M., & Matysiak, A. (2008). Finding the own way? Female employment patterns in West Germany, East Germany and Poland. European Sociological Review, 24(3), 331-345.


    • Steinmetz, S. M., & Handl, J. (2007). Lessons from social mobility research - could the index discussion in occupational sex segregation benefit? In S. Scherer, R. Pollak, G. Otte, & M. Gangl (Eds.), From Origin to Destination. Trends and Mechanisms in Social Stratification Research Frankfurt a. M. / New York: Campus Verlag.


    • Fischer, M. M., Kalmijn, M., & Steinmetz, S. (2017). Design, content and questionnaire of the UNICON study: Lesbian, gay and heterosexual couples and families in the Netherlands. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam. [details]
    • Verhulp, E., Knegt, R., Ramos Martin, N. E., Bennaars, H., Steinmetz, S., Koot, E., ... Lima, M. P. (2017). Dialogue for Advancing Social Europe - the DIADSE project. Pécsi Munkajogi Közlemények, 10(1), 7-57. [details]


    • Steinmetz, S., Tijdens, K., & de Pedraza, P. (2009). Comparing different weighting procedures for volunteer web surveys: lessons to be learned from German and Dutch WageIndicator data. (AIAS working paper; No. 09-76). Amsterdam: Amsterdam Institute for Advanced labour Studies, University of Amsterdam. [details]



    • Steinmetz, S. M., Bianchi, A., Tijdens, K. G., & Biffignandi, S. (2012). Challenges to measure wages via web surveys - some explorations for the Netherlands. Paper presented at 6th International Survey Methodology Workshop, .


    • Steinmetz, S. (2013). Advisory Board Member, Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality (ARG-GS).
    • Steinmetz, S. (2013). International Board Member, General Online Research Conference.

    Talk / presentation

    • Steinmetz, S. M. (invited speaker) (19-5-2014). To weight or not to weight? Challenges to correct for sample biases in non-probability web-surveys., Annual meeting of the Nederlandstalig Platform voor Survey Onderzoek on the topic „Wegen, is dat nog wel van deze tijd?“, Amsterdam.


    • Steinmetz, S. M. (participant) & Tijdens, K. G. (participant) (2014). 4 days lecturing theory and empirical applications for 23 PhDs and Post-docs, Amsterdam. Organization of the international and interdisciplinary InGRID Summer School on ‘The gender pay gap revisited’ (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Steinmetz, S. M. (participant) & Tijdens, K. G. (participant) (2014). VI Europäischer Methodenkongress (EAM), Universiteit van Utrecht, Utrecht. Session Co-organisator „Methodological challenges in web-based data collection" (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).



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