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Dr. M.D. (Marc) Tuters

Faculty of Humanities
Departement Mediastudies

  • Current Research

    My current research concerns radical political subcultures online, which I explore through "digital methods" in affiliation with researchers at the Open Intelligence Lab and the Digital Methods Initiative.   

    I have given recent talks on new-right "conspiracism" and "the deep vernacular web" at De Balie (Amsterdam, NL), the IMPAKT festival (Utrecht, NL) and the Centre for Investigative Journalism (London, UK).

    Recent publications can be found herehereherehereherehere and here.

  • Teaching
    • MA: "Radical Subcultures Online," semester 2 2020, UvA New Media 
    • MA: "Media Theory: Core Course 1," 2017-ongoing, UvA Research Master (with S. Dasgupta & A. Geil)
    • MA: "New Media Theory," 2016-ongoing, UvA New Media (with B. Rieder)
    • MA: "Thesis New Media," 2015-ongoing, UvA New Media 
    • MA: "Tutorial," 2017-ongoing, UvA Research Master
    • MA: "Platform Politics: Creating Value in the Digital Economy," 2016-19, UvA New Media
    • MA: "New Media Theory Seminar" 2016-8, UvA New Media
    • BA: "Advanced Topics in Media Studies," 2016-18, UvA New Media
    • MA: "New Media Literary Forms," 2014-16, UvA New Media
    • BA: "Code&Culture,"2014-17, UvA New Media
    • MA: "Theory Seminar" 2015, UvA Television
    • BA: "Research Workgroup," 2015, UvA New Media
    • BA: "6 EC Elective," 2013-14, UvA New Media
    • BA: "Thesis New Media," 2013-14, UvA New Media
    • BA: "Perspectives on Games," 2013-14, Amsterdam University College
    • BA: "Mediated Communication & Games," 2013-14, Amsterdam University College
    • BA: "Locating Media," 2012-13, Universität Siegen
    • BA: "Multimedia," 2012-13, Amsterdam University College
  • Previous Research

    Grants, Fellowships & Awards

    • Visiting Research Professorship, October 2012 – March 2013, Universität Siegen, Tristan Thielmann (Director)
    • Graduate Fellow, September 2008 – September 2009, Media Design Department of Keio University, Tokyo, Masa Inakage (Dean)
    • Doctoral Fellow, September 2009 – September 2012, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
    • Research Fellow, June – September 2008, "Mixed Reality Lab" National University of Singapore, Singapore, Adrian Cheok (Director)
    • Annenberg Fellow, August 2005 – May 2008, University Southern California, Los Angeles, Jonathan Aaronson (Director)
    • Contributors Award, June 2006, Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, Los Angeles (US)
    • Principal Investigator, August 2004 – May 2005, "Mobile Digital Commons Network," Concordia University, Montreal, Sara Diamond (Co-PI)
    • Contributors Award, October 2004, Virtual Systems Multimedia, Gifu (JP) 
    • President’s Award, October 2003, Virtual Systems Multimedia, Montreal (CDN)
    • Industry Fellowship, March – October 2003, "Interactive Project Lab," Banff New Media Institute, Alberta, Sara Diamond (Director)

    Artistic Research

    • Workshop co-designer: "Designing for Ownership," July 9-14, 2012, Strelka Institute, Moscow (RU), Michiel de Lange (Collaborator)
    • Artist resident: "Ritournelle," April 2011, Impakt Works Residency, Utrecht (NL), Arjon Dunnewind (Curator)
    • Media Arts Production Grant, June – August 2006, Conseil des Arts et Letres du Quebec Montreal (CDN)
    • Consultant, March – May 2005, Govcom.Org Foundation, Amsterdam, Richard Rogers (Director)
    • Invited expert, "MDCN Design Workshop," December 12-17, 2004, Banff New Media Institute, Banff (CDN), Sara Diamond (Organizer)
    • Event Programmer, September – October 2004,“Trans Cultural Mapping: Art & Communication 7" conference, & editing of “Locative Media Reader," RIXC Centre for New Media Culture, Riga (LV)
    • Event Programmer, August 2004,"Mapping Space, the Social Potential of Locative Media" & "Tracing Space: the Artistic Potential of Locative Media," International Society for Electronic Arts, Helsinki (FI)
    • Invited expert, "Makrolab," August 25-28 2004, Projekt Atol, Suomellina, Helsinki (FI)
    • Event Programmer, May 1-3, 2004,"Locative Media Workshop" & "Locative Media Panel," Futuresonic, URBIS, Manchester (UK)
    • Invited expert,"Creative Crossings," April 29-30, 2004, Finish Institute, London (UK)
    • Invited expert,"Open-Source City," April 10-16, 2004, Elipse & Syndicate Potentiel, Strasbourg (FR)
    • Consultant, January – March 2004, "MUSE Network," Simon Fraser University, Vancouver (CDN), Richard Smith (Academic Liason)
    • Consultant, November – December 2004,"Pervasive and Locative Arts Network," University of Nottingham, Drew Hemment (Director)
    • Consultant, April – October 2004, on "Locative Network," Riga Centre for New Media Culture, Riga, Rasa Smite (Director)
    • Event Programmer, July 2003,"Locative Media Workshop," K@2, Karosta (LV)
    • Event Programmer, October 2003, "Locative Media and Collaborative Cartography," Virtual Systems Multimedia Society, Montreal Science Centre, Montreal (CDN)
    • Event Programmer, September 2003,"Locative Media Workshop," Next Five Minutes, De Balie, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Artist resident: RIXC Centre For New Media Culture, November-December 2002, Riga (LV)
    • Artist resident: Banff New Media Institute, August-September 2002, Banff (CDN)
    • Predevelopment Grant, October – August 2002, Téléfilm Canada New Media Fund, Montreal (CDN)


    • Dialectics of Secular Revelation: Jameson’s Cognitive Mapping Aesthetic, Thirty Years on.” In Krisis Journal for Contemporary Philosophy. 2017
    • Scenario Theory: Review of Benjamin H. Bratton, The Stack: on Software and Sovereignty.” In Computational Culture Journal. 2016
    • The Situational Sublime: Positionality as Critical Practice” in Sociologica: Italian journal of Sociology, special issue on “Other Senses of Place: Sociospatial Practices in the Contemporary Media Environment” (Federica Timeto ED), Sept-Dec 2015
    • “Through Glass Darkly: Google’s Gnostic Governance” in Postdigital Aesthetics: Art, Computation and Design, (David Berry ED), Palgrave Macmillan, June 2015
    • “Metabolic Metaphysics: Interaction Design From Farm to Fork to Phenotype,” co-authored w/ Dr. Denis Kera, in Eat, Cook, Grow: Mixing Human-Computer Interactions with Human-Food Interactions (Jaz Choi ED), MIT Press, April 2014. Cited by 13
    • “Executable Urbanisms: Messing with Ubicomp’s Singular Future,” co-authored w/ Michiel de Lange, in Locative Media (Regine Buschauer & Katherine Willis ED), Verlag Press, February 2013
    • “From mannerist situationism to situated media” in Convergence: International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, special issue on Locative Media, SAGE, August 2012. Cited by 14
    • “Locating "locative": The genealogy of a keyword” in Acoustic Space: Networks and Sustainability, 10., (Armin Medosch & Rasa Smite ED), 2011
    • “Forget Psychogeography: The Object-Turn in Locative Media.” In Conference Media in Transition (Vol. 7) 2011. Cited by 6
    • “From Control Society to the Parliament of Things: Designing Object Relations with an Internet of Things” Proceedings of Digital Arts and Culture Conference. Plenaries: After Media — Embodiment and Context (Simon Penny ED), 2009
    • "Culture: Media Convergence and Networked Participation," co-authored with Mitzuko Ito, Todd Richmond & Adrienne Russell, in Networked Publics, (Kazys Varnelis ED), MIT Press, 2008
    • "Geo-storytelling: A Living Archive of Spatial Culture,” (co-authored with Refsland S., and Cooley J.,), in Theorizing Digital Cultural Heritage: A Critical Discourse (Media in Transition), (Sarah Kenderdine ED), MITPress, 2007. Cited by 6
    • "Beyond Locative Media: Giving Shape to the Internet of Things," (co-authored with K. Varnelis), in Leonardo, Volume 39, Issue 4, MITPress, 2006. Cited by 197
    • “Locative space: Situated and interconnected.” Networked Publics 11 October 2005. Cited by 6.
    • “The locative commons: situating location-based media in urban public space.” In Electronic Proceedings of the 2004 Futuresonic Conference. 2004. Cited by 51
    • “The locative utopia.” In Acoustic Space Nr. 5: Trans-Cultural Mapping. 2004. Cited by 11 (also co-editor)
    • "Locative Media as the Digital Production of Space," in Geography Volume 89(1), Geographical Association, 2004

    Invited & keynote presentations

    • “Full Spectrum Citizenship," July 14, 2015, lecture at Impakt, Utrecht (NL), Arjon Dunnewind (Curator)  
    • “On Dislocation” (Keynote), June 23, 2014, at Digital Methods Summer School, University of Amsterdam, Richard Rogers (Organizer)
    • Keynote lecture at Invisible Cities: Located Knowledge and Digital Design, October 26, 2013, University of Waterloo, Beth Coleman (Organizer)
    • “Locative media as Cosmopolitics," Amber Conference, November 6, 2010, Istanbul, Zeynep Gunduz (Organizer)
    • “From Locative Media to Habitat Centered Design," IMPAKT Festival’s “The City as Interface," October 15, 2010, Utrecht (NL), Sabine Neiderer (Curator)
    • "From Control Society to Parliament of Things: Designing Object Relations with an Internet of Things” (Opening Plenary Lecture), at DAC'09, Digital Arts and Culture: After Media, Embodiment and Context, December 13, 2009, Irvine (USA), Simon Penny (Organizer)
    • "Designing Fictions for an Internet of Things” (Keynote) at Symposium of the 4th International Festival of Mobile Art / Vivo November 13, 2009, Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Lucas Bambozzi (Organizer)
    • Opening Plenary Lecture at "Culture, Technology and Asian Pop Culture," ISEA2008, July 25, 2008, National University of Singapore, Singapore (SG)
    • Lecture at "Mapping New Media Ecology," February 10, 2007, Design Center, Minneapolis (USA), Jan Abrams (Organizer)
    • Keynote Lecture at International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (an ACM SIGCHI event), June 15, 2006, Hollywood California
    •  Workshop on Urban Play and Locative Media, October 18-20, 2005, Nabi, Seoul (SK)
    •  Lecture at "Cybersalon Presents: Wireless Futures," October 4, 2005, Dana Science Museum, London (UK)
    •  Lecture at "Centre for Information Technology and Society," May 31, 2005, University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara (USA)
    •  Lecture at  "Bodies at Play: Shaping and Mapping Mobile Applications," May 20, 2005, Banff New Media Insitute, Banff (CDN)
    •  Lecture at "Sensing Location," November 11, 2004, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, Rotterdam (NL), published as "Cartographic Command Centre" in Feelings Are Always Local, Netherlands Architecture Institute
    •  Lecture at "You Are Here: How Location-Aware Media Are Transforming Urban Environments," October 13, 2004, McLuhan International Festival of the Future, Drake Hotel, Toronto (CDN)
    •  Lecture at "Open-Source Encounters," June 17-19 2004, Elipse, Tours (FR)
    •  Lecture (& Panel Programming) at "Mobotopia" panel, February 1, 2004, Transmediale Festival, House of World Culture, Berlin (DE)

    Panel presentations

    •  “Representing the Unknowable: Cognitive Maps in Locative Art and Theatre," April 5, 2013, Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association, University of Toronto, Koonyong Kim (Organizer)
    •  “Hungry For Data: Going Beyond The Local Fetish Through Food Traceability Interfaces” at Urban Food Futures: ICTs and Opportunities, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, UK, December 14, 2011
    •  “Beyond Locative Media: Media Arts After the Spatial Turn” (Lecture & Chair) at ISEA 2011, September 20, 2011, Istanbul, Lanfranco Aceti (Organizer)
    •  “A Pointless Vision for the Future of Amsterdam," PICNIC Festival, September 18, 2011, Amsterdam, European Journalism Centre (Organizer)
    •  “Drifting," Digital Methods Initiative Winter Conference, January 24, 2010, Amsterdam, Richard Rogers (Organizer)
    •  “Food Traceability,"  Lift@WeiMarch : sustainable interaction with food, technology, and the city, Octover 31, 2010, WeiMarch (DE) Jaz Hee-jeong Choi and Marcus Foth (Organizers)
    •  “Food Traceability," at European Summer School in Cultural Studies yearly event on "The Cultures of Food, Eating and Cooking," 26-31 July 2010, London (UK), Paul Craddock (Organizer)
    •  “Forget Psychogeography: locative media as Cosmopolitics," at Manchester Architectural Research Centre, June 25, 2010, Manchester (UK), Albena Yaneva (Organizer) 
    •  Panel moderation and artist presentation at “WAVES," August 25 - 26, 2006, Exhibition Hall ARSENALS of the Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga (LV)
    •  Lecture at “ART&COMMUNICATION 6," May 15-18, 2003, RIXC Centre for New Media Culture, Riga (LV) published n Acoustic Space Reader, RIXC Centre for New Media Culture, publisher
    •  “Locative Media and Networked Architectures” November 5th 2003, Architecture Association, London (UK)
    •  Lecture at “Festival Contemporaine de Multi-Media," October 14th 2003, Societé des Arts Technologiques, Montreal (CDN)
    •  Lecture at "Subtle Technologies," May 23, 2003, University of Toronto, Toronto (CDN)
    •  Lecture at "Intimate Technologies/Dangerous Zones," April 25, 2002 Banff New Media Centre, Banff (CDN)
    •  Lecture at "Mobilize," May 25th 2001, University of Surrey, Surrey (UK)
  • Publications


    • Jurg, D., Luitse, D., Pouwels, S., Tuters, M., & Kisjes, I. (2023). Post-Authentic Engagement with Alternative Political Commentary on YouTube and Twitch. In M. Heřmanová, M. Skey, & T. Thurnell-Read (Eds.), Cultures of Authenticity (pp. 301-318). Emerald Publishing Limited. [details]
    • Peeters, S., Willaert, T., Tuters, M., Beuls, K., Van Eecke, P., & Van Soest, J. (2023). A Fringe Mainstreamed, or Tracing Antagonistic Slang between 4chan and Breitbart before and after Trump. In R. Rogers (Ed.), The Propagation of Misinformation in Social Media: A Cross-platform Analysis (pp. 165-185). Amsterdam University Press., [details]
    • Tuters, M. D., & Noordenbos, B. (Accepted/In press). Faking Sense of War: OSINT as pro-Kremlin Propaganda . In Media and the War in Ukraine Peter Lang.




    • Hagen, S., de Keulenaar, E., Peeters, S., Tuters, M., Willaert, T., & Wilson, J. (2020). Transcoding between hyper-antagonistic milieus: Studies on the cross-platform relations between radical political web subcultures. In AoIR2020: Research from the Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (Selected Papers in Internet Research; Vol. 2020). Association of Internet Researchers. [details]
    • Tuters, M., & Hagen, S. (2020). (((They))) rule: Memetic antagonism and nebulous othering on 4chan. New Media & Society, 22(12), 2218-2237. [details]
    • de Zeeuw, D., & Tuters, M. (2020). Teh Internet is Serious Business: On the Deep Vernacular Web and Its Discontents. Cultural Politics, 16(2), 214-232. [details]




    • Tuters, M. (2021). Clusterduck's Impossible Project to Map Meme Culture. In Clusterduck (Ed.), The Detective Wall Guide (pp. 7-14). Aksioma: Institute for Contemporary Art. [details]
    • Tuters, M. (2021). Why Meme Magic is Real but Memes are Not: On Order Words, Refrains and the Deep Vernacular Web. In M. Watson, & J. Galle (Eds.), Memnesia (pp. 46-59). V2_. [details]
    • Tuters, M., & Kholeif, O. (2021). On Voicing. In O. Kholeif (Ed.), Art in the Age of Anxiety (pp. 271-275). The MIT Press. [details]



    • Tuters, M. (2018). Der »Grosse Meme-Krieg« Im US-Wahlkmpf: Sprachspiele in den Untiefen der Internet-Folklore. In P. Limbourg, & R. Grätz (Eds.), Meinungsmache im Netz: Fake News, Bots und Hate Speech (pp. 57-68). (MedienKulturen; Vol. 4). Steidl. [details]


    • Tuters, M. (2017). Dialectics of Secular Revelation: Jameson’s Cognitive Mapping Aesthetic, Thirty Years On: [Review of: A. Toscano, J. Kinkle (2015) Cartographies of the absolute]. Krisis, 2017(2), 63-66. [details]


    • Elmer, G., Tuters, M., Burton, A., Devries, M., Langlois, G., Neville, S. J., & Ward-Kimola, S. (2020). Fringe Politics: The Deep Web’s Impact on the 2019 Canadian Election. In E. Dubois, & T. Owen (Eds.), Understanding the Digital Ecosystem: Findings from the 2019 Federal Election (pp. 58-61). Digital Ecosystem Research Challenge. [details]


    • Tuters, M. (2019). Fake News and the Dutch YouTube Political Debate Space. In R. Rogers, & S. Niederer (Eds.), Politiek en sociale media manipulatie = The Politics of Social Media Manipulation (pp. 152-166). Den Haag: Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties. [details]
    • Tuters, M. (2019). LARPing & Liberal Tears: Irony, Belief and Idiocy in the Deep Vernacular Web. In M. Fielitz, & N. Thurston (Eds.), Post-Digital Cultures of the Far Right: Online Actions and Offline Consequences in Europe and the US (pp. 37-48). (Political Science; Vol. 71). Transcript ., [details]


    • Gauthier, D., Dieter, M., & Tuters, M. D. (2019). Never-ending inbox: a comparative study of media arts mailinglists. Abstract from The Web That Was: Archives, Traces, Reflections, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    • Peeters, S. C. J., Hagen, S. H., & Tuters, M. D. (2019). Extracting And Analysing The Sewer Of The Internet: On Archiving Ephemeral Imageboards. Poster session presented at AoIR flashpoint symposium Below the Radar: Private Groups, Locked Platforms and Ephemeral Content, Urbino, Italy.


    • Gauthier, D., Dieter, M., & Tuters, M. D. (2017). Mailing lists are dead, long live mailing lists! periodising discourses, debates and infrastructures of nettime, -empyre-, Spectre and CRUMB. Paper presented at Media Art History: 7th Conference for
      Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, Krems an der Donau, Austria.

    Media appearance


    • Tuters, M., de Keulenaar, E., Kisjes, I., Bach, D. & Beelen, K. (1-1-2019). The Intellectualisation of Online Hate Speech: Monitoring the Alt-Right Audience on Youtube. DataverseNL.
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  • Ancillary activities
    • No ancillary activities