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Dr. A.T. (Alex) van Venrooij

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group: Cultural Sociology
Photographer: onbekend

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Room number: C6.17
Postal address
  • Postbus 15508
    1001 NA Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Profiel


    Alex van Venrooij is Assistant Professor in cultural sociology at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. He holds a MA degree (cum laude) in theoretical sociology from the University of Amsterdam and received his PhD in 2009 from Erasmus University Rotterdam. His dissertation research focused on cross-national differences and longitudinal changes in the discourse structures of popular music critics and was conducted as part of the VICI research project ' Cultural Classification Systems in Transitions '. He was a visiting student at the graduate school of sociology at Emory University in Atlanta and at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In 2012 he received a VENI/NWO grant for a 4-year research project 'The Dynamics of Genres: A Comparative Study of the Success and Failure of Electronic Dance Music in the US, Uk and the Netherlands'. He is a member of the editorial board of Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, Media and the Arts.

  • Publications


    • van Venrooij, A. T., Miller, C., & Schmutz, V. (2022). Race and Genre Ambiguity in the Critical Reception of Popular Music. Sociological Inquiry, 92(2), 568-596.




    • Schmutz, V., & van Venrooij, A. (2018). Concurrence, consensus et consécration dans la musique populaire. In L. Ellena, P. Humeau, & F. Renard (Eds.), La reconnaissance à l’oeuvre: Luttes de classement artistique, processus, ambivalence (pp. 145-162). (Sociologie et sciences sociales). Pulim. [details]
    • van Venrooij, A., & Schmutz, V. (2018). Categorical ambiguity in cultural fields: The effects of genre fuzziness in popular music. Poetics, 66, 1-18. [details]




    • van Venrooij, A., & Schmutz, V. (2013). De categorische imperatief in de populaire muziek. Sociologie, 9(1), 73-96. [details]
    • van Venrooij, A., & Schmutz, V. (2013). De consequenties van categorieën: een analyse van grensoverschrijdende genre-identiteit in de populaire muziek. Tijdschrift voor Sociologie, 34(3), 364-389. [details]



    • Schmutz, V., van Venrooij, A., Janssen, S., & Verboord, M. (2010). Change and continuity in newspaper coverage of popular music since 1955: evidence from the United States, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Popular music and society, 33(4), 501-515. [details]
    • Sengers, F., Raven, R. P. J. M., & van Venrooij, A. (2010). From riches to rags: biofuels, media discourses and resistance to sustainable energy technologies. Energy Policy, 38(9), 5013-5027. [details]
    • van Venrooij, A., & Schmutz, V. (2010). The evaluation of popular music in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands: a comparison of the use of high art and popular aesthetic criteria. Cultural Sociology, 4(3), 395-421. [details]


    • van Venrooij, A. (2009). Classifications in popular music: discourses and meaning structures in American, Dutch and German popular music reviews. Rotterdam: Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture.
    • van Venrooij, A. (2009). The aesthetic discourse space of popular music: 1985-86 and 2004-05. Poetics, 37(4), 315-332. [details]


    • van Venrooij, A., & Wilderom, R. (2023). The dynamics of dance: An early history of electronic dance music. In A. Bennett (Ed.), The Bloomsbury Handbook of Popular Music and Youth Culture (pp. 257-280). (Bloomsbury Handbooks). Bloomsbury Academic. Advance online publication. [details]




    • van Venrooij, A., & Deinema, M. (2013). Het Nederlandse kunstveld ontleed. In J. W. Duyvendak, C. Bouw, K. Gërxhani, & O. Velthuis (Eds.), Sociale kaart van Nederland: over instituties en organisaties. - 2e, geheel herz. dr. (pp. 207-221). Boom Lemma. [details]



    • van Venrooij, A. (2013). And the winner is... In F. Wekker, R. Voss, S. Holla, J. Pach, J. Kesic, & C. de Olde (Eds.), Verleider & verlichter: columns voor Bart van Heerikhuizen (pp. 62-63). Diemen: AMB. [details]

    Prize / grant

    • van Venrooij, A. T. (2013). The Dynamics of Genres: A Comparative Study of the Success and Failure of Electronic Dance Music in the US, UK and the Netherlands.

    Journal editor

    • van Venrooij, A. (editor) (2021-2023). Poetics (Journal).
    • van Venrooij, A. (member of editorial board) (2018-2021). Poetics (Journal).
    • van Venrooij, A. (member of editorial board) (2015-2018). Poetics (Journal).
    • van Venrooij, A. T. (editor) (2015). Poetics (Journal).
    • van Venrooij, A. T. (editor) (2011). Sociologie (Journal).
    • van Venrooij, A. T. (editor) (2010). Sociologie (Journal).

    Talk / presentation

    • van Venrooij, A. (speaker) (20-8-2016). Harmonizing forms of legitimacy in the consecration of popular music, 111the ASA Annual Meeting, August 20-23, 2016, Seattle, United States, Seattle.
    • van Venrooij, A. (invited speaker) (16-8-2014). Modeling an ecology of music genres using big data: the case of the emergence of electronic dance music genres in the UK, 1985-1999, 109th ASA Annual Meeting, August 16-19, 2014, San Francisco, CA, San Francisco.
    • van Venrooij, A. (invited speaker) & Schmutz, V. (invited speaker) (7-11-2012). ‘Competition, consensus and consecration in popular music’, Reconnaissance et Consécration Artistiques, GRESCO, Université de Poitiers (France).
    • van Venrooij, A. (invited speaker) & Schmutz, V. (invited speaker) (17-8-2012). 'Logics and consequences of boundary crossing in the field of popular music’, paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, Denver, United States.
    • van Venrooij, A. T. (invited speaker) & Schmutz, V. (invited speaker) (18-6-2008). The aesthetic discourse space of popular music: 2005, Classification in the Arts and Media. The Impact of Commercialization and Globalization, Rotterdam.


    • van Venrooij, A. (organiser) (18-6-2023 - 20-6-2023). Nagymaros 2023, Amsterdam. Nagymaros 2023 (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • van Venrooij, A. (member of programme committee) (19-6-2022 - 22-6-2022). Nagymaros 2022, Berlin. Nagymaros 2022 (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • van Venrooij, A. (organiser) & Berkers, P. (organiser) (14-6-2018). The Sociology of Music. Session organized at Dag van de Sociologie, Rotterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • De Keere, K. (organiser), Weenink, D. (organiser), Velthuis, O. J. M. (organiser) & van Venrooij, A. T. (organiser) (19-6-2017 - 20-6-2017). Cultural Sociology Lowlands, 2017, Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).


    • Wilderom, R. (2023). Genres, webs of fields, and institutional change: The development of dance in the US, UK, and the Netherlands, 1985 – 2005. [Thesis, fully internal, Universiteit van Amsterdam]. [details]
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