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C.C. (Clara) Waldthausen MA

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Conservering en Restauratie
Photographer: Schets, Maarten

Visiting address
  • Johannes Vermeerplein 1
Postal address
  • Postbus 94552
    1090 GN Amsterdam
  • Biography

    Clara von Waldthausen received a BA in Art History and Fine Art Photography from DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, U.S.A. and her MA in Photograph Conservation from the University of Amsterdam. In 2000, Waldthausen worked as research fellow at the Centre de Recherché sur le Conservation des Collections (CRCC) where she performed research on the autochrome process. Her work was published in the ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting Preprints 2003. Von Waldthausen has since published and lectured on various topics international and nationally, in the field of photograph conservation and preservation.


    In 2001, Waldthausen established the Fotorestauratie Atelier VOF, conservation lab for photograph conservation and digitization of fragile materials of which she is Director. In this setting she has worked as consultant and conservator for all major Dutch Institutions and abroad. In 2011 she was asked to assist in writing a research proposal for, "Photographs and Preservation. How to Save Photographic Works of Art for the Future?",  which received funding from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), Science4 Arts. Von Waldthausen is currently external expert for this project. Prior to this von Waldthausen was advisor in the European SEPIA project and in the COST Action G8.


    Von Waldthausen taught the Specialist Certificate Program in Photograph Conservation at the University of Melbourne School of Conservation from 2006 until 2011 and has been guest lecturer in photograph conservation at the University of Amsterdam and other Universities since 2007. She has taught an extensive amount of workshops throughout Europe. Von Waldthausen was the Working Group Coordinator of the Photograph Materials Working Group of ICOM-CC from 2005 - 2011 and President of the Dutch Association of Conservators from 2010 until 2013. She is internationally respected in her field.

  • Publications

    Waldthausen, C. von. 2014. "Initial Results of Cleaning Experiments Performed on PMMA Surfaces". Au Courant, 7, May.


    Waldthausen, C. von. 2011. "UV-werend eigenschappen van verschillende typen glas, kunststof folies voor museale doeleinden. RN-M@gazine, 5, September.


    Waldthausen, C. von. 2011. "Richtlijnen bij het tentoonstellen van foto's". Fotografisch Geheugen, 70.


    Waldthausen, C. von. 2011. "Richtlijnen bij het tenoonstellen van foto's". Fotografisch Geheugen, 70.


    Wei, Bill. Ingrid Gerritsen and Clara von Waldthausen. 2011. "Re-examining the (electro-)chemical Cleaning of Daguerreotypes: Microscopic Change versus Macroscopic Perception". AIC/PMG Topics in Photograph Preservation, 14, 1-16.


    Scott, Graeme. Farideh Frekrsanati, Fiona MacKinnon, Margrit Reuss and Clara von Waldthausen. 2010.  "Back to Bali: the Effectiveness of Using Microclimates during a loan of artworks on paper between teh Netherlands and Indonesia". Journal of the Institute of Conservation, 33:1, 79-92.


    Wei, Bill and Clara von Waldthausen. 2009/2010. "Spiegeltje aan de Wand: ethische vragen over het reinigen van daguerreotypieen". Kunst en Wetenschap, 18: 4, 37-38. 


    Waldthausen, C. von. 2007. "The Great Exhibition of 1851: An Introduction to a Research Project and Preliminary Findings". AIC/PMG Topics in Photograph Preservation, 12, 49-54. 


    Waldthausen, C. von. 2006. "The Identification of Coatings on 19th Century Salted Paper and Albumen Prints". Coatings on Photographs, The Photographic Materials Group and The American Institute of Conservation, 78-95. ISBN 0-0760501-02. 


    Lavedrine, B., Waldthausen, C. von and L. Gann. 2006. "Coatings on Autochrome PLates". The Photographic Materials Group and The American Institute of Conservation, 132-139. ISBN 0-0760501-02


    Degrigny C. and C. von Waldthausen. 2006. "COST G8 Training School in Malta: Innovative Tools for Exhibition Purposes: Environmental and Damage Assessment". COST Action G8: Non-destructive Testing and Analysis of Museum Objects. Frauenhofer IRB Verlag, 200-211. ISBN-10: 3-8167-7178-5.


    Waldthausen, C. von. 2005. "LightCheck Dosimeter: In de praktijk getoetst". CR, 4, 17-19. 


    Waldthausen, C. von. 2005. "Recovery of a Water-soaked Photograph Collection in the Netherlands". Preparing for the Worst, Planning for the Best: Protecting our Cultural Heritage from Disaster, Proceedings of a special IFLA pre-conference meeting held in Berlin in July 2003, IFLA, 163-176. ISBN 3-598-21842-7.


    Waldthausen C. von. 2005. "Photographic Materials: Exhibition Problems and Standards". Papier Restaurierung, 6, 1, 13-19. 


    Waldthausen, C. von as contributing author. 2004. Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog, Chapter 1 -Exhibition Guidelines for Photographic Materials. AIC/PMG. 


    Waldthausen, C. von. 2003. "Exhibition of Photographic Materials in Library and Archive Collections". ICA/ICPT Symposium Post-prints, Exhibiting Archival and Library Material and Works of Art on Paper: Standards in Preservation, Ljubljana, June 5-6 2003, 175-188. 


    Waldthausen, C. von and B. Lavedrine. 2002. "An Investigation into a Consolidation Treatment for Flaking Autochrome Plates." Pre-prints ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 23-28, 2002, II, 664-669. 


    Waldthausen, C. von. 2000. Stand van zaken wat betreft fotocollecties in Nederland. Steph Scholten (ed). Rapport Instituut Collectie Nederland (now Rijksdienst Cultureel Erfgoed). 



  • Most Important Lectures


    "Photography and its Changing Nature: Silver Particle to Electronic Signal". HTW Berlin, 26 December.


    "The 19th Century Photographer's Portrait Studio". National Archives, The Hague, 7 September. 


    "Modern photography: Processes and Stability", FOAM (Fotomuseum Amsterdam), 17 & 18 September 


    "Instabiele Emuslies: conserveringsoptiek", Fotomuseum Antwerpen, Symposium Breekbaar Bezit 28 & 29 November. 



    "Photography and Light", Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, 3 September.


    "The Photography of Alexandrine Tinne: Material and Technique", Haags Historisch Museum, the Hague, 25 November.



    "Hoe bewaar ik mijn familie foto's?!", Hannemahuis, Harlingen, 10 Janauary.



    "Ongoing Research into the Local Formation of a White Powdery Substance on the Inside of PMMA Glazing of Gilbert & George Photo-sculptures". ICOM-CC Interim Meeting PMWG, Athens, Greece, 19 October.


    "Research Aids in Photograph Conservation". MOMA, NY, 1 February.





  • Publications


    • van der Gulik, K., Pilko, M., Jürgens, M. C., Stigter, S., & Waldthausen, C. C. (2021). Towards a Standardised Terminology for Photographic Materials in The Netherlands. In M. Picollo, B. Cattaneo, F. Cherubini, & V. Marchiafava (Eds.), Colour Photography and Film: Sharing knowledge of analysis, preservation, conservation, migration of analogue and digital materials - 2021: Conference Proceedings (Vol. 1, pp. 46-49). Gruppo del Colore – Associazione Italiana Colore.


    • von Waldthausen, C. (2016). Reflections on the Material History and Materiality of Photographic Gelatine. PhotoResearcher , 25, 25-35. [details]


    • ‘t Hoen, P., Pilko, M., van der Gulik, K., Waldthausen, C. C., & Stigter, S. (2023). SBMK Project Collection Knowledge 2.0 / Photography: Research, dissemination, and consolidation of specialist knowledge in preservation to save color photographic collections. Poster session presented at Future Talks 023, München, Bavaria, Germany.



    • Waldthausen, C. C. (2018). 'Revisiting' as Alternative to 'Reprinting': Chromogenic Prints in a Black & White Photography Framework. Paper presented at The Materiality of Photographs, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    • Waldthausen, C. C., & Wei, W. (2018). Shocking Results? The Effect of Cleaning on Electrostatic Charge Buildup and Dust Accumulation on Face-mounted Photographs. Paper presented at SBMK Day Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands.


    • Waldthausen, C. C. (2017). Defining the term "Vintage Print" in Black & White and Color Photography. Abstract from AIC and CAC-ACCR's Joint 44th Annual Meeting and 42nd Annual Conference, Montreal, QC, Canada, .
    • von Waldthausen, C. (2017). Aerial Photographs from 1944 –1945: Early RC Coatings & Conservation .


    • von Waldthausen, C. (2016). Considerations on Reprinting Faded Chromogenic Photographs in Art Collec+ons. Abstract from ICOM-CC, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    • von Waldthausen, C., & Wei, W. (2016). Results of Cleaning Experiments on Face-mounted Photographs. Abstract from American Institute of Conservation, Tucson, Arizona, United States.
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  • Ancillary activities
    • Fotorestaurantie Atelier VOF
    • Wertheimer Fonds, PBCF
    • Eb & Flō Organic Skincare
      Organic skincare formulator