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Prof. dr. M. (Marc) de Wilde

Jurisprudence, in particular the History of Legal Thought
Faculty of Law
Dep. Jurisprudence
Photographer: Liesbeth Dingemans

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Room number:A8.06
Postal address
  • Postbus 15654
    1001 ND Amsterdam
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    Marc de Wilde is Professor of Jurisprudence with a focus on the history of legal thought and head of the Department of General Jurisprudence. His research interests include the history and theory of the rule of law, human rights, the state of exception, emergency powers and constitutional change.


    Marc de Wilde teaches the following courses at undergraduate level (B.A.):

    European Legal History

    Legal Philosophy

    History of Legal Theory


  • Nevenfuncties


    Marc de Wilde is bestuurslid van de Stichting Reinhold-De Wilde bij het Teylers Museum Haarlem

  • Publications



    • De Wilde, M. (2018). The Dark Side of Institutionalism: Carl Schmitt Reading Santi Romano. Journal of Ethics & Global Politics, 11(2), 12-24. [details]
    • de Wilde, M. (2018). Enemy of All Humanity: The Dehumanizing Effects of a Dangerous Concept. Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, 47(2), 158-175. [details]
    • de Wilde, M. (2018). Uncertain Futures and the Problem of Constraining Emergency Powers: Temporal Dimensions of Carl Schmitt's Theory of the State of Exception. In L. Corrias, & L. Francot (Eds.), Temporal Boundaries of Law and Politics: Time Out of Joint (pp. 107-125). (Law and politics: continental perspectives). London: Routledge. [details]
    • de Wilde, M. (2018). Why Dictatorial Authority Did Good, and not Harm, to the Roman Republic: Dictatorship and Constitutional Change in Machiavelli. Ratio Juris, 31(1), 86-99. [details]





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    • Baldissone, R., & de Wilde, M. (2013). Modifying the Past: Nietzschean Approaches to History. Pólemos, 7(2), 175-205. [details]
    • de Wilde, M. (2013). 'God hath given the world to men in common': Grenzen aan privé-eigendom in geval van nood en verspilling in het middeleeuwse en vroegmoderne natuurrecht. Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, 42(1), 8-28. [details]
    • de Wilde, M. (2013). Politics Between Times: Theologico-Political Interpretations of the Restraining Force (katechon) in Paul's Second Letter to the Thessalonians. In W. Blanton, & H. de Vries (Eds.), Paul and the philosophers (pp. 105-126, 541-547). New York: Fordham University Press. [details]
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    • de Wilde, M. (2012). Walter Benjamin's Anti-Idolatrous Politics: Martel’s Divine Violence and Textual Conspiracies [Review of: J.R. Martel (2012) Divine violence: Walter Benjamin and the eschatology of sovereignty; J.R. Martel (2011) Textual conspiracies: Walter Benjamin, idolatry, and political theory]. Theory & Event, 15(3). [details]


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    • de Wilde, M. (2006). Safeguarding the Constitution With and Against Carl Schmitt [Review of: E. Kennedy (2004) Constitutional Failure: Carl Schmitt in Weimar; G. Agamben (2005) State of Exception]. Political Theory, 34(4), 510-515.


    • de Wilde, M. (2002). Walter Benjamins Verborgen Leer [Bespreking van: L. de Cauter (1999) De Dwerg in de Schaakautomaat: Benjamins Verborgen Leer]. Krisis, 3(3), 88-92.


    • de Wilde, M. (2009). Bulthuis van Oosternieland Prijs.
    • de Wilde, M. (2008). Beste Dissertatie 2008.


    • Noorda, H. A. (2016). Thinking war in the 21st century: Introducing non-state actors in Just war theory. [details]
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