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Communication Science: Corporate Communication
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find regularly asked questions and the corresponding answers below.

  • Can I apply online for scholarships?

    The Graduate School of Communication does not use an online system for scholarship applications. All applications should be sent via postal mail.

  • Can I get a waiver for the English proficiency test?

    The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship has strict requirements. All applicants, except native speakers, must demonstrate their sufficient English proficiency by handing over the results of one of the accepted English tests. This includes applicants who were raised and/or completed their Bachelor’s programme in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK, the USA and New Zealand. Exceptions will not be made.

    Regarding the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship, you might be waived for the English proficiency test if you can be considered as a native speaker. However, we need some additional information before the board can evaluate your request. Please include the following documents by email:

    • Motivation Letter: The letter must contain a motivation of why your English test should be waived. The request should explicitly describe the reasons why you should be regarded as a native speaker.
    • Formal Statement of the educational institute: This statement must confirm that the curriculum of your Bachelor’s programme is completely English-taught and has to be signed by the educational administration department, dean or examinations board.
  • I am applying for a scholarship. Could you send me a letter of provisional acceptance?

    The Graduate School of Communication does not provide scholarship applicants with provisional letters of acceptance. Once you have sent in a complete application we can provide you with a letter of support, which you can use to apply for a scholarship. A letter of acceptance will only be provided after the admissions committee has reviewed your application and has decided to accept you to the (Research) Master’s programme.