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Comparative Politics (Political Science)

Study programme

Comparative Politics is a one-year programme (60 EC) with 12 EC dedicated to compulsory courses, 18 EC dedicated to elective courses, and 30 EC dedicated to an independent Master’s research project.

First semester

In the first semester you will start with the Specialization Course, which presents the state-of-the-art in the Comparative Politics subfield, and take two electives on comparative politics topics of your choice. Together with students from the other political science programmes you will also follow course that explores the increasing transnationalization of politics.

Second semester

In the second semester you will write your Master’s thesis based on your own empirical research. Writing of the thesis takes place in a Research Project, under supervision of one of our members of staff.


The Master’s thesis research project is literally your masterpiece. It is an independent research project supervised by an expert. The topic of your research is preferably closely linked to the research of the group but can also be chosen freely as long as an expert on the topic can be found to supervise you.