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Research Master
Psychology (research)
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More information about required documents

Please note that if you are selected you will be asked to send the documents marked with an (*) in hard-copy (by post). Obtaining official certified copies can take some time, so please start early.

  • Academic transcripts *

    Official transcripts of all university courses and examinations that you have taken, including the credits and grades you have obtained. Transcripts in any other language than English or Dutch should be translated into English by a sworn translator. If you have attended more than one university, please enclose a chronological overview with your application (on your CV).

  • Grading and credit scheme

    If the local grading and credit system deviates from the Dutch system, you need to upload a grading scheme supplied by your university. In this overview the grading and credit system at your university should be described. The selection committee needs this to interpret your transcript.

  • Proof of Qualification - Course overview

    In order to demonstrate your knowledge of the requirements, you need to fill out and upload your proof of qualification (PoQ). Below you will see the entry requirements and list your corresponding courses in the PoQ template:

    1. ≥ 24 EC Basic knowledge and skills courses in the most important fields of Psychology
    2. ≥ 12 EC Advanced knowledge and skills courses relevant for the field of the intended major
      • At level 2 or 3
    1. ≥ 24 EC Methods and statistics courses in Psychology or Social Sciences
      • At level 1/2/3
      • of which ≥ 21 EC on quantitative research
      • and ≥ 4 EC at level 2 or 3
    2. ≥ 9 EC Research experience as demonstrated in an empirical (quantitative) research on a subject within Psychology or related social science about which you have written an individual research report in APA-style.

    In this template, please also provide course descriptions for all courses, as stated in the course catalogue of your university, in Dutch or in English (translated if necessary). These course descriptions should contain the learning objectives, a description of the course content and the used methods. It should also contain the required literature including the designated used chapters.

    Download Course Overview / Proof of Qualification - Research Master's

  • Statement of motivation

    Please use our template to fill out your statement of motivation. No other formats will be accepted.

    Download Statement of Motivation - Research Master's Psychology

  • Copies of all academic degree certificates (diplomas)*

    Certified copies of all academic degree certificates. Degree certificates in any other language than English, German, French, Spanish or Dutch should be translated into English by a sworn translator. Please note: should you apply to this master's programme without having finished your current programme, please indicate when you will receive your degree.

  • A curriculum vitae/resume including research experience

    Please include in your CV a paragraph with an overview of your research experiences other than theoretical (e.g., lab training, research assistant, publications, etc.).

    Also, if you have attended more than one university, please enclose a chronological overview of your studies on your CV.

  • Scientific writing skills – write an abstract

    You need to demonstrate your scientific writing skills by making an assignment in the application. Applicants are asked to write an abstract with an adequate structure, logic, strength of argumentation, grammar and spelling, on basis of a given article. Additionally, one section of the motivation statement will ask you to describe a potential research study design and this will also be taken into consideration when rating scientific writing skills.

    In the application form in MyInfo you will be asked submit an abstract of max. 250 words, for the given research paper. The article can be found in the application form in Myinfo.

    Important: Please note that this article is confidential and only available for the express use of applicants to the Research Master’s programme in Psychology.

  • Possible addition: extenuating circumstances

    Is there evidence of extenuating circumstances affecting your performance during your education? If yes, give a brief summary (think of management, top sports, dual programs, illness, care, etc.). (Max. 250 words).

  • English language test scores - international applicants only - *

    International candidates who are non-native English speakers* are required to submit official English proficiency test scores according to the criteria mentioned below. Original test scores should be sent either by the testing institution or by the student to the Admissions Office of Psychology.

    * Native speakers of English who completed their undergraduate degree in another language than English have to demonstrate that they finished high school in Australia, Canada (except Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States of America.

    * Exemption applies to candidates who obtained an academic Bachelor's diploma in the Netherlands, as well as to candidates who completed an entirely English-taught academic Bachelor’s or Master’s programme (in which case we ask for a proof that the language of instruction is English).

    More info about English language test scores