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Knowledge valorisation refers to the utilisation of scientific knowledge in practice. Examples include developing a product or a medicine, or applying scientific knowledge to a system or process.

The term 'knowledge valorisation' is akin to the term 'innovation'. Innovation means converting new combinations (inventions) to reality, ergo applying them to a product or process. An invention alone is not considered an innovation; innovation only applies if the invention is used in practice.

Innovation Exchange Amsterdam

Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) is the linking pin between the university and the marketplace. It brings together the supply of knowledge from the university and the demand for knowledge from the marketplace.

Innovation Exchange Amsterdam assists researchers in seeking funding for their research projects and/or collaboration partners to help them continue to develop their knowledge or invention, whether or not under licence, and to start up businesses. IXA is also the point of contact for businesses and institutions seeking to improve processes or systems, have fundamental research conducted or collaborate with researchers at the University of Amsterdam