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The UvA collaborates with a wide range of public and private sector organisations in the field of AI.

Amsterdam partnership 

Amsterdam AI, technology for people

Amsterdam aims to become one of the world’s premier locations for research and development on AI. The collaborative network Amsterdam AI, technology for people brings together expertise from various knowledge institutes and the City of Amsterdam:

  • City of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Economic Board
  • University of Amsterdam
  • VU Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Amsterdam UMC
  • Netherlands Cancer Institute
  • Sanquin
  • Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica

National partnerships

Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) Labs

The National Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) has a mission to keep  the Netherlands at the forefront of knowledge and talent development in AI. An ICAI Lab is a research collaboration between industrial, governmental or not-for-profit partners and a knowledge institute.

The UvA is part of the following ICAI Labs:

  • AIM Lab (AI for Medical Imaging), a collaboration between the Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence and the UvA, which focuses on using artificial intelligence for medical image recognition.
  • AI for Retail (AIR) Lab Amsterdam, a joint UvA-Ahold Delhaize industry lab, which conducts research into socially responsible algorithms that can be used to make recommendations to consumers and into transparent AI technology for managing goods flows.
  • Atlas Lab, a collaboration between ‘location technology specialist’ TomTom and UvA, which focuses on using AI for developing advanced, highly accurate and safe high definition maps for self-driving vehicles. 
  • Civic AI Lab (CAIL), a collaboration between the City of Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam and the UvA, focuses on applying AI in the fields of education, welfare, environment, mobility and health.
  • DELTA Lab (Deep Learning Technologies Amsterdam), a collaboration between Bosch and the UvA, performs research into the fundamentals of deep learning, with applications to automotive and computer vision. 
  • Discovery Lab, a collaboration between Elsevier, VU Amsterdam and the UvA, aims to study and develop technology, infrastructure and methods to support the current transformation of science. The focus is on data-driven activity, where scientists increasingly rely on intelligent tooling for searching and reading scientific literature, to formulate hypotheses, and to interpret data.
  • Police Lab AI, a joint initiative of the Dutch Police, Utrecht University and the UvA, aims to develop state-of-the-art AI techniques to improve safety in the Netherlands in a socially, legally and ethically responsible way.
  • QUVA Lab, a collaboration between Qualcomm and the UvA, performs research on 'deep vision': using deep learning to automatically interpret what's happening where, when and why in images and video.
Infographic showing nine organisations in Amsterdam working together on AI.
The infographic, published as part a special edition of New Scientist on AI, shows organisations in Amsterdam collaborating on AI.