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Results: 161 - 180 of 184
Results: 161 - 180 of 184
  • Robot thinking with mathematic formulas in the background
    'AI can unintentionally result in discrimination'
    19 Mar 2019
    'Although a majority of organisations do not set out to discriminate, they may be unaware, however, that the systems they rely on can have discriminatory effects', writes Professor Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius in ...
  • Member States distort each other's bond markets
    14 Mar 2019
    Around the time that a EU Member State issues new government bonds, yields in its own country as well as in other countries go up. As a result, all governments incur additional costs, which may actually be ...
  • Kantoorgebouw Eureka
    Organisational psychologist Berkers: ‘Nobody examines what employees actually do’
    14 Mar 2019
    Fixed work activities are a thing of the past. Hannah Berkers, who recently obtained her PhD as an organisational psychologist, discusses employees’ tasks, how these change and how this impacts employees, their ...
  • Trust
    Negative emotions can reduce our capacity to trust
    13 Mar 2019
    It is no secret that a bad mood can negatively affect how we treat others. But can it also make us more distrustful? Yes, according to a new study, which shows that negative emotions reduce how much we trust others, ...
  • Housing Amsterdam
    Marketability of real estate as a price change predictor
    13 Mar 2019
    Rising prices on the property market are usually preceded by better marketability, or more ‘liquidity’. Even the number of clicks on property site Funda can be a precursor of rising prices. Researcher Dorinth van ...
  • 'Online Price Discrimination Unfair'
    5 Mar 2019
    Same website, same product, different price than your next door neighbour. Or a plane is almost fully booked and the price for the remaining tickets shoots through the roof. The rise of Big Data has vastly increased ...
  • Werkmotivatie
    Which employees have the best ideas?
    1 Mar 2019
    We all know people at work who express themselves frequently, quickly and fluently as well as people who express themselves less often. But which of them come up with the best ideas and how do they arrive at those ...
  • Neutrinos seen in the clustering of galaxies
    26 Feb 2019
    At early times, the universe was an energetic mix of strongly interacting particles. The first particles to break free from this dense soup were neutrinos, the lightest and most weakly interacting particles of the ...
  • IViR Research Project on Film Financing
    12 Feb 2019
    How does territoriality factor into the way films are funded in the EU? Bernt Hugenholtz, Joost Poort, Gijs van Til and Peter Lindhout have presented their study “Film Financing and the Digital Single Market: its ...
  • Discovering new particles using black holes
    7 Feb 2019
    Some theories that go beyond the Standard Model of particle physics predict the existence of new ultralight particles, with masses much below the lightest known particles in nature. When these particles have very ...
  • Politics, Dutch parliament, The Hague
    Liberals lecture, conservatives communicate
    7 Feb 2019
    Some politicians use complex language, for instance long sentences with difficult words, while others communicate clearly and to the point. Can this difference be explained by the political ideology to which they ...
  • brain
    Are terrorists mentally ill?
    5 Feb 2019
    Were Anders Breivik’s actions the work of a madman? Is Theo van Gogh’s killer Mohammed Bouyeri a psychopath? Much is still unclear about the role of psychological disorders (psychopathology) in terrorism. While some ...
  • Light distribution in  small stacks of nanoscale layers
    Photosynthesis at nanoscale
    14 Jan 2019
    Researchers from UvA and VU, collaborating within the Solardam initiative, have shown the existence of a new regime of energy transfer that plays an important role in the process of photosynthesis in plants. In this ...
  • Vautour
    Griffon vultures measure the weather
    15 Oct 2015
    Data generated by GPS tracking devices used in the University of Amsterdam (UvA) Bird Tracking System (UvA-BiTS) to study bird behaviour have such a high level of accuracy that they can be used to deduce weather ...
  • Brendan O'Dwyer
    Is Integrated Reporting really going to revolutionise company reporting?
    23 Sep 2014
    Brendan O’Dwyer, Professor of Accounting of the Amsterdam Business School, says it is incredible how quickly Integrated Reporting (IR) has gained support and momentum in the world of accounting, coming out of nowhere ...
  • Barbara Baarsma
    Tax climate in the Netherlands: many benefits, few risks
    23 Sep 2014
    Can the Netherlands rightfully be accused of being a tax haven? According to most lists and criteria it is not, but the discussion keeps flaring up and the media love it. UvA professor Applied Economics Barbara ...
  • Ronald Does
    Statistics contribute to dramatic drop in average length of hospitalisation
    14 Mar 2014
    The Institute for Business and Industrial Statistics of the University of Amsterdam is better known as IBIS UvA and celebrates its twentieth anniversary this May. Founder Ronald Does is still in charge of this ...
  • ‘Study macroeconomics with realistic behavioural models'
    11 Mar 2014
    Nowadays for many of us it’s much easier to imagine the link between ‘chaos and economics’ than in 1999 when this was the title of Cars Hommes’ inaugural address. He referred to scientific chaos, but what is that ...
  • Hessel Oosterbeek
    Smaller classrooms lead to higher adult incomes
    11 Mar 2014
    A class size reduction from 25 to 20 students provides students on average with over three per cent higher wages when they are between 27 and 42 years old.
  • Buser
    Prestige of math and science scares off girls because they are less competitive
    11 Mar 2014
    What’s the problem with girls and mathematics? Despite many efforts to encourage their enthusiasm for science and technology, there are still only a few female students in technical universities and sciences like ...