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This new book, edited by Gulnaz Sibgatullina and Gerard Wiegers, entitled 'European Muslims and the Qur'an: Practices of Translation, Interpretation, and Commodification' and published by De Gruyter, is an outcome of the Amsterdam team's research within the ERC Synergy project "The European Qur'an".

Containing ten contributions covering different regions and periods, the book shows how Muslims in Europe (including the Iberian Peninsula, as well as areas in the European part of Russia, and eastern and southern European countries such as Poland and Bosnia) between the 15th and early 20th centuries translated and interpreted the Qur'an in Arabic, Turkish and the various other written languages that made up the European continent. It sheds light on relations between the groups, forms of cooperation, as well as barriers, and the agency of individual European Muslims. This title will also be available in open access a year after its publication.

Prof. dr. G.A. (Gerard) Wiegers

Faculty of Humanities


Dr. G.R. (Gulnaz) Sibgatullina

Faculty of Humanities

Europese studies