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Dual Master
Heritage and Memory Studies (Heritage Studies)
Study programme

Study programme

Heritage and Memory Studies is a 1.5-year professional programme comprising a theoretically-based semester, followed in the second semester by an extensive internship, and is completed with an excursion abroad and a thesis in the third semester. Both the excursion and the thesis unite the theory and practice of the first two semesters.

Programme structure

The programme has a workload of 90 ECTS:

  • 30 ECTS Master's courses and excursion abroad 
  • 12 ECTS Electives
  • 30 ECTS Work-experience period (internship)
  • 18 ECTS Master's thesis

Core courses

The first semester of the programme comprises two core courses:

  • Heritage and Memory Theory
    You will acquire knowledge of and insight into the historiographic development and theoretical principles of heritage and memory studies, and the social debate on heritage and memory.
  • Who Owns the Past?
    In this course you will explore various forms of heritage disputes, both current and past, acquiring insight into the political character of heritage and the frequent appropriation of heritage by different parties.

Current Issues: Excursion Abroad

The final semester of the programme opens with a week-long excursion abroad. The excursion abroad builds on the education provided during the first year of study and stimulates cross-pollination between various insights and skills. You will examine the theoretical and practical implications of site interpretations and the cultural, ethical and moral dilemmas inherent to heritage politics. The destination for the excursion will be announced in May of the first year of study. The past few years have seen excursions to various European capitals, New York, St. Petersburg, Jerusalem and Istanbul.

Detailed course information

In the digital UvA Course Catalogue, you can find an academic schedule and extensive information about Heritage and Memory Studies courses. 


You can tailor your study programme to your own interests by taking an elective specific to the field of heritage studies. Subject to availability, you may also choose from a broad range of electives from other Master's programmes. See the Course Catalogue for an overview of Heritage and Memories Studies electives.

Work-experience period

In the second semester of the first year of study, you will embark on an individual internship trajectory at a heritage institution or participate in a research internship in Bologna. The work-experience period offers a unique opportunity to build up both your professional experience and your network in your future field.

Bologna Exchange Programme

The University of Amsterdam–University of Bologna programme is an international Erasmus+ exchange programme for postgraduate students and staff. Bologna students and staff join the UvA programme in the first semester (September—January), while UvA students who are enrolled in the Dual Master's in Heritage and Memory Studies can participate in the programme during the second semester (February—June).

UvA students will have the opportunity either to follow courses or combine coursework with an internship (minimum 18 EC) in Bologna. If you wish to follow this trajectory, you can submit a plan of activities and a motivation letter to:


A central component of the programme, the Master’s thesis enables you to write an original work of research under the supervision of one of the staff members. The research topic will be determined in consultation with your thesis supervisor.