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The Toolbox for Transition Makers has been launched! This collaboration between the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) and Utrecht University, knowledge alliance EWUU and University College Utrecht aims to provide educators with creative tools to teach students skills for tackling major societal transitions.
Toolbox collaborators are standing together during the launch

The toolbox contains ready-to-use educational materials based on the framework of the Inner Development Goals. It is structured according to specific learning goals, and contains not only teaching materials but also appropriate forms of testing. This distinguishes it from other toolkits that can be found online. The materials offered were created in co-creation with teachers from seven higher education institutions in the Netherlands and are free for anyone to download, adapt to the context and use in (higher) education.

Ilja and Sabine smile and stand to present the toolbox.
Co-creators Sabine Uijl (left) and Ilja Boor (right) present the Toolbox

Transition Makers Card deck

During the launch, the Transition Makers card deck was handed out, a set of cards with questions such as "Can you give an example of a time when you've learned from someone with a different background than you?" The questions go beyond small talk and get readers to think about their inner development such as their norms and values, and personal experiences of trial and error in the face of adversity. Teachers can use these questions, for example, to promote self-awareness and self-reflection in students. Attendees of the launch noted that they are also a good starting point for interesting conversations at a networking event.

Interested in receiving the card deck for Transition Makers, to learn about the IDGs and Toolbox? Contact us at

Building a community of like-minded people

Not only is the toolbox a place to be inspired and find innovative teaching and testing methods, but it also provides a place for teachers to exchange ideas and seek advice on shaping transitions in education. It's an active, ever-evolving community.

Curious about how you can use the Toolbox in your education? Sign up for the workshop "Unlocking the potential of the Toolbox for your education" on 30 August in Utrecht.

Ilja and Nigar look at eachother, laughing.
Toolbox creators Ilja Boor and Nigar Kasirga at the launch