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Dr. N. (Natasa) Brouwer-Zupancic

Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica
Education Service Centre
Fotograaf: F.Brouwer

  • Science Park 904
  • Kamernummer: B1.28B
  • Postbus 94214
    1090 GE Amsterdam
  • Profile

    Job descriptiion

    • Title: Senior consultant (HE science education)
    • Location: Teaching and Learning Centre, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam (UvA, Universiteit van Amsterdam).
    • Tasks:
      - ICT in teaching innovation
      - University teaching qualifications program (in Dutch. BKO, Basikwalificatie onderwijs)
      - Digital assessment
      - Didactic support and consultancy   
    ICTO-FNWI - Starfish FNWI BKO Digital assessment Plaza Digital Assessment - info for lecturers


    • science education
    • course design of science courses, eg. studio course teaching approach, flipped classoom
    • e-learning: teaching methods, materials, digital assessment, learning environment (Blackboard)
    • profesionalization of academic teaching staff in teaching skills, TPACK
    • academic skills/ digital portfolio

    Activities and experiences

    University Teaching Qualification (Dutch BKO)

    Coordinator of the programme  "University Teaching Qualification" , or in Dutch BKO: Basis kwalificatietraject onderwijs. 2007 -

    Coordinator of the course Teaching Skills for Sciense Teaching Assistants (PhD Students) (period 2008-2011)

    International activities: ECTN working goups

    - Lecturing Qualifications and Innovative Teaching Methods (group leader)
    - Towards Excellence in School and University Teaching (member)
    - Inovative Teaching Lecturers qualification (co-leader)
    - Innovative Methods in University Chemistry Education (member)
    - Developing independent learners in Chemistry (member)

    The ECTN (European Chemistry Thematic Network, ECTN-3) working group Developing independent learners in Chemistry worked together in the period April 2005 - April 2006. The groep has prepared a final rapport and presented his work at the annual ECTN conference.
    The ECTN working group Innovative Methods in University Chemistry Education (ECTN-4)  worked between 2007-2009. The group published in 2009 a handbook about university chemistry teaching.Together with Claire McDonnell I've written a chapter entitled "Online support and online assessment for teaching and learning chemistry". 

    National activities

    • SIG Blended learning van SURF

    Core team member Link

    • SIGMA (Special Interest Groep Mathematics Activities) van SURF (2007-2011) (coordinator)

    SIGMA is a S pecial I nterest G roup M athematics A ctivities organized by  SURF to deal with mathematical pre-knowledge problems of students who enter the higher education programmes.
    SIGMA is organized in workinggroups. The first SIGMA working grouprs started in january 2007. SIGMA prize was awarded to best technology enhanced innovation projects about bridging the gap in mathemthics knowledge at the university.  


    Bachelor courses coordination/teaching (2003 - 2011)

    • Litartuurwerkgroep Scheikunde, 3 EC, a third year course in the bachelor Chemistry and bachelor Beta-Gamma.
    • Academische basiscompetenties, 6 EC, bachelor Chemistry and bachelor Bio-exact. A competences developemnt track (3 years) in the bachelor (in several cohorts) using a digital portfolio as a tool.


    Development teaching: Academic competences

    A project General and Research Skills in the BachelorChemistry and Bio-exact took place from 2003 to 2006 at the UvA. The bachelor Chemistry and the bachelor Bio-exact continued with this approach later on.
    The goal of the pilot project was to give more attention to the development of academic skills during the curriculum and to get the students more involved with their own academic development. A competence development matrix was used. An electronic portfolio was used (OSP portfolio of Sakai, later on Blackbord) as a tool to support this. The development of academic skills was fully integreted within the subject specific courses. The experiences of this project were presented on the conferentie ePortfolio2006 in October 2006 in Oxford.


    Technology enhanced Education Innovation Projects in Higher Education

    Coordinator ICTO-FNWI

    • List of projects of ICTO-FNWI (see Starfish) since 2012

    ICTO-FNWI ongoing projects 
    ICTO-FNWI all projects

    • Project MARCH_ET (2009-2011)

    Project manager of the project MARCH_ET (Make Relevant Choice in Educational Technology), 2009-2011, SURFfoundation, National Action Programme E-learning 2008. http://www.marchet.nl
    A follow up project delivered an E-learning Cookbook.

    • Project Web-spijkeren (2004-2006)

    Project manager.  Joint project of three dutch universities: Universiteit van Amsterdam, Erasmus UNiversiteit Rotterdam and University of Maastricht. In this project methods were developed and didactic scenario's to be used by remedial courses in Mathematics. ICT is intensively used by these courses. See the project results on the project website (in Dutch). See Online Handbook Didactic Scenario's for Flexibel Remedial Teaching. 
    See the link to the video with the interviews with the students, teachers, educational managment and project team.

    • Project Interactive Science Learning Environment (Interactieve Bèta Leeromgeving) 2001-2003

    Project manager at the UvA. In this project  the Studio course model was developed and applied at different science courses. Voor more information see: Interactief Bètaonderwijs, Ervaringen uit de praktijk , Utrecht: SURF, Platform ICT and Education. A short video about studio coursemodel is available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/DR6wTHgPZbY


    Technology enhanced projects for secondary school

    • Contextchemie Zoetstoffen

    A project for Chemistry in Duch high school. The online student learning module "Zoetstoffen" in Dutch or "Sweeteners (in English) was in use in secondary schools which were involved in the experimental phase of the educational renovation Chemistry between concept  and context. The 3D molecular models are realised with Jmol (Java applets). During the development of the learning unit a weblog of this project was written occasionally (in Dutch). The development of the learning unit took place in 2004-2006. 

    • Webklas Scheikunde

    The Web Class Chemistry was developed to provide the secondary school students with information about university chemistry. It is not a guided information tour but a small distant learning course with the objective to introduce chemistry as a scientific discipline. The Web ClassChemistry was part of a broader project at the University of Amsterdam Webclass. Web Class Chemistry was based on an active-learning approach and allowed different learning styles. It took place on Blackboard, which was the standard at the UvA. The 3D molecular models were using plug-in Chime.

    Web Class Chemistry was first given in 2001. In spring 2006 the last Web Class Chemistry took place. A part of the material and some of the idea's of this module were used furtherin Contextchemie Zoetstoffen. 
    This work was pesented at 7th ECRICE, Ljubljana 24-28 Aug. 2004, pp. 92-96.

    SIG Blended learning (SURF space) ECTN (European Chemistry Thematic Network) Innovative Methods of Teaching and Learning Chemistry in Higher Education, RSC 2009 (product of the ECTN working group)


  • CV

    Curriculum Viteae Nataša Zupančič Brouwer

    1996 - present University of Amsterdam:

    2019 - present: Faculty of Science Teaching and Learning Centre

    2010 - 2019: Education service center, Faculty of science, University of Amsterdam (UvA)

    2001 - November 2010 Senior consultant, member of the Expert group for University Education, AMSTEL Institute, Faculty of Science, UvA (Universiteit van Amsterdam).

    Working areas, projects, membership:

    • 2007 - present coordinator of a facultary cerificate program in teaching skills for the lecturers University teaching qualification ( BKO, baiskwalificatie onderwijs )
    • 1998 - present consultancy and support on educationalinnovations
    • 2000 - present member of the ECTN (European Chemistry Thematic Network) different working groups on Developing Independent Learners in Chemistry and lecturers qualifications
    • 2003-2010 lecturer coordinator of the courses: Literatuurwerkgroep Scheikunde and Academic Competences in the Bachelor Chemistry
    • 2009 - 2011 project manager of the project MarchET
    • 2008 - 2012 coordinator of teaching skills course for PhD students
    • 2007- 2009 coordinator of SIGMA (special interest group for mathematics transition problems) 
    • 2007-2008 - project manager of the UvA ICT in Education project International Classroom voor Vision Catalysis
    • 2004-2006 project manager of the project Web-spijkeren
    • 2002-2004 project manager of the project Interactieve Bèta Leeromgeving (IBL) (Interactive Science Learning Environment), sponsored by organization SURF, The Netherlands; IBL was a joint project of two Dutch universities, the UvA en UU ( Utrecht University ). The results of the project were presented on different conferenties en were published in diverse articles. In a book entiteld Interactive Science Education, Practice Experiences (in duch), the results about use of the ICT in the Studio Course university classes are presented. Video Studio course:  mms://haanstra-wm.ic.uva.nl/direct/52E0DB07-9F21-D62F-DF9D-164AD273B313_/Studio Course.wmv
    • 1998-2001 didactic consultant, Department of Chemistry. Development of several practical en theoretical courses (co-author of teaching material for several labs for students and didactic manuals for teaching assistants). Development of Virtual learning space (web-based) for the chemistry courses (1998). In 2000 transfer to Blackboard and to Educational website of the Chemistry department. Development of different digital teaching materials onInternet. Development and coordination and coaching in the course Research Orientation (third year of Chemistry and third year of Physical Geography).
    • 2001 - 2006 Development and teaching of Web Class Chemistry (Webklas Scheikunde). Web Class Chemistryis a distant Chemistry course with the aim of o rientation of secondary school students to university chemistry. It is based on an active-learningapproach and allows different learningstyles. It takes place in the electronic learning environment Blackboard and is given twice a year.

    1992 - 1997 University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Working areas in this period
    Lecturer at the Department of Chemical Education and Informatics, University of Ljubljana, teaching of chemistry and chemical education coursesandlabs,coaching of graduate students,consulting of chemical companies in Slovenia (Aero, Krka, Melamin).

    1997- 2001 associated consultant University of Ljubljana.
    Working areas in this period:
    Co-author of four books (in Slovene) about experiments en methodology of the experiments for high school students and teachers (2000), development of Multimedia CD, Light and Chemical change, co-author of the book Organic Chemistry for high school (2003), one research article and 2 patent applications.

    1983 - 1992 Researcher in Krka Pharmaceuticals Novo Mesto (position at the University of Ljubljana );
    Working area's in this period:
    development of syntheses of medicines. PhD research in organic photochemistry. Co-auteur of 17 research articles on organic photochemistry and 14 patent applications.


    • 1971 - 1975  secondary school, Ljubljana Slovenia
    • 1975 - 1980  graduate study of chemistry, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Science and Technology
    • 1980 - 1983 masters in Chemistry, researh thesis Organic Photochemistry
    • 1983 - 1991  PhD research in organic photochemistry
  • List of publications

    List of publications

    Books, book chapters

    • Brouwer, N., Grecea, Ş., Kärkkäinen, J.,  Maciejowska, I.,  Niemalä, M., & Schreuders, L. (2022). Roadmap for Continuous Professional Development of STEM Lecturers. In I.Devetak (Ed.), University Chemistry Teaching in the 21. Century (pp. 85-111). University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education, 2022, DOI: https://doi.org/10.26529/9789612532970/ch5; Chapter available at: https://zalozba.pef.uni-lj.si/index.php/zalozba/catalog/view/198/458/481-1; Monograph available at: https://zalozba.pef.uni-lj.si/index.php/zalozba/catalog/book/198, DOI monograph https://doi.org/10.26529/9789612532970
    • Gómez-Chacón, I.M., Hochmuth, R., Rogovchenko, S., Brouwer, N. (2021). Methods and Materials for Professional Development of Lecturers. In Inquiry in University Mathematics Teaching and Learning: The PLATINUM Project (pp. 127-146). Masaryk University Press. https://doi.org/10.5817/CZ.MUNI.M210-9983-2021-7
    • Gómez-Chacón, I.M., Brouwer, N., Iannone, P., Králová, M. (2021) Evaluation of Inquiry-Based Mathematics Education. In Inquiry in University Mathematics Teaching and Learning: The PLATINUM Project (pp. 171-183). Masaryk University Press. https://doi.org/10.5817/CZ.MUNI.M210-9983-2021-9
    • Heck, A. J. P., Schut, M. F. L., & Brouwer, N. (2021). Design and Implementation of an Inquiry-Based Mathematics Module for First-Year Students in Biomedical Sciences. In Inquiry in University Mathematics Teaching and Learning: The PLATINUM Project (pp. 215-234). Masaryk University Press. https://doi.org/10.5817/CZ.MUNI.M210-9983-2021-12
    • Ribeiro, M. D. C. A., Nusselder, A., Brouwer, N., Gomes, N., & Lopes, N. (2020). An international student workshop on design thinking in time of corona: redesigning an international event as an online interactive learning experience. Innovative Teaching Methods: Practical Teaching in Higher Education, 11-38. Download 
    • Brouwer, N., Dekker, P.J., van der Pol, J. (2013) e-Learning Cookbook. TPACK in Professional Development in Higher Education, SURF, ISBN 978 90 8964 646 0, e-ISBN  978 90 4852 312 2. Free download: http://arno.uva.nl/document/504361
    • Brouwer, N. & McDonnell, C. (2009). Online Support and Online Assessment for Teaching and Learning Chemistry. In Eilks, I. & Byers, B. (Eds.), Innovative Methods iof Teaching and Learning Chemistry in Higher Education (pp. 123-152) Cambridge UK: RSC Publishing. download at: http://arrow.dit.ie/scschcpsbk/2/
    • Brouwer, N., Rienties, B., Wieland, A., et al. (2007) Sleutel tot succesvolle aansluiting. Web-spijkeren, Stichting SURF, Utrecht, Oktober 2007. Download
    • Brouwer, N., Engelbarts, M., Heck, A.,van Hoof, J., Kaper, W., van Bemmel, H., Klumpers, K., van Hees, F. (2004). Interactief Bètaonderwijs, Ervaringen uit de praktijk, Utrecht: SURF, Platform ICT and Education. Download
    • Video Studio Course can be found at:  http://youtu.be/DR6wTHgPZbY 
    • Vrtacnik, M., ZupancicBrouwer, N. Organska kemija, Ucbenik za pouk kemije v gimnaziji, Tehniska zalozba Slovenije, 2002, second edition 2003. (textbook for seconday school)
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    • Zupančič Brouwer, N.,  Glažar, S.A. Scheikunde - Experimental assignments, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education, Ljubljana, 1995, 49 pp. (in Slovene).



    • Brouwer, N., Joling, E., & Kaper, W. (2022). Effect of a person-centred, tailor-made, teaching practice-oriented training programme on continuous professional development of STEM lecturers. Teaching and Teacher Education, 119, 103848. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tate.2022.103848
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      Download: http://journals.heacademy.ac.uk/doi/pdf/10.11120/bmhe.2013.00004
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    Patent applications

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    Workshops (invited)

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