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Dr. C.W. (Christel) van Eck

Universitair docent
Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
Programmagroep: Corporate Communication
Fotograaf: Popupartists

  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Postbus 15791
    1001 NG Amsterdam
  • Profile

    Christel W. van Eck is an Assistant Professor at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research. Her main research interests include climate change communication, science communication, and polarization. Supported by an NWO Veni grant, Christel currently focuses on the boundaries of climate activism by scientists. 

    She also investigates the role of online media in climate change polarization processes, building upon her PhD Research at Wageningen University (NWO Research Talent grant). Further, Christel analyzes communication, polarization, and deliberation practices in the Dutch Energietransitie

    Next to her research activities, Christel is passionate about communicating her research beyond academia. She regularly gives workshops and presentations in which she tries to bridge the science and practice of climate change communication. She serves as an Advisory Board Member for the KlimaatHelpdesk.

    Expertise and research fields

    • Climate change communication
    • Science communication
    • Climate change polarization
    • Climate activism and scepticism
    • Online media
    • Energy transition
  • Research

    Reseach methods

    • Mixed methods
    • Interviews and focus group discussions
    • Discourse analysis

    Research grants & honours

    • NWO Research Talent 
    • NWO Veni

    Research priority area (involved in)

    • Polarization
    • Emotion
    • Sustainability
  • Teaching & PhD supervision


    • Climate Change Communication
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication
    • Qualitative Research Methods
    • Thesis Communication
  • Publicaties



    • van Eck, C. W., & Feindt, P. H. (2021). Parallel routes from Copenhagen to Paris: Climate discourse in climate sceptic and climate activist blogs. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 24(2). https://doi.org/10.1080/1523908X.2021.2000376


    • van Eck, C. W., Mulder, B., & Dewulf, A. (2020). Online climate change polarization: Interactional Framing Analysis of Climate Change Blog Comments. Science Communication, 42(4).
    • van Eck, C. W., Mulder, B., & van der Linden, S. (2020). Climate Change Risk Perceptions of Audiences in the Climate Change Blogosphere. Sustainability, 12(9).
    • van Eck, C. W., Mulder, B., & van der Linden, S. (2020). Echo Chamber Effects in the Climate Change Blogosphere. Environmental Communication, 15(2).


    • van Eck, C. W., Mulder, B., & Dewulf, A. (2019). "The truth is not in the middle": Journalistic norms of climate change bloggers. Global Environmental Change, 59.


    • van Eck, C. W. (2016). Drawing Boundaries: Boundary Arrangements of the IPCC Working Groups. Glocality, 2(1).


    • van Eck, C. W. (2015). Audiences at the Heart of the IPCC: Exploratory Research Into the IPCC’s Communications. Student Undergraduate Research e-Journal, 1.


    • van Eck, C. (2016). Scepsis, idealen en realiteit: 10 Nederlanders over klimaatverandering. (ClimateContact-Consultancy). ClimateContact-Consultancy.


    • Corner, A., & van Eck, C. (2014). Science & Stories: Bringing the IPCC to Life. Climate Outreach.


    Prijs / subsidie

    • van Eck, C. (2023). Environmental Communication Dissertation Award.
    • van Eck, C. (2023). Distinguished Women Scientists Fund.
    • van Eck, C. (2020). Nomination for best teacher award.
    • van Eck, C. (2017). NWO Research Talent Grant.
    • van Eck, C. (2017). Duurzame Jonge 100.
    • van Eck, C. (2015). Nomination for best bachelor thesis of the Netherlands and Flanders.
    • van Eck, C. (2014). Nomination for ''Windesheims Beste''.
    • van Eck, C. (2010). Best proposal for energy awareness event in European sustainable energy week.



    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (18-4-2023). Climate change and academia: What role to play?, Climate Change and Academia: What Role to Play?, Amsterdam. https://spui25.nl/programma/climate-change-and-academia-what-role-to-play
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (3-10-2022). Climate Science Communication in Polarized Debates.
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (29-9-2022). Climate Science Communication in Polarized Debates, Freudenthal Instituut Universiteit Utrecht.
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (19-9-2022). Tegenstelling in het klimaatdebat en de energietransitie: van dialoog naar debat, Mensenrechtenlezing, Gemeente Bunnik.
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (6-9-2022). Klimaatcommunicatie: van een-ver-van-mijn-bed show naar klimaatactie, Het energievraagstuk: hoe voorzien we in onze energiebehoefte, Utrecht.
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (2-9-2022). Effectively communicating my research to the public: A Science Communication Workshop, Summer School on “Sea level change: evidence, challenges and policy”.
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (2-6-2022). The Next Generation of Climate Scientists and Science Communicators, Kick-Off event ECoLab.
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (20-4-2022). Effectieve klimaatcommunicatie, KlimaatHelpdesk.
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (13-4-2022). The challenges of communicating climate change, Climate Change, Conservation and Ecology. https://live.researcher-app.com/researcher-live-climate-change-conservation?utm_source=researcher-social&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=climate-change
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (4-4-2022). The role of scientists on a planet in crisis, The role of scientists on a planet in crisis.
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (4-2-2022). Conceptualizing 'online climate change polarization', Hot Politics Lab. http://www.hotpolitics.eu/event/labmeeting-20220204-vaneck/
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (28-1-2022). Interactive XR-webinar: The science behind effective climate activism, Extinction Rebellion NL.
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (4-11-2021). Panel discussion on climate science and climate policy, NESSC Days 2021, Egmond aan Zee. https://www.nessc.nl/nessc-day-2021/
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (4-11-2021). Communication & media workshop, NESSC Days, Egmond aan Zee.
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (16-9-2021). Climate Communication: From Awareness to Action, Scientists4Future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR5OYEwbJxQ
    • van Eck, C. (speaker) (22-9-2016). Klimaat & Energie Jury, Springtij, Terschelling.


    • van Eck, C. (visiting researcher) (1-2020 - 2-2020). University of Cambridge, UK (visiting an external institution).


    • van Eck, C. W. (2021). Opposing positions, dividing interactions, and hostile affect: A multi-dimensional approach to climate change polarization in the blogosphere. [Thesis, fully external, Wageningen University and Research]. Wageningen University, Communicatiewetenschap.


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