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mw. dr. B. (Blandine) Joret

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Capaciteitsgroep Media & Cultuur

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    Blandine Joret works in the film team at the Media Studies department. Her courses include Philosophy of the Humanities; Media Aesthetics; an Advanced Topics seminar on Genre and Society; elective courses in Film and Philosophy and on the Nouvelle Vague; and an MA research seminar on Immersion and Film Theory. She also supervises BA and MA theses in film and visual culture, and is a tutor for first year students.

    Order Blandine's first book, Studying Film with André Bazin, here!



    Blandine received her PhD in Media Studies at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (University of Amsterdam, cum laude). Her dissertation is an analysis of André Bazin's film and cultural criticism, which she interprets as a post-war alternative to commonplace academic methods (e.g. historiography and semiotic film theory in particular). She holds a bachelor degree (BSc) in Communication Sciences at the Catholic University of Leuven (2008) and a cum laude master degree (MA) at the University of Amsterdam (2009). During the Spring semester 2013, Blandine was also visiting scholar at Yale University.

    Blandine's research interests are in media theory and criticism, in particular the significance of realism for contemporary media studies. Her current research looks at the intersection of film and education with an emphasis on post-literate / audiovisual means of communication.

    Research interests

    Media (film) theory and criticism, realism, VR & 3-D cinema, cinema and other arts (painting and poetry), media literacy, popular education.

  • Talks

    Invited lectures

    1. "Perspectief op Virtual Reality." Kings of Infinite Space: Een avond voor kunstenaars, filmmakers, dichters en VR-nauten. EYE filmmuseum Amsterdam, in samenwerking met het Nederlands Filmfonds & het Mondriaan Fonds, April 2018
    2. "On Le Corbusier's Poème éléctronique.” EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam. Collectiedag, May 2017
    3. “Can you ‘ear me? Bazin et Deligny au Travail.” Encontro Internacional Fernand Deligny: com, em torno e a partir das tentativas [International Fernand Deligny Encounter: through, around and starting from his tentatives]. Pontifíci Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro, August 2016
    4. “Film Language: A Matter of Form.” LUCAS, Center for the Arts in Society, Leiden University, February 2016
    5. “A More Realist Perspective on 3D.” Research School for Media Studies (RMES) Trending Topics Research Seminar. Utrecht University, February 2016
    6. “Le Monde à son image: le cinéma et le mythe d’Icare.” Traverser Bazin. Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre, February 2014
    7. “Existentialism and the New Avant-Garde.” Participation roundtable discussion “Film Culture in Post-War France.” Hot Cinema in the Cold War. Yale University, Whitney Humanities Center. New Haven, April 2013

    Conference talks

    1. "A. Bazin's Pedagogy in VR: Between a Rock (montage) and a Hard Place (semiotics)." Panel: Bazin's New Century (with Dudley Andrew, Angela Dalle Vacche & Feroz Hassan), Society for Cinema and Media Studies | Toronto, March 2018
    2. “From ‘showing’ to ‘signifying’: Stereoscopy and Intellectual Depth.” The Real of Reality: International Conference on Film and Philosophy, ZKM | Center for Art and Media. Karlsruhe, November 2016
    3. “‘The Brain Is Needed’: On the Imaginary Image of 3D.” Patterns, Narratives, Rhythms in Neuroscience and the Humanities. University of Amsterdam. Amsterdam, March 2016
    4. “The World in its Own Image: Cinema and the Myth of Icarus.” International Conference Philosophy and Film: Thinking Reality and Film through Time. Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa, University of Lisbon, Goethe Institut Lisbon. Lisbon, May 2014
    5. “Mythology as Methodology: Film Criticism and Talking Cinema.” Film Philosophy Conference: Beyond Film. University of Amsterdam. Amsterdam, July 2013
    6. “‘Because, after all, we believe in memory…:’ André Bazin's Retrospective film Criticism and Chaplin's Backwards Kick.” NECS Conference: Time Networks: Screen, Media and Memory. University of Lisbon and University of Coimbra. Lisbon, June 2012
    7. “Cinema Not Yet Invented.” Beyond Film Studies: Film Studies as Media Epistemology. Université  de Lausanne. Lausanne, November 2011
    8. “Walking Through Memory: The Lisbon Story.” I Lisbon Summer School for the Study of Culture: Performaticity - Urban Performances and the Performative City. The Catholic University of Portugal. Lisbon, June - July 2011
    9.  “Vertiginous Cinema.” ASCA International Workshop Practicing Theory, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis. Amsterdam, March 2011
    10. “Limitless Cinema: On Global Mediations of Local perceptions.” Cinema and Contemporary Art III. Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III/INHA (Institut national dʼhistoire de lʼart). Paris, July 2010
    11.  “Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Framing.” Cinema and Contemporary Art II. Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III/INHA (Institut national dʼhistoire de lʼart). Paris, July 2009
  • Publicaties



    • Joret, B. (2018). Can you 'ear me? L’autoportrait de Vincent Van Gogh vu par Bazin et Deligny. Cadernos Deligny, 1(1), 225-238. [details]



    • Joret, B. (2015). Exploration, Invention and Imagination: The Myth of Icarus in André Bazin. In S. Viegas, & M. T. Teixeira (Eds.), International Conference on Philosophy and Film: e-Proceedings. - Volume 1, 2014 (pp. 64-78). Lisbon: International Conference on Philosophy and Film. [details]


    • Joret, B. (2012). ‘Tighten your seatbelt, we are going down’: On Global Mediations of Local perceptions. In C. D’Alonzo, K. Slock, & P. Dubois (Eds.), Cinéma, critique des images (pp. 254-260). (Zeta cinema; No. 29). Pasian di Prato (UD): Campanotto. [details]


    • Joret, B. (2010). Diegetic and non-diegetic framing in 'The Tulse Luper Suitcases' (Peter Greenaway, 2003): a representation in between the abstraction of a map and the eyesight perspective of photographs. In P. Dubois, F. Monvoisin, & E. Biserna (Eds.), Extended cinema= Le cinéma gagne du terrain (pp. 282-288). (Zeta cinema; No. 25). Pasian di Prato (UD): Campanotto. [details]


    • Joret, B. (2019). From Grid to Screen: the Cartographic Space of Cinema. Simulacrum, 27(4), 52.


    • Joret, B. (2016). André Bazin. Ontologie van het fotografische beeld & De ontwikkeling van de filmtaal. In A. van den Oever, F. Kessler, P. Meers, P. Pisters, & S. Willemsen (Eds.), Klassieke en moderne filmtheorie, 1928, 1945-1976 (pp. 17). (Sleutelteksten film- en mediatheorie; Vol. 2). Nijmegen: In de Walvis. [details]


    • Joret, B. (2018). Perspectief op VR. 17-20. Paper presented at Kings of Infinite Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


    • Joret, B. (15-09-2019). Dit fotografeer je niet - afl. 1 [Radio] NPO Radio 1. Dit fotografeer je niet - afl. 1.
    • Joret, B. (24-03-2019). Filmtheorie en Virtual Reality [Radio] Radio Swammerdam. Filmtheorie en Virtual Reality.
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