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Honoursmodule: Intersections

Doing Diversity: Changing Issues that Matter


Kirsten van den Hul and Dr. Machiel Keestra.

Entry requirements 

This course is accessible for 2nd and 3rd year honoursstudents.

Sufficient passive and active mastery of English.


Through successful completion of the course students:

a. Acquire knowledge and understanding of the (changing) role that various mechanisms of integration and exclusion, privilege and discrimination play in Dutch society and beyond, and how these influence their own identity and socio-cultural position.

b. Chose a relevant theme, draw up a joint plan of action together with other students and organise an actual change project, with the aim of stimulating discussion and transition among students, teachers and / or administrators at the UvA and VU, as well as beyond.

c. Practice a number of academic and practical skills, such as discussing, writing columns or blogs, organizing, collaborating and networking.

d. Acquire more insight into their own identity, agency, ambitions and ideals, and insight into how to put these into practise.

Course description

In today’s wonderful world of intersectionality, who we are and how we feel is determined by an increasingly longer list of identities and connections. But who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’ - moreover, who is able to determine and perhaps change the rules for such identities and connections? How do socio-cultural and historical processes impact on these rules and processes? And, more importantly, what can you do if you want to change the status quo?

In addition to the elective course on 'Diversity: Navigating a Cultural and Political Minefield', this optional honours course offers students the possibility to put their reflection on these issues into action. How does one ‘do diversity’? And what does this mean for how policies are put to practise in the world of academia and beyond? During this hands-on, participatory course, students will be invited to not just reflect on the course topics and literature, but also to practise their practical skills, such as writing a blog or column, and organising a transformative diversity project.

What is needed for social transformation to last? What is your personal change agency? And what to do with those who disagree?


This honours course is organized in addition to the elective course on 'Diversity: Navigating a Cultural and Political Minefield'. It starts from the topics and insights that that course offers yet it will challenge participants to further explore how these are related to their own identities and connections. In doing so, your own experiences, expectations and ideals and those of the people around you form the starting point of our journey.

In this course we use our own input, creativity and agency in addition to your critical reflection on the course contents and literature. How can you put your insights into action that is relevant for yourself and your network? After an orientation phase, participants draw up a joint plan of action for an actual change project. The individual assignment is writing a blog or column.

In short, this course is characterized by a participatory and transformative approach.

There will be continuous feedback on individual work and group work. The group work and the individual work are assessed separately.


Registration is possible from 7 December 201710.00h till 11 December 2017 23.00h for students participating in an Honours programme via the online registration form on http://iis.uva.nl/en/interdisciplinary-education/honours-modules/honours-modules.html.

Placement will be at random. If there are still spots open after the application deadline, students will still be able to register.

Teaching method

Various seminar exercises, practical project work.


See: https://datanose.nl/#course[61959]

Reading materials

Literature made available through Blackboard

Min/max participants

Max. 23

Assessment and testing

Various assignments, such as a group action plan and an individual written blog/column.


Contact hours: 2 hours per week

Kirsten van den Hul: info@thechangeagent.nl

Feiten & cijfers
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