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Sophie Hutten

“I study Media and Information, which is all about online research, business intelligence, digital marketing, and varying forms of journalism, communication and production in the creative industry. I’m being trained to understand and work with new media and the ever-present stream of information. Information has become incredibly valuable in this day and age."

Humanities, Google and Spotify

“What I like about Media and Information? I was looking for a combination of the humanities and the digital world, and was particularly interested in new and social media. In the end I choose Media and Information because it addresses both a vast range of media platforms and the pervasive presence of information. That might sound incredibly broad, but it’s actually applied to practical, everyday cases and areas of research. Take for example Google or Spotify; our assignments regularly cover applications that we use in everyday life.

I’ve always been interested in the humanities: I really enjoy literature, music and film. But I knew that I wanted certain technicals aspects, like the coding and development of applications and websites, to feature prominently in my studies. The combination of technology and the humanities is perfect for someone like me.”

Why should you choose Media and Information?

“I think that this programme is perfectly suited to you if you have a VWO-diploma and are interested in the professional field surrounding the digital world, but don’t want to lose sight of the humanities. I also find the combination of lectures and seminars, in which you work closely with other students on interesting projects, is incredibly useful. You learn to work both independently and in the context of a larger group of your peers.”

Why did I choose Media and Information at the UvA?

“The UvA is the only university in the Netherlands that offers this programme and, on top of that, Amsterdam is the best place to be for developments in fields of digitalisation, social media and journalism. I also really appreciate the space I’m afforded to explore my other interests. I’m able to combine Media and Information with a minor in Journalism. Once I’ve completed my Bachelor’s, I’m definitely going to follow up with a Master’s at the UvA. I’m not quite sure which one yet, but my Bachelor’s degree affords me plenty of choice.

Sophie Hutten