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Jonas Bergmann, student Sociology


I'm Jonas Bergmann, 25 years old, studying for a Bachelor of Science in Sociology. Before this, I studied Clinical Psychology, but I felt the need for a deeper understanding of human behaviour. This quest for a more complete explanation led me to pursue a degree in Sociology.

Seeing beyond the surface

Sociology delves into the macro aspects of human behaviour. It helps you understand the underlying mechanisms in your favourite TV shows and even sheds light on why we wait in queues at local bars. In essence, sociology gives you the superpower of seeing beyond the surface to grasp complex phenomena.

At the University of Amsterdam, you'll explore a diverse array of topics and can even tailor your education by exploring specific sociological topics. As a student of any social or behavioural science, consider two essential aspects: critical thinking and purpose.

Learning how to think critically

Engaging in critical thinking involves questioning assumptions, challenging established theories, and exploring alternative perspectives. It is the cornerstone of advancing knowledge in social sciences.

Developing skills in data interpretation, statistical analysis, and research methodology is essential. Proficiency in these areas empowers you to dissect complex societal phenomena and draw evidence-based conclusions. At our Department of Sociology, we have a strong tradition of using mixed methods, which provides a unique perspective on empirical material.

Having a purpose in Sociology

Whether your curiosity lies in understanding human behaviour, contributing to societal progress, or simply appreciating the intricacies of human interactions, having a clear purpose is crucial. The multidisciplinary nature of social sciences challenges your preconceptions, but having a purpose helps you navigate and grow through these challenges.