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Karly Zaldívar and Leslie Ann Wheeler share their experiences studying Entertainment Communication
Karly Zaldívar

Karly Zaldívar, México

Why did you choose this track?
After working in the corporate communication field for five years, I felt that it wasn't my true desire. As I have always been passionate about cinema and I love telling stories, I started looking for a programme that could fulfil these interests and came across this track. After quitting my job and enrolling in this programme I feel that this is what I was searching for.

How has this track helped you develop?
I have learned how to develop content for specific target audiences, according to human cognitive development, which is truly interesting and enlightening. This Master’s has also made me more conscious about the fact that every word, image, sound, note and intention that I define whenever I create something, has an effect on the audiences, so now I feel more responsible for what I am doing in every step of my professional career.

What do you plan to do in the future with what you’ve learned in the courses?
I feel more prepared to develop actually meaningful entertainment content; yes, for fun, but also to voice my opinion on topics that I consider relevant for today’s society. Hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to see my name on the credits of some series or movies that will allow people to reflect on current societal problems and maybe their own lives.

Leslie Ann Wheeler

Leslie Ann Wheeler, USA

Why did you choose this track?
I chose this track for the "media psychology" description. I was really interested in why people choose certain media and what about that media really keeps them engaged. It was perfect for me because I've always had a strong interest in working in social media.

How has this track helped you develop?
Learning communication and media theories alongside the psychology of media habits, I definitely feel more confident advising professionals. I realised how much I had learned when we were given the opportunity to work with a real client - Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It required a sense of urgency and responsibility to really use what we had learned as researchers to deliver quality suggestions for them to actually use at the airport.

What do you recommend to future students of this track?
Be prepared for lots of reading and don't shy away from presenting! There's a lot of presentations and opportunities to really improve your public speaking skills - take them and step up to speak. The readings and projects are a lot of work, but put your all into it and you'll leave feeling like a badass.