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The independent research which was carried out by the Diversity Commission, led by Professor Gloria Wekker, has offered unprecedented insight into the state of diversity at the University of Amsterdam. To begin to address the broad range of diversity and social justice issues, we have formulated our goals in line with the six thematic chapters of the report.

Following the report, we make use of the broad frameworks of decoloniality and intersectionality. We will continue to monitor and develop our understanding of the status of diversity and social justice at the UvA, using the report as a foundational roadmap. As we develop an overview of existing and emerging initiatives and activities related to diversity and social justice, including our own, we will indicate how each of these contributes to the achievement of our goals. In this way, we aim to be accountable to those individuals, collectives and communities whose work and experiences have and continue to contribute to the important task of making our university a more diverse and equitable institution.


The UvA strives to be an inclusive university, a place where everyone may develop to their full potential and feel welcome, safe, respected, supported and valued. We recognize that the universal right to education guarantees fair and equitable treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for all our current and prospective students, faculty and staff. Through community involvement with the rich diversity of Amsterdam we work to make the UvA a place that embraces opportunities to engage with the complex questions of heritage and social responsibility. By cooperating with the university and local communities we facilitate and mobilize centralized and decentralized support for diversity of people and knowledges.


As we move toward the future, we see ourselves in this inclusive environment as people growing in diversity literacy and understanding by respectfully listening, discussing, debating and learning from various perspectives. Commitment at all levels of our community demonstrates that we are very much involved in a culture of change, as we transform our daily work, teaching, learning, research, and public service. The CDO criticizes and holds to account the CvB and others at the UvA, giving critical feedback when progress halts or falters. We want to become a university that fights discrimination in all forms and anchors social justice in institutional equity, inclusion, and diversity-related policy. As a team, we base our work on a decolonial and intersectional framework, while continuing to learn from new insights and approaches.